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There is no denying the US Space Agency’s efforts to discover beyond the sky and galaxies and various other scientific programs that seek to push humanity’s boundaries into new space, especially in relation to the possibilities of intelligent life in outer space and tries to communicate with it by introducing it to “humans”, because in 1977, NASA released into space the golden disk, which contains music from around the world, possibly attracting the attention of aliens, but the issue did not work and no one answered!

NASA decided to change its approach by sending nude photos of people in space along with a sample of human DNA, but looking at the photos reveals that NASA employees either do not know what Nude is, do not have a subscription to Onlyfans, or are trying to show aliens that our forms are too primitive and mysterious. , to the point that our pictures are like lines that a monkey has tied together.

We do not know why NASA does not want to send real pictures of people and be content with schematic drawings, or perhaps political correctness has blinded them, because in fact, such pictures do not give the impression of intelligent life on Earth that managed to reach. space, but rather a group of organisms that have not yet evolved and are still painted on cave walls, something that would not interest or wish any intelligent being trying to communicate with us, the photos look like junk mail from the years’ 80, an ad of the kind we ignore just by reading its title.

A woman walks naked in Beirut in protest of the judiciary ignoring the threats she was exposed to by her ex-husband and then the decision to demolish the remaining barns, evidence of the port disaster that destroyed word of word city, in complete disregard. of the victims and their right to justice and an attempt to blur the memory and create a “clean” face. For the authority and the capital, which some say is occupied by the political class, the same class that is plunders the country and is currently calling on Lebanese to vote in the parliamentary elections, those whose boycott and rejection calls are spreading in the streets of Beirut and on social media, as if the political class completely ignores what is happening in Lebanon and believes in its ability to rule the geographical area that due to them became without money, electricity and services.

We do not have a comment on what is happening, but it can be said that the documentary “History that did not tell about the collapse”, which Jad Ghosn shared on his YouTube channel, introduces us to his first seconds. , with what can be described as “short in the contemporary history of Lebanon”, as one of them shouts and Beirut Burns behind him:sister’s pussy The whole Lebanese state … “.

NASA decided to send nude photos of people in space to attract the attention of aliens. But looking at the photos reveals that NASA employees either do not know what Nudes is, or do not have a subscription to Onlyfans.

We do not get much news about refugee conditions in Australia, as the continent that is relatively far from the center of the world is neglected, but those who search find that it contains the most racist and violent systems of asylum and refugee reception. detention in isolated camps, deprivation of letters, and the poor living conditions experienced by those who managed to reach, words can not describe it. But every now and then news comes to us that reveals that Australia’s efforts to whiten its face and confirm that the refugee is ultimately a human being and capable of creativity, as the efforts of humanitarian organizations focus on the “individual” and not the group. , to paint a picture in which the refugee appears as an alien with supernatural abilities that amazes around him, or rather, his captors, this is what we read in the following article entitled “The refugee who paints with a brush nominated for the most important award of the Australian portrait ”.

Such news and celebration that Mustafa Azimitabar, an Iranian Kurd, received after 8 years in prison, can only be seen as a very naive attempt by Australia to improve its reputation and present refugees as exotic and exotic beings who should be kept in prison. for years before they were “released” and allowed to enter and become acquainted with cities. on society.

We will not try to repeat the eloquence of criticizing the authority in its relations with refugees, but what is happening in Australia is not tolerated and a toothbrush for painting is nothing but an insult to humanity, crowned with a consolation prize that the refugee receives. as compensation for his inhuman “arrest”.

News of Vladimir Putin’s mental health is still circulating in the media, accompanied by rumors of his anger and frustration over the outcome of his war in Ukraine, not to mention rumors that generals around him are not telling the truth, leaving him in the lurch. his place. international isolation ignorant of what is happening around him, but all this will not threaten the determination of Putin, who decided to oppose all religious narratives that say Resurrection Day will be in the Middle East, stating that it can happen in Europe. The military parade planned to take place soon was called the “Doomsday Warning”, or so translated into Arabic, and we will not be sure of the Russian or English word used for laziness and to maintain the atmosphere of terror that contains the word, which was adopted by some Arab media.

This warning is represented by a military parade, which goes towards the plane “Doomsday”, which is the safe space for Russian officers in case of a nuclear war, ie. what can we understand that if a day of nuclear judgment happens, no one will escape it except Putin and Elon Musk, but we are nuclear dust It can eliminate us, but this scenario does not seem so bleak, in a world run by a company director and dictator of the afterlife, is better than staying alive under their authority. .

