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Dubai is considered a regional and global hub and the capital of innovators, entrepreneurs and emerging companies, in various sectors, thanks to its future vision based on a knowledge-based economy. 50% of the total companies registered in the UAE, and they employ half of the workforce there.

Saeed Al Falasi, Executive Director of the Future Design and Accelerator Sector at the Dubai Future Foundation, said that in recent years, Dubai has witnessed the success of many emerging companies by turning into billionaire companies like Careem, Instashop “,” Medianet “,” “and” ” Dubizzle »and many other companies, in addition to the many large acquisitions recorded by technology companies specializing in many different economic sectors.

He added: “Zone 2071”, which is overseen by the Dubai Future Foundation, is one of the most prominent pillars of Dubai’s success system, as it provides a system and workspace created specifically to connect private companies, governments, new businesses. , investors, youth and society to design the future together. It also includes a group of leading design laboratories for the future and the development of innovative ideas, experiences and practices in many key sectors such as aviation, education, health, energy, entrepreneurship, technology and health, and provides its members with access to in a network of strategic partners and other businessmen and investors.


Patrick J. Moloney, founder and CEO of P4ML, a specialist in precision healthcare, said: “Collaborating with Dubai Accelerators of the Future has helped the company launch from Dubai into the world, especially as P4ML specializes in genetic sequencing and yes works. to help save the lives of millions of children. ” Newborns, discovering possible rare diseases in children, creating a “digital twin” for the child at birth.

He added: As part of Dubai Future Accelerators, we participated in the upcoming challenges that are organized every year with the aim of cooperation between start-ups and private and governmental entities, to work on finding specific solutions to future challenges, and in this context , participated in the challenge launched by the Dubai Health Authority, with the aim of improving the quality of life through early and rapid intervention in the field of healthcare using advanced technologies in the field of healthcare.

water desalination

For his part, Alexei Levin, co-founder of Desolenator, a start-up specializing in the field of desalination and production of high quality water using solar thermal energy, said: “Working together with Dubai Accelerators for Our Future has allowed Get Desolenator technology to produce high quality water in the world, where the company has worked with the Dubai Energy and Water Authority (DEWA) has obtained an international patent and its project to produce quality solar thermal water top that is 100% harmless chemicals have gained international recognition.

Levin added: The exemplary support that Dubai startups receive and the tremendous support that entrepreneurs receive from Dubai Future Accelerators, confirm that the UAE is a global destination and an open laboratory for innovative technologies in the field of water safety and sustainability , given that this technology used Helps communities provide low-cost water and helps businesses secure their vital assets in a sustainable way.

Group mobility

On the other hand, Bilal Al Shabandari, founder and CEO of Arkab, a Dubai-based company specializing in mass mobility solutions, said that his company, which participated in the “Dubai Future Accelerators” program, deals with many markets. transport to the Middle East and North Africa, starting from the UAE. And it works with more than 40 operators and at least twenty shipping companies, “noting that starting in Dubai, the company helped the company develop various products to operate its operations, including a smartphone app to help passengers and drivers follow the transport, in addition to a digital dashboard for operators.Companies that rent buses to transport their employees can also monitor and manage the movement of vehicles through the dashboard.

Last March, the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, in collaboration with Mind the Bridge and Crunch Base, launched a report on the overall landscape of fast-growing startups in the Middle East and North Africa region. The report showed Dubai and the UAE leadership in the field of fast-growing startups.

Dubai has strengthened its position as a global technology capital for fast-growing startups by buying, by December 2021, 39% of fast-growing startups in the Middle East and North Africa, or 229 companies, and by attracted about 57% of the total. funding received from fast-growing startups in the region, the Middle East and North Africa, or $ 5.2 billion.

Accelerators of Dubai’s future

Saeed Al Falasi explained that the “Dubai Future Accelerators” program launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Future Foundation, in 2016, aims to provide an integrated global platform for creating the future of strategic sectors. And creating economic value based on the incubation and acceleration of businesses and future technological solutions, and attracting the world’s best minds to test and implement their innovations at the level of Dubai and the UAE. It offers an ideal opportunity for joint work to find solutions to various challenges by exploring, developing and making optimal use of future technologies.

145 challenges

He said: “During its previous session, Dubai Future Accelerators organized more than 145 challenges organized in partnership with 14 government agencies, and attracted more than 310 startup companies from 40 countries, and since its inception, has hosted hundreds events, conferences. forums, dialogue and virtual sessions, seminars and interactive activities, which were attended by more than 26 in thousands of participants from around the world.

He added: The Dubai Future Accelerators program witnessed the signing of more than 180 memoranda of understanding between government agencies and start-up companies during previous sessions, and the number of contracts signed by start-up companies in the health sector reached 21 agreements, as well as 20 agreements in public safety sector, and 10 agreements in the transport sector, and 38 agreements in the field of sustainability and environment.


Al Falasi explained that Dubai offers various opportunities for emerging and innovative companies to participate in the development of solutions and innovations for the various challenges faced by all governmental and economic sectors, their contribution to the economic sectors and the system of innovation.

He continued: What distinguishes Dubai accelerators for the future is that it offers an opportunity for startups to work directly with government agencies, which usually prefer to deal with international companies or local and specialized companies, which have a long history of experience and achievement, which startups naturally lack.

to support

Al Falasi said Dubai and the UAE attach great importance to supporting entrepreneurs and emerging companies, strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, as they are one of the pillars of the future economic model of the country and its strategic plans for the future in line with the principles and objectives of the fifties.

The UAE ranked first globally in the 2022 Global Entrepreneurship Index, according to the report released by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, ahead of fourth globally in last year’s report, and surpassing all the global economies participating in the report.

forward vision

Dubai Future Accelerators plays a vital role in supporting start-ups and securing their start-up from Dubai to the world, highlighting the emirate’s leading position as an incubator that attracts the world’s most prominent minds and a leading project development center with a progress. -Vision with vision and proactive.


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