Gold-plated foods and beverages in the UAE

Visitors and residents of the UAE have the opportunity to pamper themselves by enjoying delicious dishes and the best drinks decorated with 24 carat pure gold flakes, which helps them regain their energy and strength..

“Vision” monitored the most prominent dishes that visitors can enjoy and the drinks that will excite and excite their taste buds, so that this experience remains stuck in their minds..

Golden food menus include coffee drinks, cakes and ice cream with camel’s milk decorated with gold dust, beef burgers or camels covered with special gold leaf, in addition to delicious “steak” dishes and fish that reflect the splendor of gold, prices which range from 50 to 3700 dirhams..

Among the unique dishes decorated with gold in Abu Dhabi, the camel meat hamburger decorated with 24 carat gold flakes, served by the French restaurant known as “Le Café” in the Emirates Palace and visitors of the “palace” have the opportunity to taste. drinking the legendary “cappuccino” coffee covered with golden flakes..

The menu of luxury dishes that visitors to the Emirates Palace can give to themselves or their loved ones includes a cake of milk and pistachios decorated with rose petals and gold dust, as well as a cake of chocolate and salted caramel decorated with gold. 23 carats..

Visitors to Abu Dhabi can enjoy eating ice cream covered in gold dust, which is prepared from camel milk, which reflects the authentic heritage of the Emirates..

Danat Al Dunya

For its part, Dubai “Dana Al Dunya” expects many high-end destinations for those with good taste, which gives them the experience of eating gold, whether with dishes or drinks like coffee or cakes like ice cream, prepared from the best. ingredients that have been imported especially from some countries like Italy, Iran, France and others..

Dishes and beverages containing paper or gold water with carats from 20 to 24 carats have been present in Dubai restaurants and cafes for more than 7 years and are receiving an extraordinary turnout from citizens, residents but also tourists..

Gold ice cream

We list for you the top 5 restaurants and cafes offering food and beverages containing edible gold, led by Scooby Cafe. Scoopi Cafe One of its branches is located on Jumeirah Road and another branch in the Ras Al Khaimah Emirates and is famous for offering edible ice cream with gold charcoal, the price of which reaches 100 dirhams, in addition to a cup of coffee mixed with gold, the price of which. amounts to 45 dirhams.

The cafe also offers a type of ice cream, said to be the most expensive in the world, made from the finest Iranian saffron and Italian black truffle, to which is added fresh vanilla from Madagascar, mixed with 24 carat gold and priced at piece is 2999 AED.

The most expensive cupcake

As for the Bloomsbury store, which has one of its branches in The Dubai Mall, and the other is in the Al Wahda mall in Abu Dhabi, it is famous for producing the most expensive cake in the world called “Golden Phoenix”.The Golden PhoenixThe value of each is 1223 US dollars, equivalent to 3700 UAE dirhams, because it is made using the best and most expensive ingredients, including organic strawberries, Italian cocoa and 23 carat gold edible powder, and is also lined with 23 carat edible gold. , during serving This cupcake on a dessert stand is made of 24 carat gold.

French toast with gold

And for French toast lovers, Hampstead Bakery and Cafe on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in the downtown area offers a gold-plated French toast, made from a blend of vanilla and saffron blend and finally covered with a 24 carat gold leaf. Serve sideways with white chocolate sauce, strawberries and berries.

cappuccino gold

For coffee lovers, but with a refined taste, you can drink a cup of cappuccino coffee decorated with 24 carat gold, offered by the luxury lobby Sahn Al Dar in Burj Al Arab, famous for its luxurious color-dominated decorations royal as dark. red and blue velvet.

The cappuccino is prepared using arabic coffee beans with a rich blend of 24 carat gold and served in a luxurious golden cup with a piece of chocolate marshmallow also decorated with gold flakes. Great for a cup of cappuccino.

gold-plated fish

In terms of dishes and seafood lovers in particular, the Doors Free Grill restaurant in Dubai, which combines Chinese and Turkish cuisine, is famous for serving a plate of “Sebas” fish covered with 23 carat edible gold leaves. , as the value of the dish reaches. about $ 230..

sushi ari

Speaking of fish, but with the traditional Asian style of sushi and bento, Sumo Sushi & Bento offers new levels of luxury and launched the first golden sushi box in the UAE. The box consists of 48 pieces of sushi rolls, with 6 pieces of sushi rolls wrapped in edible gold 22 carats, the value of the box reaches 500 dirhams..

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