The relationship of love with time – Ikram Lamei

Posted on: Friday, 1 April 2022 – 21:45 | Last update: Friday, April 1, 2022 – 21:45

No doubt you remember – dear reader – that we talked more than once about the Ukraine war and its aftermath, and so I sat down to write my article for you about it, as there were many new events that motivated me to finish. series of my articles and I am captivated by the month of Ramadan, that month with which I have wonderful memories from the softness of nails with my friends and neighbors in Upper Egypt, and I remembered that the reader gets bored quickly when the writer repeats speaking. for a topic more than two or three times at most, however important it may be. Moreover, the war in Ukraine does not bother the Egyptian people as a whole, as it is one of the relatively distant countries, not only in geographical distance, but also in civilization, culture and history. Some Egyptian citizens may have never heard of the name, and certainly the vast majority of Egyptians do not know their country, language, civilization and cultures. Moreover, entering the month of Ramadan pushes us to stay away from politics, wars and bloodshed and turn to what calms our nerves and fills us with optimism for the future. There is nothing that calms us down and saves us from tension more than talking about love; Love for God, love for man, love for neighbor, even love for the other in humanity.

It is unfortunate that the love affair between a man and a woman has recently and often been characterized by sexual liberation, which led to the dissolution of family relationships, divorce has spread and the number of individuals living alone has multiplied. I have drawn your attention, dear reader, that there is a phenomenon that has spread to Cairo, Alexandria and other regions, that there are many girls working in international companies or relatively high incomes, who have left. family homes and their rented places, in which they live alone or with their friends. Thus, in addition to this phenomenon, romantic relationships spread on the Internet, even body trafficking and other manifestations of moral depravity and corruption spread, and this was paralleled by feelings of alienation from their families and confusion and dispersion in their relationships. everyday with other people of the country. the same generation. Thus, they lost intimate family relationships, on the contrary lost family satiety and warmth, and all this, of course, led to a short time for engagements, especially those dominated by contemporary (love) relationships. Worse still, came the phenomenon of ambiguity of gender identities (male and female), and the man on the street could not distinguish them.

In an attempt to understand these phenomena, and this can only be done relying exclusively on psychological analysis, the study of this phenomenon revealed that there are less than half of them who have succeeded in their practical life, but quite a few of them have failed in their married life and divorced or were divorced from their husbands, and so they became. are particularly renewed, even working to provide decent levels of care for the older generations, and that it is necessary to find solutions to these problems, which are increasing day by day, which is focused on emotional and sexual relations, especially as we note that love has a place within the institution of marriage for the middle class and is lacking in the poor. There is a close connection between material ability, exchanging gifts, and participating in recreational activities.

• • •

We see that the ideology of “extreme personal freedom” is the reason for this, as it produced what we might call “negative social relations” or a “loveless” society. When relationships fade, disintegrate, and even disintegrate to replace mature and enduring forms of love, say peace to this community. And if love in the modern age was characterized by the freedom to engage in sexual and emotional intercourse according to one’s will and choice, then love in its traditional form is nearing its end in the postmodern age; Where this era was characterized by the generalization of freedom to withdraw from relationships, which led to the collapse and erosion of social ties.

The expression of “desire” in the twentieth century had its own standards and symbols that were not opposed by any religion, but were sometimes encouraged in favor of middle-class society, and although this tendency came from an authoritarian patriarchal social system, nevertheless i offered young people a path towards friendship and love-making practices within the range of options that often lead to marriage and family formation, not to mention a kind of strengthening of social solidarity through inter-family marriages. But today, as consumer capitalism has prevailed and dominated minds, it has driven people to think of themselves and the opposite sex as a market commodity in which they will inevitably become less profitable over time and should even replaced with new ones. . Worse still, sexual desire is defined by what we call the “visual action system,” where fashion, cosmetics, media companies, and pornographic filmmakers came together to turn “desire” into a flat, theatrical performance. deep and disrespectful. Especially women for profit is common in film, advertising and the workplace. Thus, traditional romantic love was abolished for the sake of sexual freedom and the acceptance of the principle of “the right to mutual pleasure without limitations and conditions”, to separate the sex life of individuals from the institution of marriage and intimacy. result of the exchange of feelings of love over the days.

Thus, social rituals of closeness and friendship between the sexes, appropriate behaviors, and expectations of emotional transparency are killed, and so are traditional forms and methods of dating, and instead they attempt to present themselves in the most image. well the other party in the context of an ongoing search to achieve some sort of matching of social and class background of both parties to reduce the chances of divorce later, in contrast to the new formulas in which the social framework of the relationship has been replaced. from individual contacts, often starting with social media, based primarily on sexual attractiveness. Of course, in this new mood, recognition appears closer to buying fast-moving consumer items and creates an atmosphere of lack of commitment, instability and betrayal, leading to so-called “sexual exploitation and objectification of women” and further humiliation. little luck, aesthetically and classy, ​​in the market of supply and demand.

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From here we can say that true love needs standards and consensus more than pure sexual attraction, but this does not allow us to withdraw from the individual freedom we have achieved for young men and women, but on the contrary, to give a greater amount big. of individual freedom by interacting with modern civilization in all its dimensions Continuing to deepen personal freedoms and interact with modern cultures with attention to our traditions and their modernization to respect the body as full respect of the soul, which is covered by transparency spirituality without increasing or decreasing.

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