Gala-sponsored Metacon announces release of first batch of tickets to attend events in the form of irreplaceable arguments

Tickets for the event that aims to make the metaverse world a reality are available for sale as non-exchangeable tokens through starting at AED 100.

The unique and dedicated exhibition of pop culture celebrates the latest technological solutions in the fields of technology, blockchain games, esports, non-interchangeable tokens, Web3, art and entertainment and many more.

Dubai, UAE: The Metacon event sponsored by Gala, a unique exhibition dedicated to popular culture that aims to make the world of metavers a reality and is scheduled to be held at the Arena at the World Trade Center in Dubai on 28 and 29 May , announced the launch of the First Tickets series to attend the event in the form of non-exchangeable tokens for sale to the public. Each ticket comes equipped with a Metacon One NFT Token, which gives visitors ongoing access to exclusive events to display projects of non-interchangeable symbols and other highlights of the year, as well as networking sessions held within and outside the suburbs of Metacon Expo. Tickets are now available for sale at starting at AED 100 per ticket.

The exhibition celebrates the latest technologies specializing in blockchain technology and games, esports, non-interchangeable tokens, Web3 technology, arts, music, entertainment and more. In addition, the exhibition includes a wide range of rich events and activities covering four main themes: MetaStage and Metaconnect.

(MetaConnect), MetaArena and MetaSpaces. The MetaStage event is set to host a series of sessions and dialogues to stimulate thought that address some of the most popular topics in the field of meta-technology; Meanwhile, Metaconnect’s agenda includes a series of interactive seminars that focus on providing useful practical advice on ways to embark on the journey into the Blockchain world. Those who want to communicate directly with key institutions and personalities will have an ideal opportunity to get to know them closely in an area dedicated to the exhibition premises within the Metaspace events, while the Mitarina event will be dedicated to the most good in the world of esports. and blockchain games.

The MetaStage event will be held with the participation of a number of prominent speakers, including Drs. Marwan Al Zarooni, Member of the Global Council for the Future of Cryptocurrencies of the World Economic Forum and CEO of the Blockchain Center Dubai; and Jason Brink, Head of Blockchain Division at Gala Games. The event also includes in-depth sessions on other topics including: the real estate sector in the meta-world versus the traditional real estate sector, offered by DAMAC Properties, Etherium Towers and esMaster Ventur; metaviruses and their role in rescuing our climate crisis; Play to win: the future of games; the evolution of irreplaceable arguments; animation and movies on Web3 technology; The future of music and more.

On the other hand, the Metavator Challenge is one of the most prominent events on the exhibition agenda, it is a unique competition to exhibit pioneering ideas and the first platform of its kind for innovators in the field of metavers, irreplaceable tokens, video games and Web3 Technology . He was responsible for organizing the One & Only Metavator Challenge with the support of the Dubai Youth Council, noting that its prizes include AED 75,000 in cash, a set of non-exchangeable arguments, support services, guidance, investor communication and more. Beginners in technology, college students and others interested can sign up to take part in the challenge through the link:.

Metacon is also the perfect platform for all beginners in the blockchain world; He introduces through Metaconnect a series of seminars such as the Basics of Metaverse: Introduction to the world of Metaverse; the importance of inconsistency; creation and issuance of immutable tokens; how to move business into the metaphysical world; How to trade immutable arguments on major platforms and ways to move your company into the world of metavers. These activities offer visitors to the exhibition a great deal of confidence and skills to begin their journey into the world of metaphysics.

With the support of the Emirates Sports Federation, the Mitarina platform will see the participation of eight international associations to compete in the first multi-blockchain-based electronic gaming tournament, with games such as Axi Infinity, Thetan Arena and Spider. Tanks, with a total price of $ 50,000. Other brands like Fight Legends, Medbots and Swift Blue Out will feature mini-tours and community tours that will take place on the sidelines of the Mitarina event.

Finally, the Metaspace event also offers an opportunity to explore areas dedicated to the display of some of the most popular Blockchain technology-based games such as Fight of the Eggs (FOTA), Midboats, Town Star, Spider Tanks and more; In addition to the gallery of artists of non-interchangeable symbols sponsored by the market of non-interchangeable symbols Rakuza, which will present the first manga and animation project based on the immutable symbol, exclusively during the Metacon exhibition will be the opportunity to enter BAPES. , the central platform And networking space at the Metacon showcase, which allows entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies to connect and learn about ways to use and leverage Blockchain technologies. The highlight of the Metaspace event is the Ethereal Collective-sponsored Non-Interchangeable Arguments exhibition, which features works and art collections by a number of top artists, including Ethereum Towers and World of Women, a new company specializes in non – interchangeable arguments.

Organized by OneChain Events, the Metacon event is the result of a collaboration between creators Abdulrahman Mohamed, an esports pioneer and member of the Emirates Association of Esports, and Kyle Chase, an experienced cryptocurrency expert and technology entrepreneur. Its purpose is to organize a public event created to highlight popular culture in its latest form in the world of metaphysics, especially one that can be celebrated and consumed by all, regardless of the experience and depth of Blockchain technology. .

Metacon was also organized by Domain Entertainment, a popular culture consultancy founded by a group of community event founders, including the Middle East Film and Comic Book Fair, ANI: ME and others. Commenting on the issue, Somaya Suriyadirdja, Managing Director of Domain Entertainment, said: “Today we find ourselves at the same point where we first met in 2010, when popular culture was just the consumer item of a small community of individuals. passionate who are thirsty. to explore, learn and develop together Organizing these pioneering events in the region has required a great deal of effort and dedication and we still hope to create the same amount of love for the metavers world through Metacon.

Tickets for the Metacon exhibition will now be issued through, where each purchased ticket gives the holder the opportunity to convert it into unpaid tokens. Event tickets are divided into three categories: WAGMI for one-day admission and FOMO for weekend admission. Each ticket comes with a Metacon One NFT token, which gives visitors permanent access to exclusive events to display immutable token projects. And other important year-round events and networking sessions that take place on the outskirts of Metacon and outdoor events alike. While ALPHA tickets, the highest priced collection level, are on sale in limited quantities and include entry to the show over the weekend, all the benefits of a Metacon One NFT token, along with

A surprise box full of immutable icons and a set of immutable icons from Metacon Edition One event partners and partner projects.

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