Terrorism “with all its identities” remains and spreads in Europe

A Belgian friend of Levantine descent, who is close to me and my family, calls me today to tell me panic and panic about the real terror his eleven-year-old daughter has been subjected to by her peers in her school class which she is studying.

The story is simple, (and it’s a scary simplicity that no one pays attention to, and it’s even more horrible), that his small and innocent child has joined a “WhatsApp” group that gathers kids in its class and the group bears the name of the class and division, just like that, and four students from Muslim families decide to change the name. the rest of the group’s children who preferred that silence and much surprise, my friend’s daughter (who is from a non-Muslim family), objected to this behavior, asking her reasons, to get a torrent of painful insults which escalated with conversations between her and the four alone (and the rest were silent reading and watching in awe), to the point that they threatened her with severe beatings and described her as an infidel deserving of punishment!

My friend, who was brave in dealing with him and did not remain silent and exercised his duty as a conscious parent of the responsibility to protect his daughter from the horror he had been subjected to, so he went to school threatening to ‘addressed the authorities, the school in turn expressed its indignation and my friend agreed – reluctantly – to accept the apology of the young students, along with the forgiveness of the children’s parents. who practiced terrorism ”and handed him over to the school only by telephone.

My friend, who has a very balanced mind, told me that he had put an end to his daughter’s terror, but it was his horror that started from a bleak future that he began to touch in his diaspora, in her who barely socially and economically integrated, and began to think with his wife about a new emigration to a new European country! He told me that he accepted the children’s pardon, but was concerned if their pardon was sincere and actually carried a sense of remorse, eliminating the extremist exclusionary ideas that had been ingrained in them.

What happened here is terrorism in itself. Terrorism is not just bombs, explosions and bloodshed, but it is enough to achieve a state of fear and terror to establish the pillars of the terrorist operation. And the exceptions are precisely the cradles of terror that will come . in Europe and we must not forget that most of the terrorist operations that Europe suffered, especially Belgium and France, were from the second and third generation of families who emigrated, which means that they were born and raised in their European emigrants !

This incident, in its simplicity, summarizes dozens of stories I have personally experienced on the issue of integration between Arab-Muslim communities in Europe, and hundreds of stories that all live in Europe in general. Next “and the existence of faith is the extension of the unwavering assurance of many Muslims that humanity is divided into two parts, the Muslims that God has chosen from the rest of humanity and the rest of humanity !!

In most Western European countries, there are laws and regulations to accept immigrants from immigrants, regardless of their ethnic or religious background, and one of these legal requirements is joining the new country social integration programs, which are free programs . that these countries also spend and are supported by the European Union, and are generally summarized in periodic lectures that take into account It’s time for the new immigrant and is presented in the language of this young immigrant, in which full rights and duties are explained trust, with the explanation of the political, social and economic environment of this new country, seek adjacent residential communities that form their neighborhoods, where they can multiply and after years (like the years we live. now) they begin to try to impose the laws of their “legitimate” in countries that accepted them unconditionally.

The problem of European integration is not only a problem of immigrants drowning in the idea of ​​”sanctity”, but it is also the responsibility of countries that “sanctified” the law a lot, so the letter or document became more important than the idea or value.

The equation is not run without the balance of its two sides. from care in accepting newcomers to it, a mood ruled by suspicion and a long legacy of deposits of the decade of supremacy, which we thought had begun to recede and that its existence would remain limited to the rights of limited – the pockets of the wings, but also the chauvinist and exclusionary European right began to grow, grow and expand and its presence became visible, even legitimate, through the parties that represent it and succeed in the ballot boxes and perhaps what we witnessed from the moral scenes. and the ethical decline in the background of the war The Russians in Ukraine and the reception of refugees from Ukraine, gives terrible features to the beginnings of the collapse of the system of human values ​​that Europe built with difficulty after the two world wars. costs a lot all the peoples of Europe.

European law is not entirely religious and is not based on the idea of ​​the religious saint excluding the other. Her danger is that she is chauvinistic, nationalist, fanatical and grows and thrives on hatred that is fuel. of the next party with all its heavy religious heritage, believing with certainty that it is the descendant of God on earth and divides the planet into a dwelling of infidelity. tuned to the extent of his convictions.

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