Ministers and officials: The UAE is reviving the global travel and tourism sector

Dubai: “Bay”
International ministers and officials in the tourism sector stressed the role of the UAE in the growth of the global tourism sector and overcoming its stagnation after the “Covid-19” pandemic, noting that the initiatives adopted by the state inviting the world to brought together through tourism exhibitions and strengthening the link between tourism promotion and travel offices have contributed to pushing tourism forward.

Nayef Al-Fayez, Jordanian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, confirmed the acceleration of the tourism sector recovery rate and its positive indicators during the first quarter of 2022, as the sector managed to attract nearly one million visitors, noting that the Emirates United Arab Emirates are an ideal platform for communication with officials and representatives of the tourism industry from around the world.

He praised the Emirates’ investments in the Jordanian tourism sector and their role in promoting the tourism product.

And he added that the world has begun to ease the precaution, and we hope to communicate and open up again, and the Kingdom’s participation in a welcome message and confirmation of its readiness, calling on the brethren in the UAE to visit Jordan, which is characterized by average weather throughout the year, adding that promotional and marketing plans for archeological sites increase opportunities to attract investment and also to receive visitors. Especially with the diversity of tourist experiences that a tourist can do in Jordan, which include medical, cultural and historical tourism, recreational and adventure tourism, business tourism and conferences.

inspiring place

Andrea Corsini, Regional Tourism Minister for the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy, said: The UAE is an inspiring place and an important gateway to enter the Arab tourism markets. Referring to the depth of partnership between his country and the UAE in various sectors, he stressed that the participation of Italy, specifically the ancient Emilia-Romagna region, in important events.In the territory of the UAE, as travel market and before it at Dubai International Expo, comes with the aim of introducing Italian Excellence in various vital sectors and strengthening their partnership with travel and industry agents from all over the world located in the Emirate of Dubai, and inviting tourists visit the Emilia-Romagna region and learn about the destination up close.

He stressed that investment opportunities in the tourism sector in his country are numerous, emphasizing that tourist attractions in Italy and the Emilia-Romagna region are an important and ancient cultural and historical part and his country is full of products. global innovations in their design, such as: the automotive industry, international fashion design and other areas, which are considered in the priority list of modern tourists. He praised the trade partnership between the UAE and Italy, noting that there is a large trade movement between the two countries, in addition to the fact that many Italian companies are headquartered in the UAE, especially in the automotive industry, emphasizing the effort to strengthen these trade relations, which will contribute to increasing the demand for tourism and highlight the most beautiful coasts in Europe, especially tourist resorts such as Riccione and Rimini.

The Italian Minister of Tourism noted that his country is characterized by many cultural, historical and recreational attractions in nine provinces, ranging from the picturesque Apennine plains around Ferrara and Piacenza, the Apennines and the mountain caves for more than 300 km from north to southeast . and the river Po, as well as the most prominent monuments such as: Piacenza, archeological remains of Viglias, Farnese Theater, Tricolore Museum, Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Azenelli Tower in Bologna, Basilica of Sant’Apollinari, Pellegrino Artuzzi Festival, Scribes Malatest others.

Consolidation of relationships

Lindiwe Sisulu, Minister of Tourism of the Republic of South Africa, confirmed that her country’s participation in events and conferences held in the United Arab Emirates aims to consolidate bilateral and trade relations and shed light on tourist attractions and investment opportunities in South Africa. Support the recovery of South Africa’s tourism sector by supporting trading partners and tour operators across the Emirates network to develop and improve itineraries, offering special packages and promotional gifts, and encouraging incentives to trade South Africa in globally, especially as South Africa decided to revive the economy again through a strong and realistic recovery and offer a new strategic vision after the Corona.

