A new report reveals that 74% of online shoppers in the UAE expect to spend more online in 2022.

Almost half of online shoppers (47%) in the UAE expect to spend more this year compared to 2021.

– Amazon and Noon top the list of the most prominent sites among online shoppers in all product categories

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Global e-commerce acceleration company Patternr surveyed online shoppers in the UAE to monitor their online shopping behavior, including how they use platforms such as Amazon and Noon.

The results came in support of expectations for growth in the size of the e-commerce market in the UAE from $ 10 billion in 2021 to $ 17 billion in 2025, according to Kearney. Overall, 74% of shoppers surveyed said they would be willing to spend more money online in 2022. 19% of them expect to spend the same amount they did in 2021, while only 6% expect to spend more pak.

These findings are presented in Pattern Buyers Report of the UAE 2022. The research also showed that Amazon and Noon are fast becoming the preferred shopping destination for online shoppers in the UAE. The largest percentage of respondents are expected to buy their things from Amazon or Noon more than any other online site in terms of major product categories like fashion, electronics, home and kitchen supplies and beauty products.

For example, 61% of online shoppers in the electronics category are expected to buy from Amazon and 42% from Noon. By comparison, only 14% of shoppers expected to buy electronics from both a physical store and a website. The same trend is reflected in some other categories. In terms of household and kitchen supplies, 60% are expected to buy from Amazon, 46% from Noon and only 18% to buy online from retail stores that have physical branches and websites.

Other key findings from the Pattern UAE Buyers Report 2022 include:

Online shoppers in the UAE want fast delivery – 39% of online shoppers want their products to be delivered the day after the order or earlier. 20% want the products to be delivered on the same day.

Most shoppers buy their stuff on Amazon – The vast majority (94%) of online shoppers in the UAE surveyed said they had bought from at least one Amazon site in the last 12 months, including 83% of those who use Amazon.ae to buy. In part, Amazon’s large customer base can be attributed to the high demand for Prime membership purchases to take advantage of fast and free delivery. 67% of Amazon.ae shoppers reported having their Prime membership or using someone else’s Prime account.

Consumers buy products and goods from other countries – 89% of respondents indicated that they had previously purchased a product delivered from another country online during 2021. This shows that local traders and retailers can increase their sales by expanding collections and offering products that are not yet available nationwide.

Amazon customers discover new brands in the market – Consumer tendency to discover new products and brands through Amazon is clearly demonstrated. 42% of Amazon.ae buyers surveyed had purchased a product from a brand they had never purchased before. The results of the model show that Amazon.ae is an exceptional platform that allows brands to promote their products to online shoppers in the UAE.

Commenting on the report, David Kwife, Managing Director of Pattern Middle East and North Africa, said: “Electronic markets are proving to be a key channel for consumer brands to promote their offerings in the UAE. Their popularity is expected to grow further in the coming years With buyers looking to explore new brands and products, and expectations of an increase in their overall online spending and use of Prime membership, Amazon.ae is particularly a platform in it which consumer brands must build a strong presence if they are to increase their sales in the Middle East and market share, they must also consider joining Noon. ”

This survey was conducted by Onepool in late 2021 with respondents in the UAE who reported having made their online purchases in the last 12 months. A full copy of the research can be downloaded through https://info.pattern.com/uae2022-report-shopper

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