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SHENZHEN, CHINA – Wednesday 25 May 2022 [ ايتوس واير ]

(BUSINESS WIRE): Today FILM announced (I suffer), the leading brand of electronic smoking technology belonging to the company “Samour” (SMOORE), for winning four Red Dot awards in the 2022 Product Design category for innovative electronic evaporators, including Film Air (FEELM AirThe world’s thinnest solution for e-cigarette capsules with ceramic coils, eco-friendly disposable e-cigarettes without nicotine, anti-dust and hygienic e-cigarettes. These award-winning atomic products demonstrate the innovative capabilities of industry-leading products through innovative product ideas and innovative design. Our award-winning electronic fumigators demonstrate FILM® capabilities.I suffer) in creating industry-leading products thanks to innovative product ideas and innovative design.

For example, it is famous for Film Air “FEELM AirThe world’s thinnest solution for ceramic coil electronic cigarette capsules. As a modern solution for cigarette capsules, FILMI suffer), to Film Air “FEELM Air) is 25 percent thinner than the previous generation, measuring only 7.8 millimeters. Cigarette “Film Air” (FEELM Air) looks nicer and more sophisticated, while maintaining the same e-liquid volume and battery capacity. and invented the “Movie” (I sufferThe flat mouth of this ultra thin product offers a more comfortable sensation in the mouth.

Film Air cigarettes are produced and distinguished.FEELM Air) using the combined cold forming technology which is widely used in automotive engineering, to create the shape of a seamless product with high strength and high precision. Thanks to the ultra-slim body and smooth curved surface, the ergonomic design allows smokers to easily hold the device.

Speaking of the user experience, the breathing light offers an exciting human-device interaction, as the device turns on when inhaled and then turns off. Meanwhile, the industry’s smallest linear actuator offers an unprecedented shock wave modality, giving users a micro-vibration feel and an interactive evaporation experience that resonates with each bounce.

Cigarette “Film Air” (FEELM Air), which premiered at the FILM event.I suffer) to launch new technology, with seven major qualitative innovations in the electronic smoking experience, such as damage reduction, taste reproduction and leak-resistant performance. In this context, Frank Hahn, President of the Film, said:I suffer) and the Vice President of “Samour” (SMOORE) At the Samour Financial Results Conference)SMOORE(For 2021: “We will launch Film Air”)FEELM AirComing soon to foreign markets. Adopting a differentiated strategy, FILM (I sufferThis ultra-thin evaporating solution, stands out from the crowd and attracts customers with a simple design.

In addition to the above, “Film” embodiesI suffer) its environmental awareness by introducing environmentally friendly, non-nicotine disposable electronic cigarette. Unlike traditional single-use electronic cigarettes made of plastic, the outer shell of the product is made of recyclable and reusable aluminum foil, which is more like an aluminum foil bag and is used in itself as a packaging bag, which restricts packaging materials. The film designers were inspired by:I sufferThe design of this product is aluminum foil bag for everyday use. The special packaging and compact size offer a soft and comfortable grip that facilitates the removal of the wrapper and the use of the product. As an environmentally friendly product, it is also nicotine free and can keep your mouth smelling fresh.

Regarding the product “Film”,I sufferNext to the award-winning e-cigarette is the healthy anti-dust one, which features a twisted nozzle to prevent dust from accumulating in the throat. And users may have a nozzle inside the device to avoid contact with anything unclean, given the increased attention to personal hygiene during the Covid-19 pandemic. The product concept originates from lipstick, which makes it easy to use. As the leading manufacturer of single-use electronic cigarettes, this product laid the foundation for the Filament product line.I suffer) futuristic characterized by purity.

Totom Low, Filem’s Design Team Manager, said:I suffer): ‘will launch’ movie ‘(I sufferAn innovative range of disposable electronic cigarettes with hygienic design and dustproof sound this summer to give users a healthy evaporation experience. We also plan to introduce disposable e-cigarettes, environmentally friendly, made from environmentally friendly materials in the near future to reduce the environmental impact and carbon emissions of ‘Film’ products.I suffer) “.

Since 2020, disposable e-cigarettes have grown in popularity as one of the emerging product categories for e-cigarette smoking. By March 2022, the market for single-use e-cigarettes is worth $ 2.287 billion.

In February 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned electronic cigarettes with flavors other than tobacco and menthol, in an effort to curb the spread of steam among young people. However, the taste ban does not apply to single-use electronic cigarettes. This gap led to the proliferation of electronic cigarettes, which are available in a variety of sweet and fruity flavors.

The popularity of single-use e-cigarettes raises concerns about youth smoking and the environmental impact of single-use e-cigarettes. Most single-use electronic cigarettes, including rods, are made of plastic and use lithium batteries, materials that are difficult to recycle.

As part of its commitment to design sustainable products, the FILM design team (I suffer) to replace traditional plastics with biodegradable materials such as sugar cane waste paper. The company is also studying the use of highly reusable materials such as aluminum in electronic cigarettes. The design team at FILM is on the lookoutI suffer) to facilitate the disassembly of used batteries, which encourages the recycling of single-use electronic cigarettes.

Totom Low added, “The film understands (I suffer) that most of today’s disposable electronic cigarettes are very similar in design and appearance, and that they attract consumers with a variety of flavors. The two award-winning products show the development guide for single-use e-cigarettes ‘Film’ (I suffer). ‘Movie’ will work (I suffer) to create more innovative and environmentally friendly products. For example, the company developed nicotine-free electronic cigarettes to meet the requirements to reduce smoking harm.

As the driving force for product innovation in FILM,I suffer), includes the design team at FILM (I suffer) combines the beauty of design and advanced electronic smoking technologies to give customers and consumers a unique product experience. The design team at FILM includes:I sufferFounded in 2018, the talented designers have experience in designing products in a range of sectors, including digital art, consumer electronics and smart home. With members’s multicultural backgrounds and industry experience, the FILM design team is dedicatedI sufferEfforts to study, identify and anticipate customer needs.

FILM products will be approved (I suffer) more advanced future algorithms to enable intelligent heating and temperature control, enabling it to be compatible with various e-liquids to improve flavor reproduction and improve damage reduction performance.

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