The UAE does not miss the opportunity to pioneer in any field, whether for the inhuman conditions experienced by foreign workers, or for the opening of a copy of the Louvre Museum for “Barrosa” regardless of cultural history. of the region or, as happened recently, when Dubai launched a virtual asset management platform in “Metaverse” called “Sandbox”

It is no longer a secret to anyone that South America contains a lot of “remnants” of German Nazis. Hundreds of officers fled Germany there and established their own villages and towns. Some even think that Hitler himself was alive in Mexico.

These tales are usually ignored or classified under conspiracy theories, but recently a couple from Mexico celebrated their wedding in the Nazi way, as we see in the picture the swastikas, the raised hands, the Volkswagen and everything that can come to mind from Nazi symbols. clearly and without shame.

What stands out throughout this story is the excuse of the groom, Fernando, who admires Hitler, for adopting this “theme” on his wedding day. Despite all of Hitler’s massacres, Fernando said, “His people loved him.” (Here the editor decided to keep quiet for a few minutes before writing.)

The phrase “loved by his people” is one of the ugliest excuses offered when dealing with dictators and groups that sanctify them to the point of worship. The phrase is uttered by the interpreters of Hafez al-Assad and Saddam Hussein, and even by Hitler. his performers, who are naive in the Arab world, like the Syrian actor who said in an interview with him that Hitler was an impressive leader.

The ideological nonsense hidden by the phrase “his people loved him” requires us to reconsider how we present the image of the dictator after his death, not only to destroy him as a symbol, but to reveal the methods of his access to power, and to explain the severity of its oppression on a global level that “all” people can absorb, because some are captives Lies and emotions, not facts, especially since crimes against humanity affect “everyone”, not just the group that has been subjected to violence What happened in Germany, we are seeing now, and can happen anywhere in the world and at any time, and fools must realize that there is no benefit to a dictator. Few loved him, while others around him were dead.

The UAE does not miss the opportunity to pioneer in any field, whether for the foreign labor force norms and the cruel and inhuman conditions experienced by workers, or for the opening of a copy of the Louvre Museum for “Barroso”. regardless of the cultural history of the region, or, as it happened recently, Dubai inaugurates the headquarters of the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority in “Metaverse” under the name “Sandbox”.

We do not know if the goal was to expand the money laundering and tax evasion market in the UAE or really an attempt to move into the digital world, but what we do know is that such a dangerous step for the emirate’s sovereignty, rules and laws in metavers are different from those in the field, and we do not know how the emirate will act when the Emirates expels those who criticize them, but we expect a hypothetical urban renaissance that may manifest in the following buildings and services:

1- The construction of the largest tower in Metaverse called Burj Allah, which is a very tall and endless building and its roof can not be recognized.

2- Construction of a “World Museum” in the shape of a hawk head, containing NFT copies of all works of art in the world.

3- Hiring avatars to perform daily tasks and compensating them for their services with some cryptocurrencies, with the adoption of a law that strictly forbids the operators of these avatars to remove the glasses of metavers.

4- Financing pirates and private militias that wage various wars in the digital world, then denying their submission to the digital authority of the Emirates.

We did not know that Abdel Bari Atwan is still a journalist, especially after he became a trumpet of resistance, but recently Atwan came out to us on the Al-Mayadeen channel, shouting and angry about the attack he is undergoing trying to prevent it. from work, and we are not talking here about the irony and criticism that touches him because of the dream that came to him, in which he sees the leader of the resistance, whose name is not mentioned, praying in Jerusalem as an imam. , and he stands behind him, humble and victorious. Rather, we mean hostile efforts against him in the UK, as Atwan believes he is being indicted and boycotted to prevent him from working and the platforms are closed in his face to deprive him of the freedom to express his views, and the issue has reached the website of “Ray Al-Youm”, which is its editor-in-chief, which is threatened with closure for preventing the publication of Atwan. On YouTube and Facebook.

We disagree ideologically with Atwan and do not compromise to criticize and point out his mistakes, but to shut him up and deprive him of the expression of his views is another matter. Humanity believes in him because the immersion his quietly is a crisis. , will leave us incapable of understanding the literature and rhetoric of the resistance audience and, most importantly, will deprive us of a rich irony material that will help us continue our work here in the new passage.

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