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The use of memorial photos is important as it has a special feature in wall decoration because it gathers family members and makes them relive the most beautiful memories.

Beirut Many experts in the world of decoration consider that the constant change of the details of the interior decoration of the house creates a state of psychological comfort and family peace, as well as the great connection of family members with the house and the desire to stay at home. him.

Therefore, many housewives started making changes to their homes without the participation of design companies, which gives them a sense of happiness and self-confidence.

Al Jazeera Net took the views of some housewives who sought to renovate their own homes and found this positive change in family members.

Changing the look of the home gives it a sense of ownership and gives it the imprint of a personal household (pixel)

Personal traces and a lot of emotions

Explaining the reason for her happiness, young housewife Karen Nahas says: “Every home needs a personal touch and a lot of emotion to turn into a warm home that has its privacy, uniqueness and aesthetics. We posted photos of the family on the shelves and hung paintings and souvenirs on the wall and walls.Wooden floors are also used to decorate the house using carpets.Wool or something like that.It is also very important to distribute the furniture in a smart and practical way. “

According to Karen Nahas, she has spent time transforming the look of the home to feel her ownership to reflect her interest in her and the details of her lifestyle and to give her her personal stamp.

She points out that the living room is often the most used room by all family members and therefore it is always cluttered, clutter can be reduced and a new space can be created for it by using multi-purpose furniture like tables containing storage drawers and open shelves below them, and some types of sofas that open and are stored inside. .

It is also possible to divide the space in the children’s room so that it is not just for sleeping, and to share a place to play, a place to study and a place to spend a quiet time and sleep in the same room.

The elegance of the house is not complete without the presence of paintings that decorate the walls and give them a wonderful (pixel) look.

furniture reorganization

Karen says that the second step to improving the mood for the whole family is to rearrange the furniture, this step does not require any financial cost, but you have to think outside the box, so you have to change the places of the furniture in an unconventional way. way and break the standards, for example, you can pull the sofa off the wall and place the rest of the furniture in a way Bring joy to the place.

Changes that make a difference

As for Mrs. Rania Badr El-Din, she pays attention to a few things before starting some changes in the interior design of the house, but never neglects this point to restore peace and harmony in the family and revive family life She talks about some of the changes she makes, among which the most important are:

  • Natural flowers make you smile and feel comfortable every time you look at them, so Rania recommends putting some colorful flowers in the first place that can be seen when you enter the house.
  • Maintaining hygiene is very important because it gives a feeling of relaxation.
  • Painting the walls gives you a sense of happiness, as well as wallpaper with the right designs, including red and gold, which gives a sense of changing the decor, changing large spaces and preparing for events.
  • The red and gold colors have a magical effect when mixed, evoking in the soul the feelings of romance and elegance, so they can be added to the decor through accessories in the two colors mentioned, and the lighting is also like the red candles on the table. meals.

Increase feelings of belonging

Interior designer Dima Al-Afi confirms that changing the decor arrangement of the home constantly improves the mood and further increases the stay in it, and encourages group sitting with the rest of the family and enhances peace in the family.

The interior designer offers some tips to change the details of your home decor from time to time, including:

Changing the wall paint by family members creates a feeling of happiness (pixel)

Movement of furniture

Moving furniture from its place and dressing rooms or changing the colors of seat covers and changing tables (paintings), vases, carpets, antiques and curtains from time to time.

It is also preferred to change the decor and furniture of the house at least once in 5 years, as this creates a lot of psychological and positive comfort in general behavior, especially in the family.

Dima Al-Afi noted that anyone who does not have the financial capacity for a comprehensive change can change the furniture seats from their place at least once every two years and change the curtains between rooms, tables and antique objects from from one place to another, this creates a very noticeable difference in the behavior of family members in general and in the behavior of the family in particular.

You need to choose paintings that release positive energy, including natural scenes, birds and seas (pixels).

Elegance of paintings

The importance of the presence of paintings should not be overlooked, as the elegance of the house is not complete without the presence of beautiful paintings that decorate the walls and give them a wonderful look. It is necessary to choose paintings that emit positive energy, including paintings that include natural features, birds and seas.

Plants clean the air

Dima Al-Afi draws attention to the importance of the presence of plants and their role in improving mood and transmitting positive energy into the home, as they transmit an atmosphere of joy throughout the house and work to clean and rejuvenate the air.

Plants play a major role in improving mood and spreading positive energy in the home (pixels)

Day and night lighting

Lighting plays a role in improving the human psyche positively or can negatively affect, and during the day it is advisable to rely on natural lighting, including the sun and opening the curtains and allowing sunlight to enter the rooms, and at night it is preferred. rely on white light and do not use yellow lighting because it causes depression and anxiety.

05Who prefers classic decorations should choose oil paintings with gold frames or a vintage touch
Using family photos to decorate the walls makes its members relive the most beautiful memories. (pixels)

photo souvenirs

Interior designer Dima Al-Afi recommends using commemorative photos, as they have a special feature in wall decoration because they gather family members and make them relive the most beautiful memories.

Separation of family members

Al-Afi emphasizes the necessity of the participation of family members, old and young, in all the simple and straightforward modifications. The feeling of each individual for his participation in the change of home decor gives him the feeling of belonging in the home and gives him a sense of happiness, joy and psychological comfort.

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