It is found in every kitchen and we eat it every day … This kind of vegetable will shock you!

Many of the vegetables we eat can have a dark side, when you eat them excessively, to moderation and balance when you eat some vegetables or fruits, and in this article we will tell you about the side effects and damage that can to have the option despite the benefits.

Side effects when eating too much cucumber, as stated on the “stylecraze” website:

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1- Excess fluid loss:

Cucumber seeds are a source of curcumin, an ingredient known to have innate diuretic properties and when taken in large quantities, these diuretic ingredients cause excessive secretion of fluids from the body, causing you to become severely dehydrated.

2- Side effects of excess vitamin C:

Vitamin C is an immune-boosting ingredient that plays a key role in preventing and controlling various health conditions, including the flu, and is a powerful antioxidant. It acts as a prooxidant against its antioxidant nature, which in turn leads to the growth and spread of free radicals, so you will be more prone to cancer, acne and premature aging.

3- Harmful to the renal system:

Hyperkalemia is a medical condition that arises due to a high level of potassium in the body, and initially leads to bloating, abdominal pain and intestinal gas, and the condition worsens over time, impeding the effective functioning of the kidneys, which since on the other hand puts the Kidney System at risk of damage.

4- It hurts the heart:

Cucumber contains more than 90% water and the more you eat it, it puts pressure on the blood vessels and heart, and thus the heart and blood vessels will be exposed to unwanted damage. It causes cell leakage and this will lead to frequent headaches and obstruction of breathing.

5- Flatulence:

Cucumber contains an ingredient called cucurbitacin, and this element leads to indigestion in some people, especially if they have a sensitive digestive system, and causes bloating, which your body is trying to get rid of in the form of shortness of breath and gas, so is. recommended to limit excessive consumption of cucumber.

6- Sensitivity of the mouth and skin:

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology’s study of allergic reactions to cucumber in humans suggests that people who are allergic to pollen, watermelon, chamomile tea, bananas and sunflower seeds may also experience allergic reactions to these skin-eating allergies. green.

7. Sinusitis can cause:

If you suffer from sinusitis or any kind of chronic respiratory disease, it is recommended to stay away from eating cucumbers.

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