Decorations for holiday homes from A to Z

A “second home” or “vacation home” is defined as a home that is occupied for part of the year by its owner, in addition to the main apartment. As for the decorations of “holiday homes”, it is characterized by comfort, and often abandons the formality, taking inspiration from tourist destinations, hotels and beach huts, especially those traded on social networks.
In the following, interior design engineer Nadine Al-Noamani informs the readers of “My Lady”, how to bring the holiday atmosphere to the “second home”, without the hassle of traveling?
In one of his novels, the Hungarian writer Béla Hamvas says: “At home he knows the world, but on the road he knows himself.” The saying is in line with the tendency to decorate a “holiday home”. In the latter, the peculiarities of wonderful resorts and hotels that someone has visited or seen repeated photos, on social networks and in the pages of magazines, according to the engineer, Nadine Al-Noamani, who loves to travel.

In the “holiday house” features of summer tourist destinations

In the following, the engineer guides the readers of “Madam” in a series of ideas related to the “second home”:

Wallpaper with tropical patterns
  • The arrangement of a “holiday home” inspired by nautical destinations, such as islands, such as: “Bora Bora”, is achieved with tropical patterns or desert prints. Tropical decor generally creates an intimate and warm atmosphere in the interior spaces.
  • The walls are covered with solid wood, with some painted in “refreshing” colors, such as the shades of blue that are common in Moroccan “Chefchaouen”.
  • Whatever the budget for the design of the “holiday home”, a sense of luxury can be created by paving the floor with natural “parquet”, granite or marble. The architect also recommends light and neutral colored mosaics similar to Marrakech zellige tiles.
  • The furniture in the “holiday home” is intended to make the sitting person feel relaxed, so it is useful to focus on the comfortable and practical parts at the same time, ie those that will “resist time”. The “second house” does not change the furniture every year.
    The furniture in the “holiday home” is comfortable and practical

In this context, the architect emphasizes the importance of coordinating soft furnishings and the right color palette, which are bold and bright, especially in bohemian environments.

Bright colors in the holiday home (Image via Nomade Spaces by Nadine)

“When I think of summer home furnishings, I can only imagine rattan chairs, Moroccan poufs, tribal rugs and light natural textiles, not to mention the day bed, cot bed and bamboo sofas. designed by the Indians, “says the architect. Loaded with Tropical and Tribal Cushions and Covers, viz. with outdoor furniture used indoors, the house is connected to nature. ”

Rattan furniture is suitable for a holiday home (Image via

Sun filament and industrial lighting

Whether the place is coastal or mountainous, lighting is an important factor in decorating a “holiday home”; In the morning sunlight penetrates into the interior spaces and in the evening the evening lighting is controlled by a dimmer and its intensity fades. In this context, the architect’s advice requires the installation of Moroccan copper lanterns and the use of floor lamps and ceiling lighting created by rattan. In addition, scented candles with a soothing scent, such as lavender or eucalyptus, are used to improve mood.

“Spa” in the “holiday home”

Scented candles scattered around the bathtub convey the atmosphere of a “spa”

Adding some “spa” features to the bathroom is desirable, such as: a shower head, a “jacuzzi”, a large bathtub, terrazzo tiles and bamboo mattresses, in addition to a set of white towels. And no “spa” atmosphere is complete without scented candles scattered throughout the bathtub. For a tropical-like feel, the bathroom can be filled with bamboo and natural stones, says architect Nadine.

Natural fabrics in the bedroom

The bedrooms are nicely and comfortably decorated, to reflect aesthetic designs, simplicity and “purity”. The above-mentioned goal is achieved through the use of natural colors, fabrics and textiles, such as: linen covers and “suzani” covers, ie those knitted from cotton or wool fabrics and decorated with floral or geometric motifs, with silk thread, and worked by hand, and pillows covered with ikkat fabric, which originates in Indonesia and Malaysia. The weaving mentioned is known as the interweaving of yarns used to create the desired design (drawings and patterns are applied to the yarns before the fabric is sewn), traditional woven upholstery and macrame, fluffy pillows and feathers that will remind us that we are in vacation.

indoor plants
Large plants and trees, such as the banana tree, monastira (Mary’s palm), ficus lirata (or guitar-like fig tree), zamia and the “peace lily”, as well as cactus, as available at the “Majorelle Garden” in Marrakech, everyone has a tropical style, it also feels a feeling similar to what one experiences when going to the islands. In addition, dried and dyed flowers are prepared, to add a “pop” color.

Engineer Nadine Al-Noamani

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