Emirates News Agency – “Technology Innovation Institute” opens an advanced research facility in Abu Dhabi for pre-qualification tests for industry

ABU DHABI, May 24, 2020 (WAM) – The Institute for Technological Innovation, the applied research arm of the Advanced Technology Research Council, announced today the launch of the Energy Directed Research Center for an advanced research facility in the Tawazun Industrial Park . which is a regional center for strategic business in the fields of security and safety, which provides world-class business infrastructure.

The new facility includes seven separate workshops and five specialized laboratories, each serving a specific research area. The seven specialized workshops include the mechanical workshop, the electronics workshop, the prototype testing area, the winding winding, the motor winding, the insulation testing, and the acoustic modeling laboratory.

The five laboratories, each designed to support the unique research requirements, include a pulsating energy laboratory, a semi-anecdotal chamber, a complete isolation chamber, an acoustic laboratory and a laser development laboratory.

The facility also includes three mobile research laboratories that can be used in conjunction with primary laboratories or on site for external testing, including two mobile laboratories for electromagnetism and a mobile laser laboratory.

The new facility can accommodate 150 faculty and visiting faculty members or guest researchers working in collaboration with the Wave Energy Research Center team.

The new center was equipped with three training rooms that housed up to 45 people for seminars and training courses. The facility is strategically located within the Tawazun Industrial Complex, the safe economic zone, enabling it to provide research and testing services to domestic and overseas industrial sectors.

Applications that the Energy Research Center can focus on include ..

Test of high power electromagnetic waves / HPEM / and electromagnetic compatibility / EMC /, especially immunity and emission testing at different power levels.

The center can also conduct advanced research in the fields of high-energy electromagnetic and pulsed energy, as well as pre-qualification tests for many industries in the region.

Also the first of its kind in the GCC region, the new facility offers the opportunity to conduct pioneering radio frequency testing for the production and characterization of high-power solid-state equipment. On the other hand, advanced laboratories offer the possibility of forming new systems and applications for domestic industrial sectors.

Emerging as a key area of ​​interest, the new facility can conduct highly sensitive acoustic experiments that require a high degree of isolation from environmental sound and vibration, and support the development and characterization of unusual transmitters and acoustic sensors.

A closely monitored environment in dedicated laboratories also helps identify involuntary sound sources in advanced electronic systems that may lead to lateral channel leakage.

Vibrating optical analysis instruments specially developed for the Center for Directed Energy Research can study the behavior of a mechanical system at a wide range of frequencies.

The Center has also made qualitative achievements in the field of prototype creation for signaling and audio electronics in order to facilitate the local development of advanced solutions such as low / high density RF equipment and audio equipment.

The Tawazun Industrial Complex facility is capable of performing advanced welding, mechanical assembly and testing while guiding the progress of 3D printed prototypes to optimize innovative production using modern tools.

The center’s mobile laser laboratory is considered the first of its kind in the region to conduct outdoor laser experiments and explore the propagation of high-energy lasers and study its effect on distant targets in the arid environment that characterizes the Arabian Gulf region. .

The laboratory emits a continuous multi-kilowatt laser, which is equipped with a telescope mounted on a sloping circular ring, focusing a beam at a distance of 200 to 2000 meters.

The mobile laboratory, connected to a generator, is designed to be used independently in the open air at a maximum temperature of 50 ° C.

Dr. Ray O. said Johnson, CEO of the Institute for Technology Innovation and Acting CEO of Aspire: “We are committed to attracting global talent to our research centers, which is a key factor in supporting the Emirates transition. United Arab Emirates Towards a Knowledge-Based Economy Based on this priority, we are proud to have reached the center by launching this facility.These innovative laboratories will attract a growing number of researchers as well as clients eager to benefit from testing capabilities “in all sectors, with occasions of use including medical and biological technology, research, material characterization, radar and detection of dangerous goods are all just a few of the applications and potential uses among many other applications.” Dr. Shawki Qassemi, Senior Researcher at the Center for Energy Research at the Institute for Technology Innovation, said: “We are delighted to launch this new facility with its advanced capabilities that will give us a distinct advantage by giving the UAE the independence it needs to provide comprehensive testing and establish a credible supply chain.

He added, “The tests and activities that need to be done to build prototypes in this area are often categorized as risky, given the research areas in which we work … They also require special licenses and approvals, with few entities “We are working on these administrative issues.” … and we hope to avoid these obstacles through our pioneering infrastructure in order to provide comprehensive services to our customers. ”

Achieving the center for combining multiple core capabilities under one roof will provide opportunities to take high-energy electromagnetic testing to entirely new levels, while enabling high-power laser testing in pressurized environments.

The center adds expertise to the region in acoustics, electronics, physics and information security to advise clients and deal with advanced projects in the field of acoustics.

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