The Global Aviation Industry Summit discusses in Abu Dhabi the future of the sector

Abu Dhabi: Adnan Najm

The Global Aviation Industry Summit, hosted by the Mubadala Investment Company, kicked off on Tuesday at the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi from 24-26 May 2022, in the presence of a large number of company officials and executives.

In his opening remarks, Mohammed Al Bowardi, Minister of State for Defense Affairs, said: “This conference contributed to the development of the aviation industry in a short period of time, gaining a good global reputation and thus establishing a role leaders of the UAE in this field, and increasing their prominent position despite the health crisis that has swept the countries of the world.

Al Bawardi added: “The summoning of this summit comes at the beginning of the global economic recovery from the impact of the pandemic, and the success of the UAE in organizing many international exhibitions during this period, which won wide global acclaim and confirmed our capability. to overcome. various difficulties. ”

Al Bowardi: The UAE has established a stable and diversified industrial base

Al Bawardi stated that the UAE orientations in promoting a culture of innovation and preparing a generation of innovators who are able to make a positive difference in human life and future is the best way to keep pace with the changes of fast in the world, and we strive hard to make the UAE a platform for innovation and a source of willpower, and the dream of future generations to live in the promising future.

Al Bowardi continued: “The continuous development of the defense industry sector every year comes as a result of joint efforts between different strategic sectors in the country, emphasizing that the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces are inclined to continue the development and development of their skills. , in line with the technological and global development of systems and equipment.Military defense, in the context of their interest in predicting the future and developing an advanced economic and industrial strategy.

He said: “In the last two decades, the UAE has established a stable and diversified economic base based on modern scientific foundations, through the development of its national industries and manufacturing capabilities in several areas. Therefore, the UAE The Arabs are proud today to host a number of major industrial entities that are pioneers in technology.In the region and in the world, thanks to the unlimited support of our wise leadership, the UAE’s experience in the aviation sector has provided a guide for “Many countries aspire to advance this sector, and they see the aviation sector in the UAE as one of the most successful models in the region, if not the most successful at all.”

Keeping up with the changes

Al Bawardi continued: “The cooperation of countries in the field of defense industries and the aviation industry in particular is the best way to keep pace with the rapidly changing world today full of opportunities and challenges, and represents an ideal opportunity for increase consensus on partners’ strategic policies and objectives, establish local and regional security and stability, and develop the national economy, as well as consolidate international peace and security.

Al Bowardi stressed that the UAE has become a leading country in scientific progress and development in all fields and sectors, keeping pace with the fourth technological and industrial revolution, and has driven to become the capital of artificial intelligence and digital technology, and the first in the region in the field of space occupation.

He said, “The World Aviation Industry Summit has become an ideal platform to discuss ways to develop cooperation horizons in the aviation industry, and to discuss the most salient developments and challenges facing this field, in addition to an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions on available industrial and investment opportunities. “

Al Kaabi: The space sector remains an important part of our strategy

For his part, Musabah Al Kaabi, Chief Investment Officer of the UAE at Mubadala Investment Company, said: “I am pleased to meet today at this summit to discuss and exchange ideas on improving the aviation industry in the future. “As we can admit, despite the pandemic, the aviation industry has remained strong and resilient, and as the crisis opens up opportunities, it is time to take full advantage of opportunities.”

Al-Kaabi added: “Despite the existence and persistence of global challenges, we are moving in the right direction, as the demand for travel is recovering and flights have almost returned to normal.” Al Kaabi continued: “For us in Mubadala, the space sector continues to be an important part of our strategy, as our goal is to elevate the UAE into a global hub for innovation, advanced manufacturing and modern technologies, and by “Proudly contributing to the Made in the United Arab Emirates brand, we guarantee success and prosperity for future generations.”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

He stated that the aviation sector plays a major role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, referring to intelligent factories and fully automated assembly lines. He said: “As far as the UAE is concerned, we are supported by frameworks of wise leadership initiatives, such as the industry strategy and the pumping of 300 billion dirhams into the industrial sector, which will contribute to increasing the contribution of industrial sector in gross domestic product from 133 billion dirhams to 300 billion dirhams by 2031. “

Al Kaabi added, “Mubadala is excited to contribute to national initiatives, as Sanad Aerotechnologies grows today as a provider of technology-based industrial services.” He concluded: “We will play a key role in innovating and advancing the industrial sector through new technologies and innovating better products, and we will help reshape the industrial sector to become more sustainable with a faster recovery and to create a future for future generations ”.

Al-Suwaidi: The aviation industry has formed an essential pillar of the local economy

On the other hand, Saif Al-Suwaidi, General Director of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, said: “The aviation industry in the country has witnessed a great growth since it received its first passengers and appeared as a connecting center East and East with the West, and this was only possible through the rational government that created a well-defined strategy that included many initiatives, strategies and investments in the aviation sector, which helped the UAE overtake many other regional countries and global.

Al Suwaidi added: “The UAE General Authority for Civil Aviation has played a key role in supporting all strategic partners and national carriers at all times, especially during the pandemic period, working within the International Atomic Energy Agency’s recovery team. Civil Aviation, which allowed the restoration of previous operational levels for most networks.

Al Suwaidi continued, “The UAE civil aviation security and safety system is considered the best in the world, and the UAE has achieved many unprecedented achievements, especially continuing to be the first in the audits of the International Organization of “Civil Aviation taking advantage of innovation, development and focus on performance.”

He stated that the aviation industry was a pillar of the UAE economy and an active driver of the commercial sector, as the sector contributed about 13% of national GDP, promoting related sectors such as hospitality, trade and others. He explained that the aviation industry sector in the country has witnessed a major change over the last fifty years, explaining that the coming years promise more development in sustainability, technology and business models to keep pace with changes in air travel, as there will be many new technologies, and negativity and treatment on earth will be fully automated. , which makes the trip smooth and enjoyable.

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