I’m afraid of humans, not snakes!

I read “In Al-Quds Al-Arabi” about a young Jordanian, Yassin Al-Suqur, who loves snakes and lives with them, and that did not surprise me.
I also am not afraid of snakes (but I do not like them) and I do not live with them! It goes back to my childhood days; I was with my grandmother in the kitchen of our old Damascus house and my grandmother was preparing “rice milk” dishes when I came out of the wall stones of a house, some of which are perennials, on the old wall. of Damascus .. I left a bowl of rice with milk and the snake continued on its way. My grandmother told me that this snake they called the “Millennium” has lived in our house for a thousand years and will bite any enemy that tries to invade the house. They are inaccurate childhood memories, like a broken computer, but I grew up without being afraid of snakes, even the ability to catch them relatively small.

Ghali thank you and snakes!

Many years ago, Dr. Khalil Salem (who was the director of the Ministry of Finance) invited us for lunch with him in his beautiful Lebanese village – Koura (Batram). It happened that my husband’s friend, the critic Ghaly Shukri, came from Cairo and we took him vete. In Batram, Dr. Salem’s sister, Jihad Salem, told us that in their village there are people who keep snakes and sell them for medical purposes because their venom contributes to the production of medicines. We went to him before lunch, and I caught a snake and our sight was funny (and from my hilarious memories) and I held a snake and ran after it Ghali Shukri in the village alleys and people were laughing, and I i said: Be careful not to write an unfriendly review of my books … But I returned the snake to the owner and there was nothing left of it Just a funny memory.

Like all love relationships!

Emotional relationships with snakes are unnecessary, it is important not to be afraid in advance. You need to hold it by the head and hold its mouth very tightly with your hand so that it does not bite you, and then caress it gently because you do not want to hurt it.
Once a friend from a Lebanese village gave me a snake that I had prepared for him to take from where he came on condition that he not be killed, as he is one of God’s creatures, but my husband and his. mother refused (to stay with us)!

Snake in Bangkok!

When I visited Thailand with my son, Dr. Hazemin, who was still a little boy, a snake tamer came to our tour team to take a picture of the two of us with a big snake wrapped around his neck and hanging on the ground. Almost everyone rejected this, but I accepted and I have a picture with him that I will publish on the last cover of one of my books in “Travel Literature”. That snake could have wrapped around my neck and strangled me, but it did not happen. Do you see that there is a fugitive among the living creatures who makes them aware of their enemy by their lover without dialogue? Does not such a thing happen in true moments of love? In fact I was sure he had drugged her !!
He reminded me of what I read recently about the Jordanian Yassin Al-Suqur, who “loves snakes” as reported in the newspaper Al-Quds Al-Arabi. The news did not surprise me, but rather Yassin Al-Suqur’s desire to preserve the environment at least!
And I remembered a line of poetry that said: The wolf howled, so the wolves were comforted, when a man howled / shouted, so I almost flew!

sad Lebanon

Finally, French television no. he himself goes to the place that presents a special investigation video for him, and we see him talking to people and wandering through the streets and alleys. Like me, I miss Lebanon (I did not go as usual to recharge my writing battery, and that was two years ago due to power outages in Lebanon and the death of banks) and other things that no one knows . And the French journalist Doula Villardier knows that he will go to what was called in his program (Eastern Switzerland), namely Lebanon, and this title was for a long time Lebanon, but today we see in the investigation what the Lebanese do not know, which is the reality of the situation and the extent of the decline of livelihood and economic downturn and the disappearance of electricity and medicines from pharmacies, exorbitant food prices. And I repeat: What no Lebanese is ignorant of. I did not regret seeing on TV what I do not know, but I was sad.
Beautiful Lebanon was a tourist destination, at least, and it generated a lot of money for its people and revived its hotels and restaurants. that I saw it and woke me up .. It also reminded me of the explosion of the port and Najat (which caused the stagnation of Lebanon) From the punishment .. The price is always paid in Lebanon by the citizen, and the criminal or the responsible person. for the crime of escape.

The departure of the “Queen of the Night” in the Paris Regency

French television broadcast the news of the death of Regen, 92, owner of several Parisian nightclubs for celebrities. I saw pictures of her taking in one of her clubs (stars) like Charles Aznavour, Anthony Quinn, Julio Iglesias, Françoise Sagan, Claude Brialy, Birch Clark and many others, and she hugged them cheerfully and with a smile. But I had only seen him at the airport in Bern (the capital of Switzerland). I arrogantly asked one of the workers there for a coin to make a call (cell phone had not been invented yet) and he claimed he did not have it probably because of her arrogant way of talking to her, and I remember writing for this that day, as she had an arrogant face, so the worker at the Bern airport did not grant her wish to deceive her. And today, after her death, I saw in French magazines photos of her always smiling with celebrities. And Parisian “Queen of the Night” Regen was all smiling, happy and proud in her photos, not the arrogant face she saw at Bern airport.
You see, does she have a face that keeps her in the presence of celebrities and another that is her real arrogant and possibly sad face?
Only God knows, may God have mercy on him and have mercy on us!

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