The aphid virus is not transmitted to sheep and cattle

Reading the articles of some newspapers on Wednesday, which we start from the Socialist Union, which wrote that Professor Moulay Ahmed Bouderga confirmed in a statement to the newspaper that the consequences of the infection with “monkey pox” are completely different from those caused by Corona virus. , especially at the level of the respiratory system, because it appears more at the level of the skin, emphasizing that in case of registration of any possible infection with this recurrent disease, the interests of resuscitation and intensive care will not experience any crisis. similar to what happened during the Corona pandemic time waves during the emergence of various mutants, and added that infecting professionals with this disease poses the greatest concern, given the duration of isolation.

For his part, Dr. , Gambia squirrels or rats. , or from one person to another, according to what has recently appeared.

Dr. Badr stressed that herds of cattle, whether goats, cows or sheep, are safe from this viral disease, which has been present in the past and has reappeared again, stressing that what is also circulating is that cats and dogs are carriers. . The infection is considered unsafe.Scientific and therefore not valid, such as the possibility of injury to horses.

And for Al-Masaa, which exacerbated the phenomenon of occupying public property in Khemisset, as most of the cafes in the Al-Salam neighborhood and Mohammed V Street were located on sidewalks, streets and public parks, and their owners tried to including the largest possible area of ​​some streets without respecting the terms of the licenses for the use of public property that he authorizes. passers-by. . In addition, traders of some shops in the streets of Ibn Sina, Muhammad al-Zarktouni and al-Mawla Ismail, in addition to the alleys branching off from them, began to display their goods on a significant part of the streets, obstructing passers-by. from the use of the sidewalk assigned to them.

Among the articles of the same platform, the judicial police force in the Khouribga regional security zone opened a judicial investigation, under the supervision of the competent Public Prosecutor’s Office, to determine all the circumstances and circumstances related to a retired person who has committed a murder against his wife using a shotgun.

Al-Massa added that the suspected man was arrested, and the hunting rifle used in the crime was seized, while the lifeless body was deposited in the morgue of the city hospital, undergoing medical autopsy.
The same newspaper also published the news that two brothers were imprisoned in Oudaya of Marrakesh, after being involved in the indecent attack on a minor.

According to the same platform, the 17-year-old has been missing from the family for a week and no trace of her has emerged as the family believed she was with an acquaintance.

And in “Moroccan Events”, which published that Morocco received through Mohammed V airport in Casablanca one million doses of pneumococcal vaccine, which was developed by the Chinese company “Walfax”.

The news adds that the pneumococcal vaccine, the first in China and the second in the world, consists of a multiple mixture of the 13 most common types of microbes and works to stimulate the immune system to produce antibodies to these types of microbes specifically . without causing disease.

The newspaper articles included that the American capital will officially celebrate Morocco throughout the month of July in the large Washington area. And July 15 of each year was officially established as Morocco Day in Washington by Mayor Muriel Bowers, where this year will be celebrated as “Moroccan Day” and some aspects of its cultural and civilizational heritage.

“Moroccan events” added that the decision came after the Moroccan-American network received a second official approval from the mayor of Washington to celebrate Morocco, after a similar step by the mayor of Alexandria, “Justin Wilson” in Virginia, two years ago first, to schedule a day on July 10 of each year.Morocco Day.

For its part, Al-Alam reported that the National Judicial Police Brigade launched investigations into the theft of hundreds of hectares of Salalija land in the Gharb region, particularly in the Sidi Slimane and Quneitra regions, where large numbers of people were called. , including a former MP who had strong influence in the region before being ousted from the political scene, elected representatives, representatives of dynastic groups, lawyers and officials of the authorities, some of whom are involved in the issuance of administrative certificates of forged used to issue contracts for the allocation of dynastic lands.

In other news, the same newspaper reported that auxiliary blood plates are missing in many hospitals and clinics that have operating and resuscitation rooms, especially hospitals in Tangier and the region.

Al-Alam added that the surgical departments in the hospital institutions do not have blood banks and if they exist, the most important ones are missing, as the operations in their entirety are performed only when the required blood groups are available in reserve.

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