Actress Hessa Al Balushi: Rapid fame has been linked to social media

She started her career working in commercials, but was influenced by her sister, actress Zara Al Balushi, who preceded her in the art world, which prompted her to explode into acting. In a short period of time, she managed to prove herself. Where she was chosen to work in many series because of her mastery of the characters charged and left traces in them. Her first experience in acting came through the series “Science of the First”, in which she attracted the attention of viewers and those responsible for the production of works of art, while in the dramatic season of Ramadan this year she participated through the series “Bomb Youth 10” . . Artist and blogger Hessa Al Balushi, directed by “My Lady”, in an interview, in which she revealed her participation in “Youth Bomb 10”, and details from her life during Ramadan.

Hessa Al Balooshi

First of all, tell us about your participation in the Ramadan season this year through the series “Shabab Al Bomb 10”?

I am very happy to participate in the series “Shabab Al Bomb 10” with the beloved artist Faisal Al-Essa and all the staff. This series has been and still is my favorite, as it is an easy comedy and I have followed all its seasons and I like that it targets all age groups and I see that my participation in it has greatly increased my artistic balance. , and I thank them for giving me space in her episodes.

How did you find the echo of the work?

Thank God, “Shabab Al Bomb 10” won the admiration of all and reached a wide echo, which made me very happy.

Have you been offered other jobs to attend during Ramadan?

Yes, I was offered some works, but time did not help me to appear in them because I was attached to my work, so I apologized for not participating in them and was content with one job.

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Zara is my first supporter

Going back a bit, was your entry into art accidental or pre-planned?

My entry into art came by chance and it never occurred to me that I would become an actress.

Did the presence of your sister, the artist, Zadar, in the middle, influence your decision?

Yes, my entry into the field of art came after I was greatly influenced by my sister Zara, who persuaded me to enter this field and, thank God, I managed to show myself artistically.

After working as an actress, did Zara support you artistically?

Zara is my first supporter in art in particular and in life in general and supports me in every fatal situation of my life.

In your beginnings you worked in the series “Science of the First Two”, how would you evaluate the experience?

I am very happy to participate in this play, which was presented and narrated by Nawaf Al-Huwaimel, with actors Abdul Aziz Al-Shamri, Muhammad Al-Zahrani, my sister Zara and Marwa Muhammed, and directed by Abdullah Abu Talib, and appeared on the Saudi First Channel during the month of Ramadan, and talks about history and science The first two, and how their life and life was between the village and the desert, was filmed in an area, about two hours away Riadit. , and consisted of 30 episodes, each of about 20 minutes, with related and separate stories.

This is my first participation in acting. After the success of the work, I decided to end my career in the artistic field, all the more so as the experience was wonderful, and my incarnation of the role was perfect, as many confirmed.

Who nominated you for this role?

My sister, the artist, Zar Al-Balushi, her friend, Donia Al-Ashi and her husband, the producer, Thamer Al-Sinai.

What are the things that attracted you to see them in Ramadan?

My time in Ramadan is usually filled between work, cooking and worship, so I did not see much work. What attracted me to it is the series “Al-Asouf 3”, which I am currently watching.

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What are your rituals in the blessed month of Ramadan and do they differ from other months?

The rituals and atmosphere of Ramadan for me are definitely different from other months. During the holy month, I spend most of my time with my family and we work together preparing breakfast.

Go into the kitchen to prepare breakfast with the family every day?

Of course, the cooking schedule is shared between me and my sisters, each of us prepares a certain dish and thank God, my cooking is always admired by all the family members.

What dish do you like to cook the most?

I excel at preparing cakes and cook some meals for my family in Ramadan, especially pasta of all kinds.

What dish do you prefer to eat on the Ramadan journey?

My favorite dish at Ramadan meal is soup and samosa, and I never do without them.

An artist or artist you want to follow his work in Ramadan?

There are many artists I like to follow during Ramadan, led by my sister Zara, who is currently following “Al-Asouf”, artist Nasser Al-Qasabi and artist Rimas Mansour.

What sports do you do in the holy month?

Walking sport. Walking regularly from one hour a day.

Do family ties prevent you from participating extensively in Ramadan dramas?

Absolutely my family poses no obstacle to my work, on the contrary it is the first supporter for me and always encourages me to be interested in acting. My connection to the family is very strong and everyone believes in my talent, but some of the offers I receive do not suit me and I choose the one that only adds to me technically.

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Hessa Al-Balushi in the series “Ancient Science”

I like the variety of roles

In your opinion, does participation in Gulf and Arab works increase the artist’s spread?

Of course, frequent participation in these works increases the artist’s spread, and expands her circle of fame.

What activities would you like to participate in in the future?

I like the variety of roles between comedy and drama.

Which character or role would you like to embody?

All roles, be it the role of sister, whether the role of wife, even the role of mother, is one of the roles that attracts me.

Are you a blogger and artist, which one do you prefer to appear in the most?

In the beginning I was a blogger, then I turned to acting and in fact I prefer to be an artist and currently I am looking to present my talents in acting and play roles that add a lot and plan for my artistic future.

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“Shabab Al Bomb 10” won the admiration of everyone and reached a wide echo, which made me very happy.

What matters is the beauty of the artist

What do you think about social media sites and is the artist’s success related to participating and publishing his diaries there?

“Social media” has a huge impact on our lives now, as we live in an era of speed and technology that develops every day, so the success and spread of the artist was quickly linked to the communication pages, through which he looks at his followers. shows his latest works, and some of his diaries, which contributes to the growth of his fame.

An artist or artist with whom you would like to work in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the Arab world?

In Saudi Arabia I would like to work with artist Nasser Al-Qasabi, and in the Persian Gulf with artist Ilham Al-Fadala and artist Hayat Al-Fahd.

Why are you so low on your job?

This only applies to this year, in which I presented some works due to family circumstances, which I went through and I could not present myself extensively and I am satisfied with a job, but soon there will be nice surprises, I wish God. and I will appear in a series of works.

Does the beauty of the artist influence the assignment of her lead roles?

Yes, the beauty of the actress is important to some producers.

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my hobbies are numerous

Besides art, what are your daily hobbies?

My hobbies are numerous, including sports and reading books, especially cooking.

Who are your friends in art?

Actress Rimas Mansour, media person Nahid Al-Ahmad and media person Eman Ragab.

What about your family, do you suffer from many preoccupations?

Yes, they suffer a lot from my preoccupation and sometimes blame me.

What are your future projects?

I have many ideas in my head, I will discover them in due time.

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