Vacheron Constantin launches second cycle of “One by One” mentoring program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

After the great success and international recognition he witnessed in the first cycle of his mentoring program “One of the few” in the UAE in 2020, Vacheron Constantin is pleased to announce the launch of the second cycle of this educational initiative in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Arabia, this time in collaboration with Dar Al-Hekma University in Jeddah.

The program fully reflects the consolidated values ​​of the home, as the latter has always aimed to meet and sometimes exceed the demands of women through the constant fulfillment of its rich heritage and the constant desire to transfer knowledge. In line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030, the initiative was created to inspire young women and motivate them to achieve their dreams and help them on the battlefield of professional life.

Vacheron Constantin launches second cycle of ‘One of the Few’ mentoring program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A paragraph by Dr. Abeer, President of Dar Al-Hekma University, addresses students participating in the Vacheron Constantin experiment:

Committed to our vision of being “a leading university in education, development and creativity with a positive impact on society, as well as our mission to” prepare leadership and entrepreneurial competencies that embody university values ​​”, our students are preparing to enter a unique entrepreneurial experience in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin Watches Swiss high end Dear students, we make you an encouraging invitation to embrace success and pave your way to a bright future in entrepreneurship. take sure steps today to build a better tomorrow by engaging in an extraordinary and extraordinary entrepreneurial experience.You are the leaders of the future, do your best to act today and move forward to a more tomorrow Work hard, try your best, pursue your dreams and make an impact on your career without being limited by time or place.

Dr. Abeer Al-Deghaith, President of Dar Al-Hekma University

Guided experience

The mentoring trip begins on May 15 with a 3-week recruitment period, where selected female students will have the opportunity to apply through the university website for an opportunity to participate among the six finalists. Once selected, students are given a unique off-campus experience to be mentored by the inspiring and successful Saudi Mentor based on their focus and desired career journey.
The program allows students to embark on an educational journey to take crucial steps toward exploring their career aspirations and breaking down barriers by discovering the truth about their field and developing their current knowledge and skills.

Upon successful completion of the “One of the Few” mentoring program orientation phase, students have the opportunity to enter into an internship program with Vacheron Constant or another Richemont group home.

Female students can register through the dedicated portal of Vacheron Constantin and see all the terms and conditions at the following link – Mentorship KSA (

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Six mentoring and inspiring women

With a history of success and ambition within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, six inspirational women agreed to contribute to the mentoring program. They enjoy diverse and successful career paths and aim to highlight the dominant business sectors and industries:

Shahd Alshehail

1. Shahd Al-Shuhail – Entrepreneur and co-founder of the high-end and conservative Abadieh fashion label, which combines heritage, ethics and fashion in a sustainable way.

Aja Al-Bitar

2. Aya Al-Bitar – Saudi designer of products and furniture and founder of the house “Aya Art Al Hayat”. Through her work, Aya combines tradition and modernity to create products that connect East and West cultures.

Eamonn Shakur

3. Eamonn Shakur – Founder and CEO of Saudi Arabia’s first tech accelerator created specifically for Saudi female tech leaders: Blossom. From Silicon Valley to Saudi Arabia, the Optical Center is developing a strong community for Saudi entrepreneurs by providing them with a network, resources, knowledge and access to finance.

Basma Alkhereiji

4. Basma Al-Khuraiji – Chef and Entrepreneur. Social Kitchen Foundation and Social Group. She is the chair of the Saudi Gastronomy Initiative, a program launched by the Saudi Ministry of Culture that aims to introduce local Saudi cuisine to the world.

Nora Al Dabal

5. Nora Al-Dabal – Director of Artistic and Cultural Programs at the Royal Commission for Governor Al-Ula. Noura believes in the importance of creating cultural centers for creativity and artistic exchange. She has held several art seminars, including the “Desert X” exhibition, which, by bringing her to AlUla, has contributed to the establishment of a cultural dialogue between Saudi artists and other regions.

Nouf Al Mojil

6. Nouf Al Mojel – Strategic Analyst and Executive Director of the Eastern Region Social Responsibility Council. Nouf’s experience lies in the area of ​​business sustainability, which measures social entrepreneurship projects. In addition to her career, Nouf is passionate about social urbanization, innovation and design.

“With the launch of the second cycle of the Vacheron Constantin Mentoring Program, we have the honor to announce our collaboration with Dar Al-Hekma University and six inspirational mentors from Saudi Arabia, Basma Al-Khuraiji, Eamonn Shakur, Aya Al-Bitar, Nouf Al -Majel, Noura Al-Dabal and Shahd Al-Shehail. Mentors (
The Kingdom promises a bright future and has great potential in line with Vacheron Constantin’s aspirations, which aims to empower young women in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 vision.
At Vacheron Constantin, we are fully aware of the importance of passing on skills through successive generations in order to support future leaders. We wish all students a fruitful journey with our mentoring program and look forward to proving their excellence as they achieve their future career aspirations ”- Christophe Ramel, Regional Director of Vacheron Constantin.

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Last year’s achievements

Throughout the six-month educational experience, the trainees explored a range of creative topics and areas in hopes of starting work on their professional projects. Maitha Al Khazraji was instructed by Salama Al Shamsi restaurant to open her own bakery. Maha Saeed worked with Emirati fashion stylist Rafia Hilal Bin Dari to design her local clothing collection. Dana Al Daen was inspired by artist and writer Alia Al Shamsi to display her partial photograph of nature. Hind Al Khoury collaborated with stylist Latifa Al Gurg to create her sports line. Fatima Al Kathiri had the opportunity to develop her marketing and communication skills with the help of jewelry stylist Noura Shawky. Finally, Ghala Abul Lahem needs to apply and develop her interior design skills for corporate events through the day-to-day mentoring of Hala Al Gergawi, CEO and founder of Tea Before Noon. The closing ceremony of the mentoring program was held at the Etihad Museum in Dubai on June 8, 2020.
To encourage the students and congratulate them on their achievements, Her Excellency Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi attended and delivered a warm speech to the six trainees and attendees. The students also revealed their achievements through an exhibition held during the ceremony.

Following the successful completion of the “” Mentoring Program “” one of the few in the UAE, female students are currently beginning their internship with Vacheron Constantin and other roles in the Richemont group.

Learn more about Vacheron Constantin Mentoring Program UAE (

The first cycle of Vacheron Constantin Mentoring Program “One of the few in the UAE began in October 2020. After the success of the program, Aldar announces the holding of the second cycle of the Mentoring Program” One of the few in Saudi Arabia “in May 2022.

Six Saudi girl guides provide guidance for six final year undergraduate students at Dar Al-Hekma University, as they work closely together to teach the set of skills and attributes needed to succeed in a demanding field of work. During the six months of the mentoring program, students develop specific projects and activities to become the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Upon successful completion of the “one of the few” mentoring program, students have the opportunity to complete an internship at Vacheron Constantin or any other Richemont group home.

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