Emirates News Agency – Arab Youth Center organizes youth seminar entitled “Youth and Climate”

DUBAI, May 27 / WAM / “Arab Youth Council on Climate Change Training Forum”, organized by the Arab Youth Center on the eve of the Arab region’s preparations for the global climate summits “COP27” and “COP28” in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates Arab, held a seminar for young people to discuss mechanisms for transforming global challenges to climate change into active youth action on climate.

In a session entitled “Youth and Climate: From Concern to Action and Impact,” the program at the Creative Youth Center in Dubai was hosted by HE Hanan Mansour Ahli, Acting Director of the Federal Center for Competitiveness and Statistics, and Ibrahim Al Zoubi, Head of Sustainability. Officer at Majid Al Futtaim Holding, Chairman of the Council for the Sustainable Development Goals 13, in the presence of members of the Arab Youth Council for Climate Change, and members of the Young Leaders Program for Sustainable Development Goals, while the session was moderated by Malak Abdullah, member of the Council for Sustainable Development Goals.

His Excellency Saeed Al-Nazari, General Director of the Federal Youth Foundation and Chief Strategy Officer at the Arab Youth Center stressed that on the one hand participate specialized training programs and interactive seminars in which young Arabs who want to contribute active in climate action, and experts and specialists presenting a summary of their experiences in the field of climate action, on the other hand, constitute a key platform for accelerating the achievement of the goals of the Arab region at the level of its national strategies for achieving climate. neutrality and its contributions to achieving the 2030 sustainable development objectives.

Al-Nazari praised the high-level participation from various disciplines and from the government and the private sector in the “first training forum of its kind for the Arab Youth Council on Climate Change”.

Her Excellency Hanan Ahli said that the indicators of global competitiveness show a continuous development in the participation of young people in awareness and action to cope with climate change and to support the achievement of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations 2030.

Ahli explained that the involvement of young people in climate action can be accelerated today by taking advantage of many tools, the main of which are national strategies for young people and open data available, to enable them to benefit from them in drafting of quality climate initiatives that serve. their future and contribute to the development of their societies.

Her Excellency referred to a package of programs that include education, awareness and knowledge and contribute to achieving climate awareness at the regional level, including programs that prepare young people to be ambassadors for the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ahli stressed that the activities of the World Government Summit in Dubai this year marked the beginning of strategies for achieving sustainability, such as the strategy of the blue economy, based on achieving sustainability and green investments that are environmentally friendly, and this is a step very advanced. at the regional level that offers opportunities for a sustainable diversified economy for young people and inspires many similar experiences.at worldwide.

She said: “We are proud of the opportunity provided by the UAE government to young people locally, Arab and internationally to contribute to efforts to combat climate change, especially after the UAE announced in 2021 the strategic initiative for achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

She noted that the UAE has always been a supporter of achieving the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, while its government sectors have worked to involve the private sector in establishing departments specializing in sustainability issues. in corporate operations and business events.

Her Excellency referred to the training programs for new leaders in the UAE, which aim to empower young people with knowledge, especially in the field of climate action, and provide them with the opportunity to communicate with global leaders. , to participate in international forums and launch innovations. youth initiatives in this field.

She called on my youth to take advantage of government youth exchange programs and programs of international organizations available to Arab youth to make effective changes to the Arab climate and development work, to take an active part in climate action, and to trust their skills and abilities to achieve the desired positive change for the future of the planet.

For his part, Ibrahim Al-Zoubi said that the councils of sustainable development goals around the world today need the efforts of young people and their active participation in all phases of climate action; Starting from identifying the problems of climate change, designing the optimal and most verifiable solutions, and then implementing these solutions on the ground in cooperation with all, leading to maintaining the continuity of these solutions and insisting on the commitment to implement them with determination, patience. , perseverance and unwavering will, appreciating the involvement of young people in this field in various public and private sector institutions in the UAE.

Al-Zoubi said there is fear of the consequences of climate change on food, weather, global warming, rising floods, drinking water shortages, drought and desertification, but there is also a greater global awareness of the direct causes that accelerated change. climatic. and during the Covid-19 pandemic, the world felt the size of the environmental footprint and we learned we were all succeeding. We are all affected by global crises, be it health or climate.

Al-Zoubi concluded that many young Arabs today have the scientific knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of science-based solutions, data and information to create sustainable solutions to the climate change crisis, calling on young people take advantage of all available skills. and opportunities.

Also as part of the program activities, Laila Mustafa Abdel Latif, General Director of the Emirates Natural Society, spoke about the importance of involving young people in the local economy, as it offers new opportunities and promising perspectives for their personal and professional paths. in addition to increasing the flexibility, sustainability and diversification of economic structures in the region and strengthening resource resources, income, as well as preserving the environment and achieving optimal use of resources without depleting or wasting them.

For his part, Saeed Al Gergawi, founder and CEO of Native Honey Company, stressed that taking into account the biodiversity components in each country’s natural environment will reflect in the long run on the sustainable growth of its economy, emphasizing the need to preserve the wild habitats of living plant and animal species, and to strike a balance between economic development, environmental conservation and biodiversity, in order to achieve positive coexistence between development ambitions and development goals and effective environmental measures for stop climate change.

The first training forum of this kind organized by the Arab Youth Center in the field of climate action and sustainability continues with the members of the “Arab Youth Council for Climate Change” from 22 to 29 May 2022 at the headquarters of the Creative Center in Dubai in order to increase of the skills of specialists as Arab leaders in the field of climate change in cooperation with many partners from the public and private sector, in order to increase the participation of young staff in effective climate action.

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