The wedding party..Does it fix what has been broken by the age of the relationship between the spouses? Moroccan Depth

In the past, the proverb “Does the perfumer fix what time has ruined” had a realistic value and is part of the verses that were said to an elderly woman who asks for help from the perfumer’s sales to bring back some of her youth. saj. . The last part of the verses spread as a rule you want to say that there is no way to fix what was broken by age. But the development of “Al-Attar” made him fix much of what had been spoiled by time, through advanced techniques that entered the world of cosmetics and made possible the hope for reform.

The purpose of the previous paragraph is to confirm the corruption of something similar to that rule regarding marital relations, as it promotes that the accumulated problems and difficulties are not regulated by certain approaches and perhaps the idea of ​​”marital leave”. is one of the most important of these approaches.

What is a “marriage permit”? And what is its effectiveness?

• The concept of marital leave

In a statement to Sayidaty magazine, Turki Khan, a consultant on marital relations and education, defined marital leave in its general sense as a period in which husband and wife take away from each other and by mutual consent. Marital relationship, which increases value and makes it a necessity.

In his statement to Al Jazeera Net, marital and psychological counselor Ahmed Sariwi believes that marital leave – or temporary separation from the husband – is one of the important things in renewing marital blood and breaking the routine and boredom between spouses ; This departure contributes to the activation of emotionally stagnant feelings between them.

He points out that it is “an opportunity to reflect and value the marital relationship and to look for developmental points in it, and this permission allows both spouses to know the value and value of the other party, as the flames of the commodity ignite the fire. of love, to rekindle the feelings between them. ”

Quit the app

And on how to apply for this permit, specialist Sriwi – for Al-Jazeera Net – explains that it includes the spatial distance of one spouse from the other, for a period ranging from a few days to two weeks, the wife can stay with him. family during this period, or the husband can travel on a business trip and stay in his country, and thus in achieving the spatial dimension, activate the effect of positive feelings desired by this issue.

the idea of ​​family day

In his statement to Al Jazeera Net, the specialist believes that the idea of ​​family day is of great importance to break the routine of the week and to renew energy, emphasizing: “I always encourage the family to go out on this day. they spend a large part of it outside the home and the financial issue will not bother them either if it is done. Gather the food they will eat at home to eat out. ”

He describes this day as “the release of psychological pressure on all family members and a reason for psychological closeness between them and an increase in intimacy, friendship and love between all members of the family.”

Save personal spaces

Regarding the psychological impact of marital leave, psychiatrist Dr. Mazen interviewed – for Al Jazeera Net – says, “Keeping personal space is one of the most important characteristics of a healthy marital relationship, but often these spaces shrink as a result of increased family responsibilities. And the pressures of life or work.” .

He states that this “causes discord and psychological or physical exhaustion for one or both spouses, hence the need to take vacations or personal vacations privately, by one or both, to relax and restore physical and psychological well-being. and clarity of mind.

Marriage leave is also useful for meeting marginalized or deferred personal needs, reorganizing priorities, and resolving internal problems, according to specialist Mazen Muqabala.

Predetermined vacations

And the doctor explains – to Al Jazeera Net – that “these personal holidays or vacations are required to be a predetermined time alternating in taking responsibility and as a result of agreement and mutual consent of both parties, and not with obligation, obligation, feeling. of alienation or the desire to separate, but rather is a way of resolving disputes.Increasing and strengthening intimacy in marital relationships.

He emphasizes that the need of individuals for these spaces varies according to their nature, which should be taken into account between spouses. According to analytical psychology, an individual’s personality is a mixture of “less social” introverted traits and “extra social” (Extraversion) extrovert traits, so the more the individual is prone to introvert traits, the more it takes time. and personal space of who has the most inclination for extroverted traits. .

Conditions for its success

Regarding the conditions for the success of the divorce, the consultant “Turki Khan” told Sayidaty magazine that it includes four conditions, which are:

First: The agreement on the duration of the leave

That means spouses need to sit down together and discuss the issue of leave to reach an agreement on duration and rules – the meaning of the rules is for spouses to be aware of where the other party is going during his or her vacation period abroad or within the city and where to spend this time-out, and this is a very important point to avoid any collision that may occur.

Second, reduce calls

It means not to follow the other party by phone, but it is preferred that the communication number per day be only twice, once in the morning and once in the evening to check each other, and it is preferred that the duration of the marital leave does not should be more than one to two weeks.

Third: The purpose of spousal leave is to renew feelings

It is not necessary to come back from vacation and talk directly about problems, but they can spend a week with love and feelings and then discuss what they want to discuss and resolve.

Fourth: Take time to think about your partner

If the party seeking leave spends the holidays with friends or family, he should set aside days and time for his isolation and to sit with himself and think about his life partner and his positive things and things that have happened recently between them as well as watch. in things from the point of view of his life partner and if he hurt him in a certain situation, and thus vows to work to correct his mistakes and revive the relationship; May this leave be fruitful, successful, and beneficial to both spouses.

Evidence that highlights the importance of the marriage permit

Employee Najwa Amer believes that marital leave is much needed, especially in modern life surrounded by silent apartments, so it is fortunate that one gets this permission.

She says – for Al Jazeera Net – “This holiday opens a distance of security and peace and renews the relationship ties by leaving for a while, and also emphasizes the importance of the husband in someone’s life, to pay attention to the importance of the presence of the other and feel as much as he presents during his presence. “

Getting rid of life stresses

Saeda Abdullah – who has 3 children – supports the idea of ​​marriage leave, showing that it gives space and helps to get rid of life pressures and daily routine details, especially as children miss those who have left. of them, and invent ways to take the metaphorical feast, whether father or mother.Pain.

And it turned out – for Al Jazeera Net – that she managed to implement the idea at the beginning of the new year, when she and her husband planned to go visit her sister in another city, explaining that she felt a happiness great and positive energy. when she returned home after 3 days.

A window for refreshing memories

Husband Fayez Hamdan expresses his opinion by saying: “During the holiday everyone feels comfortable and relaxed, as it positively affects all individuals if there is a balanced belief in the success of the relationship between all family members.”

He adds that the marriage permit “gives everyone the opportunity to take responsibility during the absence of one of the partners, as well as opens a window to refresh memories, drawing the importance of the presence of each family member.”

And he continues: “Sometimes it is difficult to apply this permit, due to the multiplicity of obligations and duties of both spouses, but it is definitely with great benefits, not only for them, as it is a vacation for everyone, a vacation and relaxation. from the pressure, and provides an environment different from the daily routine, so new problems emerge, problems are solved and other connections. “

The permit shows the importance of the traveling spouse and gives strength to express sincere feelings between the two parties, to renew the relationship and to revive and help the continuity of family life, if it is employed positively and not the way to avoid family responsibilities. , according to what husband Hamdan told Al Jazeera Net.

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