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Beirut The design of the study corner is one of the basic things for designing a child’s bedroom, as it helps him focus on completing homework; So you should not confuse how to design this important part of the room, which offers a lot of space for textbooks and a computer.

This is why parents tend to provide their children with a good atmosphere to study and carry out their daily activities, taking into account a few things, like the appropriate lighting at the top of the office, in addition to being better to have the office. near the window of the room; So that the baby feels refreshed and energetic and does not fall asleep when looking at the bed.

Parents should provide their children with a good environment to study and carry out daily activities (pixels).

Interior designer Tala Thabet confirms that children’s desks are a very important piece of home furniture that we should provide in their rooms, as desks help the child to study well; This makes him sit up properly, so as not to get bored doing homework after a short time, and encourages him to adjust his books, papers, and school supplies, and prepares himself psychologically to focus on his lessons. .

Modern models for all tastes

According to Thabet, there are many designs of children’s tables that are available in different shapes and sizes, which are suitable for all ages, and there are designs that are suitable only for children in the first years of their lives, and some of them are suitable for older children, and are composed of many materials, some of which are metal and others It is made of wood for all tastes.

Study corner for children to encourage them to study
Modern and modern design desk makes the child study with enthusiasm and focus (Shutterstock)

The most important models

First: It comes in the shape of the letter “V” and houses all the baby things and has lots of shelves, also houses a computer and lots of storage space for textbooks, tools and more. Designed to be in the corner of the room, it is a very practical design especially for narrow spaces in rooms.

Second: Simple and cheap, there is a hanging table and a shelf above the table is also suspended. Next to the desk there is a small library to store books. This design helps to focus on the easy completion of lessons and tasks, and the study corner wall can be decorated with a world map or educational board.

Study corner for children to encourage them to study
A design that helps focus on completing lessons and tasks with ease, and the wall can also be decorated (Shutterstock)

the third: This design is very different from traditional offices, as it is a hanging unit without legs, and has a place to place a computer or books for study, and on both sides there are shelves for placing books and school supplies and on top . has a shelf for storing books or placing decorations. It is very simple and does not take up any space in the house or in the children’s room and also gives the house a beautiful look.

the fourth: The desk table with its modern and contemporary design makes the child study with enthusiasm and focus. It is a wall hanging unit that contains a number of shelves for distributing books and school supplies and placing the child’s computer. A lighting unit is placed to protect the child’s eyes and a comfortable chair so that the child does not get bored and tired from study time.

Study corner for children to encourage them to study
Children’s study corner can be made fun and lively with stickers or age-appropriate games (Shutterstock)

Add fun and liveliness

Thabet points out that the room can also be decorated by adding some educational paintings, which contain phrases suitable for the child’s educational stage, while choosing neutral colors of paint for the walls of the children’s room, especially if the room is cramped. For example, you can choose beige; Because it reflects a feeling of warmth, and at the same time gives a feeling of calm.

The right furniture can be added to the room and if the shelf is not available, in the center of the room is placed a circular table, with a column of “stainless steel” in the middle and around it shelves with pictures. of the child and his companions. This table can be designed in a way that is easy to adjust, or raised 2 meters from the floor, to save space.

Thabet shows that every mother can add a fun and lively atmosphere to her children’s rooms with stickers or games according to age, as well as there are many home accessories for study offices and suitable ones can be selected and distributed on the table. The routine can be broken into room decor with brightly colored bedspreads and vibrant patterns, and old pillows can be replaced with other designs, giving the room a refreshing atmosphere.

Double furniture can be used as a bunk bed, in addition to folding tables to save space (pixels).

Numerous solutions require joy

Thabet points out that if there is more than one child in the house in different rows, there are many solutions, e.g. use of double furniture, e.g. a bunk bed. There are types that use a system that can accommodate 3 children, and there are folding tables that allow two or three children to sit, in addition to the possibility of dividing the room into two halves, if space allows.

There are also many ideas for storing books and school supplies in drawers or shelves, which decorate corners and place pens, school supplies, paints and things that disperse quickly.

Light colors should be considered to give joy and happiness and to avoid dark colors, which cause depression and insomnia, or absorb light, and in case it is not possible to renew the paint of the room, “wait and paste ” paper. or colored wallpaper can be used.

Study corner for children to encourage them to study
Children’s desks are an important part of home furniture and we have to offer them in their room (Shutterstock)

In addition to the need to choose “white lighting” that is sufficient for the place, and not to intentionally increase or decrease; Attention to the lighting of the room is very necessary to be appropriate and comfortable for the child and his eyes, and at the same time not to make it semi-dark and dim too much, hence the average lighting suitable for play and study at night. hours.

You can also add some bamboo or straw baskets near the office, to store stationery such as pens, notebooks and books. There is no doubt that it is possible to decorate the office with simple ideas, such as designing vases. small. of cardboard, with colorful flower design and some small luminous branches can be added above the table to reflect a bright look and add some stickers with cartoon characters to the children’s table.

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