Artificial intelligence .. a point of contact between humans and robots

Numerous scenes appeared during various old movies showing robots controlling human lives in the future, which has begun to be achieved in recent years, especially as many technology companies began to develop robots closer to humans, as for in terms of exterior design or the skills they can implement, relying on “artificial intelligence”, which has become a threat not only to some jobs, as many previous reports claimed, but to all human survival , with companies, factories and various parties increasingly relying on artificial intelligence-backed machines that work with greater precision and productivity than humans, Millions are expected to lose their jobs, not only that, but reports others have addressed the dangers of using artificial intelligence to develop killer robots that can think, face and eliminate humans in the future n, through the control of this artificial intelligence on the internet, and thus control the whole world, also we can not. , it warns of artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence, especially data-driven methods such as machine learning, will radically change economic and social systems around the world, and therefore it helps people predict the future and make better decisions. well, and by 2030, artificial intelligence is expected to add $ 15 trillion to the global economy., and then i think it’s necessary to realize that artificial intelligence is a technology and not just a “robot” and that specialists and workers in modern technological fields must study side by side the pros and cons to make the most of the great technological revolution we are witnessing and walking with it in the interest of countries. »In this dossier, the most salient advantages of artificial intelligence, in addition to the negatives and risks that concern specialists in this field.

7 important features

Fighting the diseases of aging and improving the results of heart transplantation.

Solves many problems faced by space science.

It protects human labor from dangerous tasks and has the ability to free people from the burdens of hard work.

Used in the field of weather and climate forecasting.

Disaster prevention and preparedness.

Increasing creativity in various fields.

Guarantees high accuracy completely without errors in many tasks.

6 most famous robots in the world

Atlas is a robot capable of defeating humans in battle. He is able to jump back easily. It can maintain balance if pushed or collided with. It can also rise again if it falls. It has a stereo vision that allows it to stand upright. And sensors, which give it the ability to deal with objects in their environment and move on rough terrain, and it can walk on rugged terrain, get involved in battles and even beat people in battles.

Sophia, the most famous in the world, is considered the first robot to have a nationality like humans, and has the ability to interpret feelings, trace and identify facial parameters, and can conduct full conversations with humans.

Mario, a robot created specifically to help dementia patients, can make small words about the weather and help its user find his keys, as well as contribute to the memory of old family vacations, keeping in mind his active companion and help avoid insanity. vetmia ..

Emma is a robot specializing in back and knee massage, based in Singapore. It is a device equipped with robotic wings that simulate the human hand to repeat therapeutic massage and aims to address labor shortages and challenges with quality sustainability in healthcare. sector, and is able to provide convenient massage for any patient.

“AIBO” is a smart robot in the shape of a dog, and comes more than 10 years after the release of its first version, and is a pet robot that can act like a real dog.

– “Sally” is considered the best robot for preparing various salads, knowing the difference between more than 20 different food ingredients, providing information on the exact number of calories in the ingredients and the ability to prepare more than one thousand ready-made species. -To eat salads in about 60 seconds.

different opinions

There are many opinions that support artificial intelligence techniques and encourage their development and encourage many, such as Mark Zuckerberg, whose company has developed many artificial intelligence systems that make Facebook easier for the world to use. in addition to the fight against suicide, and terrorism, but on the other hand there are personalities who rejected them. Technology has been greatly reduced, and British physicist Stephen Hawking had previously warned about artificial intelligence and said it would most likely “completely replace humans” within a few years from now. and explained that the human development of robots and computers will eventually lead to the emergence of a new form One of the life forms in which machines are superior to humans, as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, said that artificial intelligence would be life threatening of people. in the future, and the ability to protect people and ensure their security from these super-intelligent systems is very weak.

3 most important dangers of artificial intelligence:

Deep fake technology, which is considered one of the artificial intelligence techniques, allows the creation of fake videos based on machine learning, combining a group of photos, videos and audio recordings of a specific person, to produce a new video clip in which the person says unrealistic words or performs actions that he has not done in reality.

It can take on some human work, with work automation generally seen as the most pressing short-term concern. This despite the fact that the latest report published by the organization in 2021 shows that the number of employees has increased in almost all countries of the organization during the period (2012-2019).

Machines have reached levels of intelligence that surpass people to the point where they can make their own decisions independently, without going back to humans at any stage of the scenarios that scare some people.

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