Khamenei ignores catastrophe of Metropole building collapse and nuclear deal in the wind

At a time when rescue operations are still ongoing in search of possible survivors under the rubble of a collapsed building in the southwestern Iranian city of Abaden, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei met with parliamentarians, who are controlled by the fundamentalists, and praised his performance, considering that calling the parliament “revolutionary” was fair and true on the ground.

Surprisingly, the incident of the collapse of the building disappeared forever from the speech of the guide, without expressing any word of condolence to the families of the victims and the wounded, who numbered more than a hundred dead and wounded.

The release of the case by the guide was reflected in the newspapers published today, Thursday, May 26 (May) and would have almost disappeared if it were not for the attack of the newspaper “Kayhan”, which is close to the guide, on them. who “exploit” the demolition of the Metrobel building in Abadan and attack officials and their inability to save the lives of innocent citizens, preferring over them “civilian dogs” who were used to search for bodies under the rubble.

The newspaper also attacked the famous Iranian football player, Ali Karimi, who posted a photo on his Instagram page of rescue dogs and commented on it, saying: “You are cleaner than many people”, referring to the inaction of officials. and their mismanagement. of building demolition crisis and trapped search under building rubble.

Newspapers were filled with headlines about the guide and other trivial issues compared to the incident of the building collapse, as if higher orders had been issued to newspaper editors stressing the need not to address the issue of the building collapsing, in which senior officials are accused of negligence and sharing of interests with the building’s owner, contractor Hussein Abdul Baqi, who died in the incident, according to Iranian authorities, following an earlier report by the same media that he was arrested by security authorities in Khuzestan province.

Leaving aside the issue of the roadmap and the collapsed building, we find that some newspapers covered the issue of environmental pollution in Iran and some of them called on politicians and decision-makers to find permanent solutions to the crisis by entering into negotiations. with Iran’s neighboring countries.

“Abrar Iqtisadi” newspaper also referred to the statements of Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi on this issue and his promise to solve the problem within a certain period without giving details about the mechanisms for solving the unsolvable problem in Iran for years.

And now we read the details of some other topics in today’s newspapers:

“Sharq”: Iranian street does not believe the story of the murder of the owner of the “Metrobel” building

The Shargh newspaper points out in a report that there are many contradictions regarding the murder or arrest of the owner of the “Metrobel” building, Hussein Abdul-Baqi, and the distrust of the Iranian street in this version approved by the official Iranian media institution. in the Iranian media.

The newspaper adds: “It is natural that people do not believe the truth of the news when the official media announces the arrest of the person, to withdraw a day later to announce his death in the incident”, emphasizing that the return of lost trust . in such events it is very difficult.

The newspaper referred to reports by the Iranian news agency Fars, which also quoted its readers and followers, that most Iranians did not believe the story of the assassination of Hussein Abdel-Baqi and in return considered smuggling for close the file and not to reveal the dimensions and secrets of the event and its background.

Payam Ma: Demands transparency and prosecution of corruption networks in relation to the owner of the Metropol building

On the other hand, the newspaper “Payam Ma” showed the belief of a large segment of Iranians that the news of the Iranian Radio and Television Corporation is not credible, including the case of the murder of the owner of the “Metrobel” building, Hussein Abdul. -Baqi, conveying parts of the letter of the representative of the city “Abaden” Jalil Mukhtar addressed to the President of the Republic, which sought to contain transparency and clarity on the topic of the collapsed building, and the owner’s relations with other institutions. may be among the negligent in the accident.

The parliamentarian in his letter, according to the newspaper, also referred to the internet outage in the city of “Abaden” and its frequent outages and stressed that doing so during this crisis increases people’s anger and psychological pressure on them.
The parliamentarian also called for declaring public mourning in Iran in general and not only in the province, in addition to holding public trials of corruption networks in connection with the incident to restore the lost trust of the people.

Etimad: Biden’s decision to keep Revolutionary Guard on terrorist list will make it difficult to return to nuclear deal

“Etimad” newspaper commented on the news of the White House announcement about the recent decision of the American president to keep the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the list of terrorist organizations and stressed that this decision will have its effects in the Vienna negotiations, as it will make it difficult to revive the nuclear deal.

The paper also referred to the efforts of the Western parties to hold Iran responsible for the failure of the nuclear deal, including side issues in the nuclear negotiations, which were ready to achieve positive results, if not the issue of the Revolutionary Guard. entering the line of points of contention between Tehran and Washington.

It is worth noting that the American newspaper, Politco, quoted informed sources that US President Joe Biden had taken the decision to keep the Iranian Revolutionary Guard on the terrorist list.

A source familiar with the matter explained that Biden announced his decision to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, during a recent phone call between them, adding that the decision was considered final and that the window for Iranian concessions was closed.

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