The prosperity of fate revives the private aviation market .. Fierce competition in a more complex scene

There is no doubt that traveling by private jet, whether owned by or traveling with it, has a special taste and flavor, especially when it is your first flight.
It is also true that seeing someone traveling on a private jet usually leads us to believe that we are in front of something intended only for celebrities or very rich people, with this it seems that the picture is now different from what it was years ago . The private aviation industry has expanded and today is available to a larger number than people, of course still rich, but not necessarily super rich, at least in the past.
Private flights have always been presented as an alternative for those who prefer more privacy, luxury and convenience at the same time, and of course have the opportunity to pay for all of these, but during the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, travel with a regular ad . the flight was never available or more arduous sometimes, and certainly less healthy, at least for many people, this was mainly the main entrance for their transition from business class to commercial aviation to buying or renting private jet aircraft, and the result is a clear recovery in the private aviation industry both in terms of increasing the number of flights or flight hours and the number of passengers as well as increasing global demand for the purchase of private jets.
And here he told The Economist pilot Cameron Chris, “The nature of private aviation is that it is a luxurious and exclusive world, where you can avoid big airports and other passengers, and this issue was very important during the period of shek. The Corona pandemic, as it shortens time and this is also important for some business levels, as it results in significant time savings for the traveler, averaging 127 minutes, and when used properly, private jets become a tool for improving productivity.
“It’s a time machine if you want, as you can be in the air 15 minutes after arriving at the airport, and this is a huge advantage in terms of time compared to the waiting time of more than two hours with commercial flights, even if they are in business class. “
“Most of the time, you do not need to go to the terminal building, as the car takes you to the runway up to the plane and the pilot will not get up until he guarantees your arrival and you are comfortable sitting down and ready to fly.”
Most importantly for people who prefer this type of flight, it enabled them during the pandemic to continue flying and traveling, while airlines suspended their services for two years to the extent that some global aviation giants warned they were on the verge of bankruptcy, and governments of their countries intervened to save them from bankruptcy. , the rich and businessmen were able to continue to travel in their bladder that protected them from the dangers of the Corona epidemic, and while the chairmen of the boards of directors of major airlines were sounding the alarm that their companies were on the verge of collapse, private airlines, and the private jet industry were booming.

What do the numbers tell us?
For his part, explained Al-Eqtisadiah, economics researcher Gitman David, “Private aviation reached new heights last year and prosperity is expected to continue this year. In 2021, 3.3 million flights were operated worldwide, which is 7 for percent. higher than previously reported. ” “It was the situation before the Corona epidemic, and those numbers were high at the end of last year.”
He added, “For the US market, these figures were more surprising, as the growth rate of private flights was 46 percent compared to what it was in 2019, and during the first ten months of last year there were more than 495,000 flights. in. a private jet In the United States, demand for private flights grew by 20 percent in Europe.
Now that the Corona epidemic is over, what is the future of private aviation demand?
Some experts note the possibility of a drop in demand due to the continued rise in fuel prices, due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and the price of jet fuel is currently more than double last year’s price.
However, most estimates show that it is doubtful that demand will fall soon. Competitive prices between private airlines make it unlikely that people who have started using private jets in the last two years will abandon it, except for a host of factors. others. with the “culture of health” that began to prevail in the post-Corona era.
And John Harry, an aviation expert, tells The Economist, “Paying attention to health safety measures is very important in the post-coronary phase, whether because the virus is not completely gone, and the possibility that again still present, or fear of the occurrence of other epidemics.Likewise, all this pays attention to health procedures on the plane, and of course private jets by their nature are easier to keep clean with more fewer passengers and more space to be distancing during boarding and disembarking.
“In addition, it is likely that private aircraft charter companies will continue to prioritize hygiene standards to attract customers seeking robust and effective health measures, and it is noted that private private aircraft charter companies are increase COVID-19 testing for cabin crew compared to commercial. flights. “
However, the demand for private aviation will increase due to the frantic marketing campaign by private airlines to attract more customers, and the new customer base will come from those who fly regularly in business class, and while “Previous marketing efforts focused on the luxury experience and faster flight. New marketing campaigns focus on increasing the safety and hygiene of private aircraft.”
Private airlines are increasing their attractiveness by developing more advanced digital technology in their private jets, through the ability to use the internet while the aircraft is flying, allowing the passenger to do more activities while traveling, in addition to work these companies to get rid of tied-up flights, as tied-up flights put passengers at risk of contracting coronavirus, as they are more likely to come in contact with passengers or other people while crossing onto another aircraft.
While commercial flights often require connecting flights to meet the needs of thousands of passengers, private jets can fly to smaller and more distant airports, which commercial airlines cannot reach, and private jets have more flexibility. great for changing paths to reduce the need to stop or connect. flights, and this obviously attracts people who travel regularly, but at the same time want to reduce their need for connecting flights and the dangers that come with it.
Aviation studies show that passengers have about 700 points of contact on a commercial flight, compared to only 20 on private flights.
However, Professor Martin Lumpart, a professor of global economics, believes that epidemics, health risks, digital technologies on private jets and falling connection points are part of a more complex landscape that is fueling markets like private, expensive aviation. yachts and rare works of art, and that the recovery of such markets is for other reasons.
He told Al-Eqtisadiah, “The prosperity of wealth over the past year and a half, especially at the highest levels of society, has allowed the recovery of private aviation.”
He added, “In the United States, the fortunes of American billionaires have grown by approximately 62 percent, and since March 2020, their fortunes have grown by more than $ 1.8 trillion, and this has been accompanied by a global imbalance in distribution. “Wealth, and the stock market has reached record highs, and low interest rates. All of this has led to the availability of funds to allow for an increase in demand for the private jet market.”
“As long as these factors continue, private aviation will continue to thrive,” he added.

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