Lebanese chef Wedad Zarzour: I need peace of mind to invent new dishes

She started cooking, with a lot of passion, preparing recipes for her children at home, and because she did not want to be repeated, and to be on the right track, she studied cooking, although she specializes in business management, to . began preparing new recipes, which is a mixture between what a housewife creates the house and what is innovative, which, if it were alone, would be difficult to apply to humans. Lebanese chef Wedad Zarzour is our guest this week, with all her elegance, and Smalt blended the traditional and innovative in her cooking.

Lebanese Chief Wedad Zarzo

What is the secret of this artistic change in dishes?

I like to give followers a new idea, either by presentation, or by changing some of the content. The important thing is to have an addition that distinguishes Wedad dishes. I like to deviate from the traditional, even with light touches e.g. I can refrain from placing tomatoes on a plate and replace them with pomegranate molasses. But either way, I am moderate in fat addition and can not prepare my calorie rich dishes.

After this merger, from what culture does Wydad’s cuisine become?

Of course I am influenced by the cuisine of the Levant and I like the cuisine of Mediterranean countries, like the Greek one, because they have transmitted many recipes from us and I have talked a lot in my programs about the dishes found in neighboring countries. taken from the Book of Cooking by Ibn Sayyar Al-Warraq 940 AD, which defines the origin of Arabic cooking.

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I do not change the basis of the recipe

Do not face any criticism on social media for this change?

Although there are people by nature who like to criticize, no matter how hard I try, most adore my supplements and encourage me; Because I do not change the basis of the recipe, they are simply additions and improvements for the better, not a distortion.

Remember a funny incident in the kitchen?

As soon as I was preparing a dish on a television program on air and “butane gas” stopped, we had to bring the electric oven from my house, during the break that did not last more than half an hour, and I remember that day. asked the speaker to prolong her meeting a little and despite the presence of suggestions to apologize to the public, but I insisted; Because people will think the liquid is burnt and for me I do not give up easily.

I imagine the dish before I start

You show up in special order, with makeup and clothing, you love that?

I like to organize myself, I have a hobby to buy kitchen aprons, and I have about 30 pieces of them, I buy everything new and I like to style my hair as the followers want to see what is beautiful and elegant in front of them. .

What kitchen appliances do you like to own?

I have an addiction to dishes, serving bowls and spoons; That is to say, everything related to special table sets and cake tins, for example, I buy 20 tins from them and everything related to the kitchen I have a lot of collections.

Do you have any special cooking rituals?

I like to be calm and focused, especially if I am inventing something new and I have no problem having someone with me, getting his opinion and talking about our fantasies about the dish before I finish it.

Who are the chefs who look at their accounts and think you can take advantage of them?

I am very fascinated by the generation of Saudi girls, who were distinguished by impressive cooking, are extremely professional, their dishes are innovative, I congratulate them for their effort; Where can they bring Arab cuisine to the world.

salt problem

Can you tell us some practical mistakes of women in the kitchen?

• They wash the meat, they think that the water cleans it and this is wrong, it should be dried only with napkins, as well as the chicken meat, because its washing is neither advanced nor delayed.
• Boil the meat and discard the boiling water; It means throwing away all the nutritional properties of meat.
Most people chop vegetables, and put them in the fridge for days, although this method reduces the nutritional value and taste of the vegetables. Vegetables should be washed without cutting and then placed in the refrigerator.
• Salt is added to the soup first and when a quarter of the water evaporates, the amount of salt becomes high and I always recommend adding salt to the other; until the stew is balanced.

Head star

I am moderate in fat addition, so my recipes are low in calories

Rotate without complications

The idea of ​​recycling dishes is spreading and new recipes are being created based on it. Do you contribute to this?

It is not a wave, we have grown up in a society where we do not throw away food, today if we eat half a chicken, tomorrow we prepare a fatteh from the rest and the next day we use the meat to prepare rice soup. , or prepare heated chicken rolls, all quickly and without complications.

What are your dreams for the future?

I am thinking of launching a book, but I believe more in the spread of digital media and I do not have confidence in achieving sales and spread of the book, but there is a lot of encouragement to open a restaurant, I have not been ready before. , but now I’m trying to get into this field with my son who got into this field, then maybe he was thrown into the market A book about the foods people wanted in the restaurant.

Charlotte fruit dessert

Charlotte fruit dessert


• 40 Lady Finger cookies
• 1 cup of concentrated fruit juice
• 2 cups peach compote
• A cup of sweetened condensed milk
• Peach pieces for decoration
Precious Ingredients:
• 2 cups cream cheese
• Two cups of whipped cream
• Two cups of powdered sugar
• a tablespoon of vanilla
• acid spraying
• Two tablespoons of icing sugar

How to prepare:

1 Mix the cream ingredients with the sugar and set aside.
2 Beat the cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla, add the cream to the cheese and add the lemon peel.
3 In a deep dish dip your biscuit fingers in the concentrated fruit juice and halve the bottom and sides of the cheesecake mold and add the sweetened condensed milk and top with a layer of cream and chopped peaches. in squares.
4 Add a second layer of Lady Finger, then condensed milk, then fruit and minced cream, decorate the face with peach slices, then place the mold in the fridge for 12 hours.
Preparation time: 40 minutes
Enough for 10 people

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