Anger among pilgrims after publication of Hajj prizes: a ‘terrible crime’

As soon as the Coordinating Commission for Hajj and Umrah Affairs for 48 Muslims announced yesterday the prices for Hajj expenses for this year, the reactions with complaints about the high prices continued.

A copy of the Hajj price list for this season was circulated by the High Coordinating Committee for Hajj and Umrah Affairs

Which amounts to 38,500 shekels per Hajj.
The correspondent of the Ban site and the Panorama newspaper says that the minimum price for Hajj this year is 29,500 shekels for Hajj in a four-room, while the price reaches 38,500 for a Hajj in a double room and talking about the expenses of Hajj, where included. air travel, with accommodation in the towers in Mecca and hotels On the same level in Medina.
From the announcement of the Hajj Committee it is clear that this year there will be no possibility of Hajj land travel, knowing that land travel is considered cheaper in financial terms.
Under the title “Hajj is only for the rich”, many people published leaflets with various means, leaflets complaining about the high price of Hajj this year.

Mayor of Tira: “It is unreasonable for Haxhi to become available only to the rich.”
The mayor of Tira, lawyer Mamoun Abdel Hai, wrote a publication in which he said: “It is unimaginable for Hajj to become accessible only to the rich and a difficult dream for the middle and poor strata of society. Hajj treatment should be institutionalized. “Set a reasonable and acceptable price ceiling. It is a heinous crime against our Muslim community in the country and we must face it.” Enough use of this basic task in our Islam.

angry reactions
This and the publication of the Hajj awards for this year ignited a storm of angry reactions on the communication sites. The activists of the communication sites broadcast a photo of the awards and commented on them in angry and denouncing terms for these awards, which they described as imaginary and crazy.
One of the followers on his personal page: “O responsible for Hajj and Umrah for the Arabs of 48, fear God, the argument is made only for the rich.”
Another wrote: “Is it reasonable ?! Hajj has become a duty only for the rich? Its cost to the husband is approximately 80,000, and it will be less for the husband? Fear God … Fear God.”
He added: “It is absolutely forbidden to remain silent and accept this as a committed fact and to work to change it by all legitimate and legitimate means.”

Spokesman for the Hajj and Umrah Committee: “Increase mainly for people who wanted to perform Hajj by land.”
Ban’s website and the Panorama newspaper went to Abd al-Rahim Faqra, the spokesman for the Hajj and Umrah Committee, and asked for his comment on the matter. He said: “First and to clarify, all those who have traveled for Hajj know that before Korona., The cost of Hajj has reached 27,000 shekels. The complaint is mainly for people who wanted to travel by road and buses, but this is not available this year, and the reason is that in Jordan there are no buses suitable for transporting pilgrims, everyone knows how many buses broke down on the way from Jordan to Saudi Arabia and how the pilgrims quickly made their way to Bani that they were trapped and that “the Hajj Committee left them in the desert.” In the last blessed month of Ramadan alone, 10 buses broke down and people were calling the media and complaining about the situation, and this situation is not acceptable to us. Jordan has no maintenance and is not qualified to transport our pilgrims with respect and in the right way for them, so we canceled the Overland Trip … We were taking pictures of the year bus licenses 2020, but in reality it is in a disgusting situation. “

Check prices in Arab countries, then come and count us.
And Abdul Rahim Faqra continued, saying: “Saudi Arabia has made changes in the prices of administrative services it receives for each pilgrimage, today it requires 7300 riyals for a pilgrimage. The issue is not only related to Jordan, but also to the Saudi authorities.”
The site continued: “We knew prices would reach this level from Ramadan and we tell people that the price includes a flight that will not stop at Jordan airport for more than two hours, and we are talking about hotels at the level higher. , and all this is expensive … Our offices are open to review files in front of everyone.And I talk to the media and I tell the media, call Jordan and Saudi Arabia and check prices, we have nothing to hide. Suffice it to say that a pilgrim from Syria, Egypt or Jordan pays less than us … Check and make sure, then come and hold us accountable.

Bennett reviews and compares pilgrimage prices for pilgrims from the West Bank – here are the numbers and data
In light of the storm of reactions to Hajj prices this year, the Ban website and the Panorama newspaper, and in light of the calls of many people to consider the cost of Hajj in neighboring Arab countries and in the Palestinian territories, Ban. The website and the Panorama newspaper turned to Sameh Jbara, the media specialist on Hajj and Umrah issues in the West Bank, to examine the issue in all its aspects.
At the beginning of his interview with the Panet website and the Panorama newspaper, Sameh Jbara said: “To be clear and make it clear from the beginning, there is no final price for the cost of the Hajj for Palestinian pilgrims from the West Bank. so far, because not all the procedures that determine the final price have been completed ”.
Sameh Jbara continued, “The Palestinian Endowment Mission is currently in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is expected to return to the Palestinian territories today or tomorrow, and next week bids will be invited for road buses to transport Palestinian pilgrims from the west. holy places, and this is done in the Kingdom of Jordan, as a committee has been formed in cooperation with the Palestinian embassy in Amman, for this purpose and tenders and offers will be submitted for the transport of Palestinian pilgrims for this year’s Hajj.
Further, Sameh Jbara said for the Banit page and the Panorama newspaper: “After the completion of the tender for the transport of pilgrims, the final and official tariff for the cost of the pilgrimage will be announced, which includes land travel, accommodation, dinghy tariffs and administrative transactions … The price will be for a regular economic program, in which the accommodation is about 850 meters away from Al-Haram in Mecca Al-Mukarramah, namely the apartment in Al-Hafayer area and a 5-star hotel in the courtyard. of Al-Haram in the city … The pilgrims of the West Bank will live in two hotels in Mecca, the first is Nawazi Wathir and the second is called the Prominent Land.
Jabara went on to say: “The final price has not been announced as I said, but it is expected to be around 17,000 shekels for Hajj and the apartment is only four and five.”

But what if the Palestinian pilgrim wants to travel by air?
Sameh Jbara: “If a pilgrim wants to travel by plane, he can buy a ticket from the approved travel and tourism offices … whoever wants to travel by plane, pays about 1200 Jordanian dinars, which is equal to about 5,500 shekel for the price of the flight ticket, of course in addition to the basic cost of hajj, is about 17,000 shekels, i.e. the cost is about 22,500 and the price is not final because the official price has not yet been given by the Ministry of Waqf as I mentioned at the beginning of the conversation to me, these are airline tickets for Hajj, as the tax on these tickets is twice the price of the airline ticket itself.

What about Hajj through travel and tourism offices?
If one wants to travel in this way, one can go to the private travel offices, which offer the possibility of performing Hajj with special and privileged visas, with flight system and 5-star accommodation in Mecca, Medina and in holy places. The price for this pilgrimage reaches 15,000 Jordanian dinars, which is the minimum equivalent of 72 thousand shekels for a pilgrimage in a double room, and can reach 22 thousand dinars for a pilgrimage, and this is what is called the “VIP” pilgrimage. .

What the mayor of Tira writes on his website about the Hajj prices for this year

Posts written by activists on social media criticizing Al-Jah’s price list

Abd al-Rahim Faqra, spokesman for the Hajj and Umrah Committee

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