Halal: A fast-growing market reinforced by Muslim religious concepts

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The halal market targets Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide

“I only eat halal and I do not feel comfortable or satisfied with the food unless there is a sign of halal in it.” So Marwa told me about her most important conditions when she goes to buy her food needs.

“Everything in my kitchen is halal, even baby candy, chocolate, milk and cheese,” Marwa told the BBC. “This is what I like to offer my husband and my 12-year-old daughter.”

Marwa emigrated from Egypt 15 years ago and lives with her family in the Netherlands, and she is one of hundreds of millions worldwide who rely heavily on halal products for their food and drink. This made the product market halal with the fastest growing worldwide.

Marwa confirms that halal products are available in all the shops near her house and in supermarket chains spread in areas where Muslims and Arabs gather all over the country, where a certain angle is set for halal products.

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