flydubai increases its staff by 25% to keep pace with expansions

  • 10 new destinations by the end of next June
  • 1500 weekly flights for the company with travel demand activity
  • 18 new aircraft are awaiting delivery from flydubai by the end of 2022
  • A global recruitment campaign … and the appointment of 800 employees since the beginning of the year

Flydubai is currently launching a global recruitment campaign to increase its workforce, in line with the company’s expansion plans, at a time when the number of its staff has grown by 25% since the beginning of the year, appointing more than 800 employees . to the CEO of the airline, Ghaith Al Ghaith.

Al Ghaith explained that flydubai, with its global reputation, was able to attract many competencies and qualified human skills capable of implementing the company strategy during the next phase.

He said in an interview with “The Vision” that flydubai continues to expand its flight network, as the number of new destinations will reach about 10 destinations by the end of next June, including summer destinations, which will increase the total number of flydubai stations to around 100 stations worldwide.

How do you rate the company’s performance over the past year? What are your expectations for performance by the end of this year?

Flydubai has achieved excellent results during the first quarter of the year for Gary and this performance is expected to continue during the current year with the gradual easing of travel restrictions.

During the first quarter, flydubai carried 2.35 million passengers, an increase of 114% compared to the same period of 2021. Its tourist attraction, which helped the airline resume flights to its traditional destinations and open new destinations .

This year, flydubai resumed its flights to Yanbu, Saudi Arabia and added Al-Ula last February. It also launched flights to Ankara and Istanbul and Sabiha Airports in Turkey, and announced the launch of flights to a number of new destinations, including Pisa in Italy and Izmir in Turkey. From this summer.

What about recruitment plans? How many employees have been appointed to the company since the beginning of this year?

The proactive steps taken by the company at the beginning of the pandemic enabled it to retain most of its employees, which ensured great flexibility in the smooth flow and rapid recovery of its commercial operations by beginning to ease the restrictions of travel through the network. of the carrier. and the company introduced various voluntary vacation plans that were well received by its employees, as it chose to have more than 90% of employees return to “Fly Dubai” upon completion of the vacation.

Since the beginning of the year, flydubai has received 4 new aircraft, and its Boeing 737 fleet has grown to 63 aircraft and the carrier is expected to receive 18 new aircraft by the end of this year.

To support the growth trajectory, flydubai is currently conducting a recruitment campaign to add more qualified talent to its workforce, including pilots, cabin crew and others. Since the beginning of the year, the company has increased its workforce by 25% employing more than 800 employees and the recruitment boost will continue throughout the year.

Given that flydubai has a global reputation, it has been able to attract many qualified human competencies and skills and has the interest and large number of applicants who chose the airline as a preferred work environment.

What are the key features of your expansion plan for the current year? How many destinations does flydubai reach?

By the end of next June, the number of new destinations that will join flydubai’s network of destinations will reach 10, which will contribute to the increase of the total airline destinations to 100 stations worldwide, in addition to increasing its flights to several destinations to accommodate increased travel demand.

The open-air destinations are very popular among passengers, including seasonal stations that will start flights to it in June, such as Santorini and Mykonos in Greece, Trabzon and Bodrum in Turkey, in addition to Ljubljana destinations in Slovenia and Salzburg in Austria. , Ankara in Turkey and Pisa in Italy.

Thanks to the high airline flexibility and the constant delivery of new aircraft, flydubai continues to offer more travel options, as the capacity of the seats has increased in the destinations Budapest, Maldives and Zanzibar.

How do current fuel prices affect the tanker?

Fuel prices affect the entire industry, and they are a double-edged sword in the sense that high prices can stimulate many economic sectors, and thus increase travel demand, but significant growth will inevitably affect all, and we hope for price stability. that will improve the recovery of the aviation industry.

To what extent has flydubai managed to overcome the consequences of Covid-19? And when can we reach 2019 levels?

We managed to overcome the consequences of the Corona pandemic and this was reflected in its financial results over the past year as well as in the performance of the first quarter of this year.

In terms of destinations, we have surpassed pre-pandemic levels and today serve around 100 destinations in 50 countries around the world, including seasonal summer destinations.

The airline continues to achieve a growing number of passengers, which more than doubled during the first quarter compared to the same period of the last two years, thanks to the high level of readiness and flexibility, and the airline continues to receive new aircraft. , which will contribute to increasing its ability to absorb the significant increase in expected demand.To travel during the summer.

What is the average occupancy of airline seats during the current period and what are your expectations for summer occupancy?

We are expecting an extraordinary summer this year and there is a great demand for trips to different destinations.During the first quarter of the year we performed more than 19,000 flights and look forward to continuing the momentum over the next period, with a pace of up to 1500 flights per week.

How many planes will the company take by the end of this year? Are you facing difficulties in financing new aircraft?

Since the beginning of the year, flydubai has received 4 new aircraft, while by the end of this year it is expected to receive another 18 aircraft. The airline does not face any problems in finding financing for its new aircraft and has suitable liquidity and options in the market at reasonable prices.

The carrier adopts various financing mechanisms, including traditional bank financing, sukuk or bonds, in addition to the lease option.

He has great confidence in flydubai and when he seeks financing, he finds a great desire and wide financing opportunities thanks to the trust he enjoys in global markets.

What are the consequences of the Ukrainian-Russian war on the company’s performance so far?

The company suspended flights to Ukraine, except Minsk in Belarus and to two destinations in Russia, and we hope that the situation will stabilize and the flights will return there in order to serve the passengers.

How do you see the competitive atmosphere between low-cost airlines in the UAE and the Arab region, and does this competition depend solely on prices?

Of course, competition is not limited to prices, but also includes services and destinations, whether in economic or commercial aviation, and competition is natural and healthy for industry and the consumer, and is in the interest of all parties.

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