Dalal Abdel Aziz loved the husband of one of her daughters more than the other. You will not believe who he preferred among them.

The late artist Dalal Abdel Aziz and the husband of her two daughters, journalist Ramy Radwan and artist Hassan Al-Raddad, had a special relationship as she treated them as if they were her two sons and stood by them against the daughters of saj. Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem sometimes.

Dalal Abdel Aziz took over the management of the marriage arrangements for her two daughters. After their father, Samir Ghanem, agreed to end these two marriages, Dalal was assigned the task of concluding the marriage agreements and arrangements between the two families, and this task made her relationship with them very strong due to the constant communication with them.

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Until they passed the idea of ​​mother-in-law and bride and named her after her favorite doll: Didi.

Ramy Radwan and Dalal Abdel Aziz

Ramy Radwan is the husband of her eldest daughter Donia Samir Ghanem. Dalal especially loves and considers her eldest son. In more than one meeting, Samir Ghanem’s family confirmed that Ramy is the ideal husband they wished for their daughter.

In one of the previous TV interviews, Ramy Radwan revealed scenes of his relationship with Dalal Abdel Aziz in particular, within the family of the late artist Samir Ghanem.

Rami Radwan said: “I do not consider Dalal Abdel Azizi the mother of Donia Hamati, I do not have a father-in-law, I consider him my second mother”, emphasizing that at the moment of any family dispute with his wife. it is preferable for this dispute to remain only in the family space.

Ramy Radwan explained: “If Donia stayed, she went and broke up with her mother. Artist Dalal Abdel Aziz stands by the truth and if I’m wrong she tells me you’re wrong and the words in front of her are normal.”

Dalal Abdel Aziz had confirmed her love for Rami Radwan and Hassan Al-Raddad, noting that their love in her heart is exactly the same as the love of Donia and Amy, rejoicing in their success and grieved for their sorrow, and they represented him both. boys whom she did not give birth to.

Hassan Al-Raddad and Dalal Abdel Aziz

Hassan Al-Raddad’s relationship with Dalal is stronger; This for their collaboration together on more than one work of art and she confirmed that she felt he was her son after he found her next to her during her mother’s death and said that she later introduced him to Donina and Amy, starting after this his his love story with her daughter Amy.

Hassan Al-Raddad embodies the role of Ibn Dalal Abdel Aziz, during the series Ibn Al Arandali, whose mother died during filming, so he gave her support and treated her with great love, which strengthened the relationship between them.

Dalal Abdel Aziz Hassan Al-Raddad, her daughter-in-law, described Amy as “a beautiful person, the son of good and educated people, who enters the heart all the time”, and him and his mother deceased, “Al-Hajja Fadia”, had a good family relationship.

For his part, Hassan Al-Raddad said that Dalal Abdel Aziz, in the first technical cooperation between them, had instructed and advised him a lot, emphasizing that he was very polite and courteous.

He continued: “The first time I sat down with her, she met me with such a sweet smile. She is happy by nature, beautiful, sweet and bloodthirsty.”

In an earlier television interview, the late artist Dalal Abdel Aziz said the artist, Hassan Al-Raddad, is a criminal and ungrateful.

Artist Dalal’s statement was during a meeting on Al-Hekaya program with media Amr Adib and came after artist Hassan Al-Raddad said: “Amy if she cooks, she will eat sweet food. and if Dalal Abdel Aziz cooks, she will eat sweet food. ”

Artist Dalal Abdel Aziz said sarcastically: “Hassan is a criminal and a worker like cats who eat and deny,” adding: “I’m not in the kitchen and my daughter Donia knows how to cook, but Amy does not know how. to cook. “

Dalal Abdel Aziz added: “Hassan Al-Raddad is a handsome person and son of good people, and I met him with my daughter Amy, and he entered my heart and loved her, and he is a great artist . “

With the departure of the duo Dalal Abdel Aziz and Samir Ghanem, their life pages are closed, but their good biography and their beautiful relationship with different people of their lives, especially the husband of two girls, will remain immortal as an example. that a good biography remains after the death of its owner.

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