Farnek emphasizes the importance of environmental, social and corporate governance in sustainable procurement for the hospitality sector at Hotel Show 2022

Nadia Ibrahim, Associate Director of Sustainability at Farnek, joined a panel discussion on procurement practices in line with ESG.

Dubai, UAE: Nadia Ibrahim, Associate Director of Sustainability at Farnek, confirmed the company’s credentials for managing smart and green objects when it took to the stage during the opening day of the Hotel Show 2022, which is taking place at the Center World Trade in Dubai. until May 26th.

Ibrahimi stressed the importance of environment, social and governance in procurement as part of the session that highlighted sustainable procurement and procurement in line with environmental, social and corporate governance, and stressed the importance of responsible resources and stressed the importance of the tourism and hospitality sector. . , which adopts a strategy to achieve zero net emissions as an operating model My future is to create a positive impact on climate change and meet the environmental requirements of various actors, including customers, and to this end Farnek will organize a webinar next June in collaboration with the Swiss Business Council, during which it will outline how to achieve zero net emissions in the hospitality industry.

Ibrahim said: “We work with many clients and manage more than 2,000 suppliers, so ESG is an integral part of our company values ​​as we ensure that we purchase products and services responsibly on behalf of our clients, suppliers and employees. recognizing and rewarding those who are committed, environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

Other distinguished panel members include representatives of companies: Accor, Curtin Hospitality, Premier Inn Middle East and AESG Consulting.

The discussion session highlighted how companies are now more accountable for their resources and how ESG has become a key component of every department within the hospitality sector. So everyone agreed that there is still a lot of work to be done in this sector.

Farnek recently unveiled a roadmap to achieving zero emissions by 2050, in line with the UAE strategic initiative announced in October last year, where Farnek advisers have already set a goal and limits to measure carbon footprint accuracy.

Farnek also deals with building performance, which includes energy and water consumption, employee travel, logistics, purchased goods and services, and waste disposal with a focus on recycling, renewable energy, and other low-carbon alternatives.

Farnek carbon emissions will be calculated using software developed by Climate Partner, an international provider of climate action solutions for businesses based in Munich, Germany.

Ibrahim added: “Transparency, measuring progress and making adjustments will be critical to the success of achieving our zero-emission ambitions and we are very confident that within the next five years we will reduce our electricity, water consumption , coolers and fuels. by 30%, we reduce our waste by 10% and reduce emissions related to goods and services purchased by 5%.

Farnek’s goal in 2031 is to reduce its emissions in these categories by up to 50%, and by 2048 its carbon footprint will be reduced by up to 90% overall.

Farnek is also the Middle East ‘s preferred partner for Green Globe certification, a global system for assessing sustainability levels based on internationally accepted standards for the operation and sustainable management of the travel and tourism business. Farnek has also developed an online online solution called Optimizer, which can perform and evaluate comprehensive energy, water and waste audits for building owners and managers.

In terms of achieving the concept of sustainability, it is not far from Farnek’s goals in the market and FlexiGest is no exception, as the application can estimate the carbon emissions generated by each guest during his stay and provide a cost if the guest wants to offset their carbon emissions.Farnek as a market leader and award winning company that supports the achievement of the concept of long-term sustainability.In 2007 Farnek was awarded the Emirates Energy Award for its innovative research project measuring the consumption of energy and water in Dubai five star hotels with similar features in Europe.

Farnek’s Digital Hi-Tech Solution that is able to integrate with building management systems and is fully equipped to identify, design, distribute and finance energy reduction to and on behalf of building owners, resulting in buildings with more cost effective and a cleaner environment. be exposed.

You can visit the Farnek booth located in room no. 1 of Hotel Show 2022 in Dubai.

For more information, please visit the website: www.farnek.com

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Farnek is a leading provider of integrated facility management, intelligent technology solutions and sustainability in the UAE, and is a Swiss limited liability company established in 1980 in the UAE.

The company stands out for its outstanding management team that operates according to a solid professional approach and the number of its employees today exceeds 8000 employees and offers its distinguished services in the management of facilities in several sectors including aviation, hotel, banking, sales retail, shopping. shopping malls, telecoms, residential, commercial, infrastructure and government education and recreation sectors.

For more information, please visit the website: www.farnek.com

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