Dubai Blockchain plans to launch the region’s first decentralized autonomous organization before the end of the year

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Dr. Marwan Al Zarooni, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Council for the Future of Cryptocurrencies and CEO of the Blockchain Dubai Center, revealed that before the end of this year, the center will launch the “first independent decentralized organization” in the region, coinciding with the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Dubai Blockchain Center.

Al-Zarouni’s statements came about “Al-Bayan” on the sidelines of the “Metacon” event sponsored by the company “Gala”, the first of its kind in the world, which aims to turn the world of metavers into a real reality, which . will be held in the Arena hall at the World Trade Center in Dubai until today, Sunday, with the participation of a number of companies and major global entrepreneurs.

Al Zarooni stressed that the great government support provided by the UAE government for the Blockchain initiatives for Blockchain and the technologies of the Fourth Revolution in general turned Dubai into a major global hub for activities based on this technology, putting in it seems that more entrepreneurs around the business are moving. in Dubai thanks to the excellent support and facilities provided by the State Government for digitalization-based activities.

For his part, Abdul Rahman Al Khaja, member of the Advisory Office of the Emirates Sports Federation and founder of the Metacon exhibition, said that the first exhibition of its kind in the world presents a great opportunity to spread awareness about the technologies of immutable tokens (NFTs) and economic opportunities that carry existing projects in cyberspace and prepare the generation. 2 “next December, thanks to the huge global demand to explore the possibilities offered by these technologies.

He added, “We aim to educate people about the opportunities that exist in the virtual world and Web technologies.3, which are the backbone of these worlds, and we have launched the first group of tickets to attend events in the form of non – interchangeable sales tokens for the public to familiarize them with the uses of this technology and to give them a permanent opportunity to gain access to exclusive events to display irreplaceable land projects and other important during the year, which they will carry in their digital wallets.

Al Khaja noted that Web3 will be the next development of the internet promoting the idea that Blockchain technology and NFT digital tokens can improve a decentralized internet and transfer ownership of data from the hands of giant companies to the users themselves, sharing thus easier and greater revenue and access to the new worlds of metaverses.

The exhibition celebrates the latest technologies specializing in blockchain technology and games, esports, non-interchangeable tokens, Web3 technology, arts, music, entertainment and more. In addition, the exhibition includes a wide range of rich events and activities spanning four main themes: Metastyle, Metaconnect, Metarina and Metaspace.

The Metastage event will host a series of brainstorming sessions and dialogues, addressing some of the most popular topics in the field of metastatic technology; Meanwhile, Metaconnect’s agenda includes a series of interactive seminars that focus on providing useful practical advice on ways to embark on the journey into the Blockchain world. Those who want to communicate directly with key institutions and personalities will have an ideal opportunity to get to know them closely in an area dedicated to the exhibition premises within the Metaspace events, while the Mitarina event will be dedicated to the most good in the world of esports. and blockchain games.


One of the highlights of the exhibition agenda is the Metavator Challenge, a unique competition to showcase innovative ideas and a first-of-its-kind platform for innovators in the field of metavers, irreplaceable tokens, video games and Web3 technology. He was responsible for organizing the One & Only Metavator Challenge with the support of the Dubai Youth Council, noting that its prizes include 75,000 dirhams in cash, a set of non-exchangeable arguments, support services, guidance, investor communication and more.

An Autonomous Decentralized Organization is a local business owned and collectively managed by its members based on blockchain technology and intelligent contracts. Decisions in the organization are subject to suggestions and votes depending on the amount of arguments a member holds. It is an effective and safe way to work with people who share the same interests and goals without the presence of a CEO or CFO. The strength of DAO is that it is self-developing, transparent and there is no room for manipulation according to pre-programmed rules.


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