Tasmeem in Dubai celebrates graphic masterpieces and posters

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Under the slogan “Lines without Borders”, the idea of ​​the exhibition and the “Tasmeem” competition, in the first edition, which will be held next July at the “ICD Brookfield Place” tower in Dubai, raises a number. of questions such as “What kind of poster would you design if you were asked to disregard traditional design requirements?”

And “If you had the freedom to break everything, including traditions, rules, simple practices and practical performance, in order to include creative and emotional touches, would you do that?” Inspired by last year’s highly acclaimed and successful edition, This Is the Message: Four Voices in Contemporary Graphic Art.

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In this context, graphic designer and artistic director, Janan Saleh, confirms that the upcoming exhibition looks forward to the discovery of experimental creative works, whose design methods focus on pushing the boundaries of innovation and inspiration to new heights, using design. as an approach to language organization. and storytelling in new and fun ways. How will you succeed in using unconventional creative methods to explore new spaces in typographic design?

As graffiti art is one of the contemporary arts that has always been unique in its ideas and presenting themes related especially to the artistic taste and cultural identity of those who paint it on the walls, this space is open to all the alphabets of plastic arts, which has made the UAE and Dubai one of its most important spaces with a strong influence on contemporary features.

Regarding the importance of graffiti art and the support of young Emirati talents at all cultural events in the Emirate of Dubai, Jenan explains that this type of contemporary art, in all its expressive forms, represents a future and develops patterns of his based on the depth of the idea and content that tends in many works to adopt the philosophical approach, with both serious and sarcastic sides.

Therefore, all the workshops, open exhibitions and events offered in the Emirate of Dubai aim to enrich the visual and critical taste of the recipient from the street audience and pass on personal experiences and structures to the artists in order to deepen those connections and bring out the highlight talents aspiring to innovation and creativity.

Jenan added: The idea for the Tasmeem exhibition came from the ICD Brookfield Place art program, which aims to support efforts to promote a culture of creativity and innovation in the region.

The selection committee for the works and artists of the exhibition includes a diverse selection of renowned experts and creators who add considerable value to their extensive knowledge, including graphic designer and stylist Wael Morcos, multidisciplinary designer and artist Ali Al-Masry and the curator. , Daniel HR

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Regarding the conditions and criteria set by the competition for participation, Jenan, winner of the “Sheikha Manal Award for Young Artists” in the “Multimedia” category, says: The exhibition welcomes the participation of various artists from the region, including designers, design. creators, typewriters and design students A selection of 12 works of art will be on display during this exhibition, which will be held next July at the ICD Brookfield Place Tower.

The shortlisted artists will receive cash prizes of 1,000 dirhams each, while only one artist will have the opportunity to join the selection committee during the second edition of Tasmeem 2023.

Dialogue and Arts

Janan, who was chosen to be one of the nine members of the first edition of the Jameel Arts Center Youth Gathering Program, indicated that organizing an annual exhibition and competition for graphic art and poster design entitled “Tasmeem” is coming with support. of the company “ICD Brookfield”, where the selection will be selected. Graphic arts function by making an open invitation to all members of the artistic community with the aim of expanding the space of fruitful artistic dialogue.

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Jenan claims that posters have a central place in graphic arts practices, as they are the original source from which advanced forms of prints and graphics prevail today in our visual world. Therefore, this type of art embodies an integrated creative image that reflects the temporal and spatial dimensions that coincided with its production and development.

The value of poster art goes beyond those perceptions and opinions that he considers merely collections from the past, as it is an artistic method that motivates creators to embark on new paths and pushes them to keep pace with the rise of societies. Posters are a means of disseminating information, advertising and advertising, as well as a form of entertainment, and this art provides an experimental space for artists and stylists who are passionate about their creative potential to discover.


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