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(MENAFN- Alisa Pr) United Arab Emirates, May 18, 2022: MMA SMARTIES Awards recognized the most innovative and effective modern marketing campaigns conducted in the MENA region during 2021 in an awards ceremony held after the event “Creativity Days” and Innovation “. This year, the SMARTIES MENA INTO THE METAVERSE awards were presented in the unique NFT token format, the first in the region. Istanbul-based artist Effat Bilon has created four exclusive animated works representing the Smarties Cup categories (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Sector Awards), where all winners are honored with a unique work of art.

For a full day, on the sidelines of the MMA MENA SMARTIES Awards 2021, the “Days of Creativity and Innovation” event was held, which is a dialogue conference that brings together marketing thought leaders, technology experts and researchers in the Middle East. and the North African region from leading brands in various categories of the marketing sector. Asmaa Shabab from Accenture gave a great opening presentation entitled “Metaverse Essentials: Exploring the future of tomorrow’s internet marketing”. This was followed by an afternoon session entitled “Immersing the Art of Marketing Science” held by Tony Evans, of “META”, to introduce the audience to the key learning methods for developing modern marketing mix models that accurately capture value of a person’s digital endeavors and what the future holds for merchants following the changes to iOS 14 that made esnad Value more difficult.

As CEO of Female Fusion, Jane Blandos gave participants her views on entrepreneurship, women in business and the health, well-being and sustainability of women in the workplace.

During the session on Innovation and Creativity, which included Devrim Malek, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning at OSN, Dr. Tamer Al-Tuni from Etisalat and Nurkan Beshakshi Arkan from SAS, the panelists expressed their views on the role of CMOs in organizations and the need to adapt their skills to adopt a mentality of excellence.As part of their tasks aimed at advancing the company. This session was followed by a discussion entitled “The New Era for Marketers and the Future of Social Media Platforms” which included Fahad Othman, TikTok Regional Head of Marketing, Suhail Sweid, Head of Products and Advertising Solutions in the Middle East, and North Africa. at Google and Julie Kironi Bey, Regional Marketing Director at Google Snap Inc. and Terry Keane, Director of META MENA and Turkey, where they addressed new social media trends on major platforms.

The event also witnessed an extraordinary panel discussion entitled “Successful Blending of Creative Influence” involving a group of experts: Jessica Ossenbauer, Director of OMG Diversified Products, Services and Partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa, Mayan Garg, Head of Digital and Creative Partnerships at GSK, and Mansour Hussain, Marketing Category Manager, International Flavor and Fragrance Company. The panelists presented their views on the relationship between efficiency and creativity and how companies can use them to pioneer in different areas of thought and innovation and to establish cultural dialogue.

Record number of posts in 2021 compared to previous years!

Perhaps the aspect that distinguished this year’s Smarties awards from previous years ’editions are the themes that addressed the transformation of business in light of events affecting the world, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. The event witnessed twice the number of entries compared to last year, and the judged panel of judges consisted of marketing thought leaders from the Middle East and North Africa region, who voted to choose the winning MMA MENA SMARTIES campaigns. Awards 2021 after a long and painstaking time. the evaluation process involving more than two hundred entries.

At a ceremony held at the Rixos Premium Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai, the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards Smarties Middle East and North Africa 2021 were unveiled and the sector awards were presented. The ceremony also witnessed the selection of the best in the categories of media agencies, technology providers, ad networks, advertisers and the best in the show.

Here are the winners of MMA MENA SMARTIES 2021 in different categories:

The purpose of marketing
Games / use of games and esports:
Du / Nation Network // Middle East and North Africa /// Adcolony Bronze
Battle of Silver Flavors
Traveling From Home – Using Augmented Reality to Create a Silver Virtual Vacation Experience
Machinery learning and artificial intelligence:
EMO-BOT / Golden Emotional Robot
Kitco IPL (Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Coordination) Silver
Acoustic / audio brand experience:
“Destination invitation” / 8D audio travel experience
Dlitol – going back to school is golden
Brand experience:
Destination call / Travel experience with 8D voice in bronze
The Futurines / 3D Printing Vision Silver
InMobi helps McDonald’s achieve a turnover ratio above the standards with 182% silver
InMobi proves the value of the Knorr mobile brand from Unilever Silver
Customer offers:
InMobi increases subscriber numbers on “Shahid” broadcasting platform, to Bronze ID settings of post-advertiser
Start Fresh Gold
Tawuniya / Saudi National Day – A home for all bronze
contextual / original ads:
Destination Calls – The 8D Gold Voice Travel Experience
Stitch-Play / New Show Concept Bronze
EMO-BOT / Robot Emotional Bronze
Integrated cross-channel marketing:
E-Direct, a new way to buy clothes gold
Customer experience:
7 Days Mini Croissant // Middle East and North Africa / Adkoloni bronze
McDonald’s Grand Chicken / Adcolony Silver
Traveling from home – Using augmented reality to create a golden virtual vacation experience
Data / Impressions:
Stitch-Play / New Silver screen concept
EMO-BOT / Golden Emotional Robot
Tawuniya / Saudi National Day – A home for all bronze
E-commerce during the pandemic:
E-Direct, a new way to buy clothes gold
Kitco IPL (Artificial Intelligence Mathematical Coordination) Silver
Generate to-do lists / Direct Answers / Conversions:
Dar Al Arkan – Silver Makkah Project Answers
EMO-BOT / Golden Emo-Boot
The year that saw the permanent transformation of the banks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into silver
Location-based or targeted services:
Closer to Do Silver
Hit in the right place Bronze
McDonald’s and the return of the silver medal race
NBK portfolio activation and sharing campaign: Audience retweet with Tesla Gold Event site support
Mobile marketing:
Babyshop Bronze
E-Direct, a new way to buy clothes gold
The year that saw the transformation of the banker forever in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into silver

Launch of products / services:
Stitch-Play / A new concept of gold screen
Ford F-150 / Middle East and North Africa / Adcolony Bronze
Battle of the Bronze Tastes
for me:
Dettol – Bronze Hajj Campaign
Social Impact / Non-Profit Campaigns:
Hashtag #SmallBusinessesMatter Using social media to help small and medium-sized businesses keep doing business
Social media marketing:
Hashtag #SmallBusinessesMatter Using social media to help small and medium-sized businesses continue to operate Bronze
Doing something no one has done before is silver
Social responsibility:
Dettol – The Golden Return to School Campaign
Technological innovation:
E-Direct, A new approach to laundry purchases, silver
User Generated Marketing / Influential Marketing:
Dettol – Bronze Campaign Back to school
Dettol Cool Bronze
golden family mourning cartoon film
Video ads:
InMobi and Spark Foundry reach nearly 3 million ads within the Almarai Bronze app
InMobi proves the value of the Knorr mobile brand from Unilever Bronze
Lusine Cakes / Middle East & North Africa / Golden Adcolonia

Sector prices:

Advertising Technology Provider of the Year: Inmobi
Advertising Network of the Year: AdColony
Agency of the Year: Universal Media
Advertiser of the Year: RAKBANK
Best in Show: e-Direct: A New Approach to Laundry Shopping – Ariel and Tide | Leo Burnett Beirut


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