The UAE is a regional destination for World Cup fans.

The tourism sector in the UAE is expecting major positive consequences for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, which will start from November 21 to December 18, especially in the tourism, hospitality, retail and aviation sectors in the UAE. United Arab Emirates and will constitute a strong incentive that contributes to increase the country’s attractiveness to tourists and event attendees from around the world.

Specialists said that there are a number of factors that make the UAE benefit more from the organization of the post-Qatar World Cup, represented in the development of tourism infrastructure, the variety of hotel accommodation options, the strength of the airline network that enjoy national carriers. in addition to the elements of security and proximity.

They added that the UAE is a global connection in light of the strong air network it enjoys with most major cities around the world, which contributes to the massive participation in the World Cup and its success, which requires reconsidering the size of the capacity of the seats. between the two countries increasing the number of flights in line with demand volume, noting that the shortage in seat capacity size caused an increase in travel ticket prices between the Emirates and Qatar and that many flights during the World Cup Period it has already become almost complete.

7000 dirhams

According to Vision monitoring, data on flight booking websites showed an unprecedented increase in ticket prices, sometimes reaching more than 4 times during the start of the World Cup season in Qatar, compared to current ticket prices. and the average price of a travel ticket reaches from the Emirates to Doha, to more than 7000 dirhams in some cases, and prices vary according to the volume of demand, which varies from one airline to another and from time to time, even even by a. airport to another.


4 airlines, including 3 UAE airlines, operate: Etihad Airways, Air Arabia and Fly Dubai Flights between their destinations in the UAE and Doha; In addition to Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines services are still suspended in the Qatari capital.

Specialists said that the capture of flights from the Emirates to Qatar reached 100% in specific periods, especially during the period of important matches, which led some people to book indirect flights to reach Doha to ensure the viewing of their favorite matches. , noting that the ticket price index is not He is still on an upward trajectory with the approach of the World Cup, which confirms the importance of increasing the capacity of seats between the Emirates and Qatar during the current period to offer opportunities and opportunities bigger for travelers, which is in the interest. of all parties, be it airline partnerships, passengers or host country.


For his part, the CEO of Serenity Travel, Sherif Al Faram, said that the UAE in general and Dubai in particular will be among the best beneficiaries of the international event in light of the strength of its aviation network, which plays a major role in facilitating the arrival of masses in Qatar via UAE airports and many World Cup visitors will want to visit tourist destinations in the UAE because of its global reputation.

He added that despite the limited seats between the two countries so far, all indications confirm that the number of flights will increase rapidly over the next period to meet the high demand, especially since the increase in the number of flights has positive benefits for the parties. different. .

He noted that the proximity of the distance will encourage visitors to the World Cup to visit the Emirates, especially as many of these visitors come in the form of tourist groups as part of integrated programs related to visiting the most destinations. important tourism in the region. to watch matches.

Large reservations

Mamoun Humaidan, head of trade operations and general manager for the Middle East, North Africa and India at Wego, said there was a significant increase in the percentage of bookings and searches from the UAE and international markets in Qatar during November. in connection with the FIFA World Cup, which is of great importance to the public.

He added that most airlines are working to intensify and increase the number of their direct flights and add indirect flights to take advantage of the growing demand for travel from various global markets in Doha, in order to witness this event. great global.

Early booking

Humaidan explained that there is a large segment of football fans who try to make their reservations early in order to ensure they have vacancies on board the airlines, especially during the time their favorite matches are shown.

He said the average ticket price for travel from the UAE to Qatar currently runs at around 1200 dirhams and these prices are expected to increase as demand increases as we approach the start of the international event in November.

General Manager of Dubai Link Travel and Tourism, Dr. Haitham Al Haj Ali, said that the UAE is a global tourist destination, so the World Cup audience will want to visit it, especially if the flights are offered at reasonable prices and on time. .

He added that the security component, the variety of hotel and entertainment city options and their availability at competitive prices make the UAE an ideal destination for individuals and families, noting that high ticket prices can be a from the challenges if it continues with these levels.

number of trips

For his part, tourism expert Mohammed Assaf said the FIFA World Cup tournament would reflect positively on all countries in the region, including the United Arab Emirates, which is familiar with global tourism, which makes that many international event visitors want to visit the UAE, despite high ticket prices, which is due to the high demand for travel related to World Cup events compared to the size of the seating capacity, and the low number of direct flights between the two countries.

He added that the lack of seats prompted some people to book indirect flights to travel to Doha, especially during important matches, stressing that the increase in new flights and the increase in seat capacity serve all parties, whether airlines or travelers.

The head of Al-Abedy Holding Group, Saeed Al-Abedy, said travel ticket prices depend on the supply-demand equation. Offer is limited to a limited number of Fly Dubai, Etihad Airways and Air Arabia. to Qatar Airways, so it is normal for ticket prices to rise significantly.

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