Egypt in international newspapers Egyptian tourism is among the best in the world and international support ahead of COP27

This morning, Wednesday, the international media highlighted tourism in Egypt, which had most of the newspapers’ concerns about Egypt, especially after the lifting of the Corona virus restrictions and the return of international air traffic as it was, so for Egypt to become one. of the best worldwide and Africa for summer holidays.

International media also highlighted the International Finance Corporation’s initiatives to support Egypt’s plans for green energy and a cleaner environment ahead of the launch of the COP27 climate summit in Sharm El-Sheikh next November.

African Report: Egypt is one of the best tourist destinations

The South African website, iWitness News, confirmed that those wishing to spend the summer holidays, whether on the African continent or abroad, can find their destination on the brown continent if they do not want to travel too long, especially those live. on the African continent, they should take advantage of this, living on one of the most multicultural continents in the world.

He added that the most prominent tourist destination on the continent is Egypt, known for its great pyramids and the great desert, but in addition to being a destination of historical importance, Egypt is also a wonderful destination for holidays on the coast at affordable prices.

He added that a week at the most luxurious hotels in Egypt can cost very little, and from historic tours, desert adventures and boating on the Red Sea, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy.

He noted that there are other attractive tourist destinations on the continent, including Morocco. For some people, the whole reason for traveling abroad is to dive into different cultures, foods and landscapes – and there is no better place to do so. on a tighter budget than Morocco.

There is also Zanzibar, if you are looking for a luxurious week of relaxation on the island with budget-priced cocktails, then Zanzibar may be the perfect place.

He added that if you want to spend your vacation closer to home, maybe skip the air travel, a trip to Mozambique may be exactly what you need, and the capital, Maputo, is the best place to stay on a budget and there are many. to do to keep yourself entertained.

He added that if you are a wildlife lover and want to spend your holidays enjoying nature, Malawi is a great budget destination, from nature walks with a tour guide to diving in the lake in Malawi, this destination is ideal for those who want to leave. from city life.

US Report: Egyptian shores are among the best in the world after the removal of the Corona restrictions

As the world begins to open up and ease the constraints of the Corona virus epidemic, access is back to some of the most interesting navigation destinations – including the Middle East.

He added that while the Middle East is not the first place that comes to mind when people think of sailing, the wealth and beauty of destinations are a good reason for this.

From the shores of the Red Sea, he added, cruise passengers can travel to wonders such as the ancient pink city of Petra in Jordan and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

He noted that the ports of the Middle East not far from Europe, where cruise lines can place ships in the region with relative ease.

Representative Tourism Agent Information on Egyptian Coast Lengths

He explained that navigation routes in the Middle East were easily integrated with navigation in the Mediterranean, and at the top of these routes were Jordan and Egypt.

While the Middle East is too hot to sail in the summer, cruise lines for decades have provided itineraries here in the winter when the weather is most pleasant.

He added that excursions are included in each port and highlight the points to be seen, and if you do not want to go out to explore the wonders of the Middle East, travelers can relax in the comfortable day beds designed by the infinity pool of the ship or at the top. deck in the hot tub.And the bar, where DJ-led dance parties are held in a warm atmosphere, clear nights.

He added that there are many activities aboard the ship to spend time sailing, including as the yacht crosses the Suez Canal, moving from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean and enjoying the scenic views of Egypt.

Before the launch of “COP 27” … international institutions support Egypt’s plans for green energy

The African newspaper “Africa 21” highlighted the contract of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) with the Egyptian pharmaceutical company Rameda for the financing of green solutions in its production facilities in Cairo and this partnership will enable Rameda to improve production efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Rameda Pharmaceuticals has been operating in Egypt since 1968 with three facilities in the capital, Cairo, and wants to improve production efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. In the process, the company produces a wide range of generic drugs, dietary supplements and veterinary . products, signed an agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to fund green solutions that will enable it to reduce water and energy use.

The daily says that the agreement comes just months before Egypt hosts the COP27 climate summit, which will be held in Sharm El-Sheikh next November.

Minister of Environment: COP 27 climate conference reflects the image of Egypt in the new republic - Porta Al Shorouk - Mobile version

She added that while the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has subscribed $ 100 million for the first private sector green bond issued by the International Commercial Bank (CIB) in Egypt, the support provided to Ramida is in line with its sustainability strategy. climate change implemented in Egypt. , Morocco and Tunisia to make the pharmaceutical sector more sustainable, efficient in North Africa.

“The upcoming COP27 Climate Change Conference in Egypt will be an opportunity for state-owned companies, including Rameda, to showcase the private sector contribution to climate change mitigation,” said Yasmine El Heni, IFC Country Manager for Egypt.

The Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation, Rania Al-Mashat, agrees with this view, emphasizing the importance of the contribution of the private sector in mitigating the effects of climate change.

Al-Mashat explained that this green transformation requires cooperation between government agencies, development banks and private companies to give a new impetus to climate action, which has already become a global priority.

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