UAE signs global strategic partnership agreement with Davos

The Government of the United Arab Emirates and the World Economic Forum known as the “Davos Forum” announced the signing of a lasting global strategic partnership agreement.

The agreement inaugurates a new phase of fruitful bilateral cooperation between the two parties over the last two decades.

The agreement aims to increase exploration of future opportunities and consolidate integration and cooperation in supporting global efforts to achieve goals and develop comprehensive plans and strategies for the future.

The launch of the Sustainable Global Strategic Partnership between the UAE government and the forum came at a high-level meeting held by Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, with Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and President of the World Economic Forum , as part of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland, from 22 to 26 May 2022, with the participation of more than two thousand government officials, decision makers, thinkers, scientists and elite leaders of the private and academic sector . , who come together to formulate new visions and ideas that increase the willingness of governments and the private sector.

The global partnership between the UAE government and the World Economic Forum includes various forms of cooperation, partnerships, initiatives and programs between the two parties, and aims to support the UAE national strategies and achieve future visions in various fields, in addition to support. achieving the goals of the World Economic Forum, utilizing innovation, technology, artificial intelligence, and the tools and solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in various vital areas.

An advanced model for the future

Mohammed Al Gergawi stressed that the UAE, with the visions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, is consolidating its global position as a center for positive change in the future and that the new partnership agreement aims to embody the directives of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform the UAE A laboratory for future government practices and a platform for pioneering partnerships that stimulate future readiness.

The Cabinet Minister said that the UAE government is inclined to develop new working models that support governments’ readiness for the future and contribute to improving the lives of societies, focusing on the foundations of proactive strategic thinking. comprehensive plans and renewable systems. to design and develop future policies in line with world development, increasing their participation.Its advanced model in forecasting and preparing for the future, as well as increasing government flexibility and preparedness.

He added that the strategic global partnership agreement between the UAE government and the World Economic Forum reflects the UAE’s ongoing commitment to promoting inclusive development and achieving its goals by inspiring and supporting world governments, enhancing their current capabilities and developing them to provide preparation to deal with future challenges and the formation of an integrated system of opportunities. .

A partnership that responds to the most important challenges

For his part, Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and President of the World Economic Forum, praised the joint work between the UAE and the forum, which is in the interest of strengthening the global ability to meet challenges at various levels. relying on technology and innovation.

Schwab said: “The UAE has a unique vision on the innovation it shares with the world for the good of humanity. The World Economic Forum is proud of the many partnerships that unite us with the goal of pushing the public and private sectors to work for “Respond to global food security issues, increase climate resilience and innovate in responsible trade and technology, issues that are at the forefront today in the challenges facing the world.”

4 main axes of cooperation and integration

The Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between the UAE Government and the World Economic Forum aims to support and enhance cooperation and integration through four main axes: Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, increase cooperation between government and the private sector, and support the participation of ministers and officials. government officials. from the UAE to meetings, events and happenings organized by the World Economic Forum at regional and global level, in addition to launching an extraordinary summit aimed at focusing on future opportunities and setting challenges to prepare for them.

The first axis focuses on extending the work of the Center of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the UAE, for a period of three years. The center plays a strategic role in shaping and strengthening the future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as strategies and plans accompanying national. , and mechanisms for achieving them, through partnerships between the public and private sectors.

The Center, which is part of the Forum’s global network of Fourth Industrial Revolution Centers, will work on developing development policies and development and collaboration frameworks that accelerate the benefits of science and technology opportunities and increase knowledge sharing. . , science and data locally, regionally and globally that contribute to accelerating development, taking advantage of blockchain technology, digital assets and artificial intelligence, in addition to the sustainability of blockchain technology.

Explore opportunities in vital sectors

The axis of strengthening partnerships between the public and private sectors includes launching several initiatives and signing agreements to support the efforts of the UAE government and the World Economic Forum and to increase their cooperation in finding solutions to key challenges at the levels social and economic, and exploring future opportunities in vital sectors.

This axis includes launching the Food Innovation Centers initiative that focuses on introducing country-led food system innovations, with the aim of influencing local communities and increasing the use of global best practices, experiences and expertise for form features. of initiatives that develop the work of innovation centers, in order to ensure the strengthening of the global position of the UAE.A center for food innovation and world-class practices.

It also includes extending the Circular Economy 360 Acceleration initiative over a two-year period, making the UAE the first country to support the initiative globally, to be a global hub and an open laboratory for innovation. economic and technological. , and a leading model in sustainable development and aims to use the techniques of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to create a qualified environment and infrastructure. Sustainable infrastructure to support the growth of vital sectors.

In this context, the UAE government, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, will launch the global network of international accelerators and the global cooperative village will open in partnership with global organizations, governments, the private sector and community institutions about Finding of solutions to the urgent challenges facing the world, shaping the features of new sectors and setting a new vision for the regional and global agenda.

Increasing the UAE global presence

The third axis includes increasing the participation of UAE ministers and government officials in key events and events organized by the World Economic Forum, where the forum will work in partnership with the UAE government to increase their participation and global presence and share best practices, expertise and distinguished practices.

Participation will focus on global events, conferences and sessions organized by the World Economic Forum at regional and global level, and will include the annual meeting of the High Economic Forum, in addition to the Summit on the Impact of Sustainable Development held by the Forum and conferences. other global.

The fourth axis focuses on accepting the organization of an extraordinary summit that focuses on future challenges, preparing for these global changes by identifying the most important global trends and developing extraordinary solutions, initiatives and programs that contribute to creating change. positive, as the summit expects more than 500 elite government officials and sector leaders, the private sector, experts and specialists from around the world to share these trends in vital sectors.

Annual meetings of global future councils

The UAE government also signed a strategic partnership agreement focusing on organizing the annual meetings of the global future councils, in partnership with the World Economic Forum, over the next two years, so that these meetings can host more than 300 government officials and elite thinkers. , experts and specialists to discuss new trends and future changes in the top 20 tips.

The agreement represents an extension of the strong relationship between the UAE government and the Forum, which spans more than two decades and has attracted over 14 years more than 12,000 overseers from 100 countries, and more than 900 councils were held as part of each year. global future council meetings, the first session of which was held in 2008 under the name of global agenda councils.

International councils of the future contribute to strengthening the position of the UAE as a center of knowledge, bringing together in its land the elite of Arab minds and thinkers in order to develop a new vision for the future, the creation of the future, increasing opportunities for generations and enabling them to face various challenges and find successful solutions to them, the most recent of which were the annual meetings in 2020 that attracted more From 1000 experts and specialists in 31 sectors from more than 80 countries to contribute to the development of a joint global effort in the 40 global councils.

It is worth noting that the UAE participates with a high-level delegation in the activities of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, which includes a number of ministers and officials in the federal government and senior officials of the government of Abu Dhabi and the Government of Dubai, while 7 ministers in the UAE government speak at key sessions covering the most vital sectors of the future.

The forum focuses on 6 main axes, including restoring global order and regional cooperation, ensuring economic recovery and envisioning a new era of growth, building healthy and equitable societies, protecting climate and food and nature resources, and leading of industrial transformation and exploiting the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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