Sisulu praised the activities and initiatives of the UAE to bring the tourism sector back to life through important global events such as the Arab Travel Market, and before that the tremendous success of Expo 2020 Dubai and others; In a country that turns the impossible into the possible, South Africa and its treasures, stunning landscapes and nature reserves are able, through its partnership with Emirates Airlines, to reflect the important relationship between the two countries, which was a main reasons for being a link with Europe, America and others, stressing that the partnership with the UAE has expanded and expanded in the aviation sector and has reached the cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, which led to the growth of bilateral and trade relations, which we are proud of due to the desire of investors from the UAE and their interest in the tourism and hospitality sector in their country, which represents a strong impetus for African tourism, which is achieving gradual success and extraordinary in some regions in South Africa, in addition to holding many conferences, such as the South Africa Investment Conference and other events fell, with the aim of promoting and attracting tourism to South Africa.

30 Spanish companies seek to increase the number of tourists

More than 30 Spanish companies confirmed their efforts to introduce tourism and travel opportunities between the UAE and the Kingdom of Spain, especially after the easing of travel restrictions and procedures caused by “Covid-19”.

The reason for the interest of Spanish companies in the UAE is that it is one of the main markets in this new tourist phase, which is approaching the capital, Madrid in particular, and which is doubling the efforts to attract more tourists from the UAE.

Madrid hosted about 39,000 travelers from the Gulf Cooperation Council in 2019, before the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, while 2021 witnessed the arrival of about 31,000 passengers from the Gulf Cooperation Council, despite the closure of borders. .

The UAE has strong tourist and travel ties, as both countries have more than 50 weekly flights to the cities of Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga, and the UAE does not require a prior visa and the journey takes 7 hours or less more from the Emirates to Spain, which includes dozens of special tourist destinations.

The UAE is a strategic partner, as the country ranks 16th in the list of foreign investors in Spain for 2019, according to the latest statistics published by the Spanish Central Bank.

The strength of the Emirati-Spanish relations comes from what they testify in the field of trade, economy, politics and of course the tourism sector, and this was clearly seen in the official visit of the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to the United Arab Emirates. as part of Spain Day at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Mohamed Fouad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Spanish company Travelers Obrador Turistico, said: “A delegation from the Madrid City Council traveled to the United Arab Emirates last February; “With the aim of giving a boost to tourism and attracting travelers to Spain.”

He added that procedures are currently underway to increase the arrival of these visitors from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the framework of the strategic tourism plan 2021-2023, and in cooperation with a trade mission of the Spanish Association in cooperation with public institutions. , travel agencies and hotels.

Fouad indicated that the Spanish government seeks to achieve an increase in average tourism spending in the capital Madrid to 375 euros and increase the average stay in the city to two and a half nights, a 20 thousand euros per year.

Philippines: Distinguished relations with the UAE in the tourism sector

Ramon Defrager, official of the Tourism Promotion Board in the Philippines, pointed out that the tourism industry in the Philippines is constantly evolving, especially in the field of hotels and airlines, and its interest in new markets due to the complexity of the travel market and his. expansion at the level of continents and states and the aim of new markets to shed light on the status of that country.

He said they are proud to showcase the programs of Filipino companies and travel agents for the best investment opportunities in the sector, as the Philippines covers more than 7000 islands and is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, thanks to it. endless white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. , volcanoes and crystal-colored lakes, not to mention the splendor of the magnificent rice fields, with the opportunity to spend days exploring the varied and sometimes difficult terrain, such as Lake Kayangan, Palawan Island, Cebu Island Falls and Tumaluk Falls.

Kazakhstan: We seek strategic tourism partnerships with the UAE

Sherine Musina, Director of Tourism Promotion for the Kazakh National Company, pointed out that the UAE has played a major role in revitalizing tourism worldwide through various exhibitions and conferences, such as Expo 2020 Dubai and the Travel Market exhibition, as well as prominent and strategic relationships. partnerships between the Emirates and many countries, which has become an impetus for tourism. The commonality between Kazakhstan and the UAE is something that ensures this spread and promotion through incentive programs. Kazakhstan has many beautiful natural attractions and there are five major cities that are major travel destinations.

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