Diriyah Gate Development Authority signs memorandum of understanding with Al Yamamah University to boost joint co-operation

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority signed a memorandum of understanding with Al Yamamah University to improve aspects of joint cooperation between the two parties in the fields of employment, training, exhibitions and research, and to enhance cooperation in the academic, training and cultural fields through coordination. , development and implementation of projects, initiatives and events.

The memorandum was signed by Mr. Jerry Inzerillo, CEO of Diriyah Gate Development Authority and Prof. Dr. at the Diriyah Gate Development Authority and its various projects, in addition to providing opportunities for university students to familiarize them with the job market and provide them with the necessary expertise, as well as to collaborate on providing executive education and postgraduate programs for authority employees.

Speaking at the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the Diriyah Gate Development Authority and Al Yamamah University, Mr. Jerry Inzerillo stressed the importance of the memorandum in providing the authority and its various projects in Diriyah with academic results with quality scientific qualification, providing training opportunities and development of administrative and technical skills for university students, in addition to the exchange of statistics and studies , as well as the development of studies and research between the two parties.

For his part, Prof. Hossam Muhammad Ramadan stressed the will of Al Yamamah University to build an effective partnership with the Development Authority of Diriyah Gate and expand its horizons, especially as Diriyah – the capital of Arab culture for 2030 – embraces one of the greatest developments projects in its heritage, development and economic dimension, showing that this partnership supports the achievement of common goals, including making postgraduate study programs available to authority staff and in return providing quality training opportunities for students. university in authority projects and enriching their scientific career. with a wealth of practical experience that enhances their expertise and enables them to acquire the skills needed to complete their careers and professional tasks in the future. In addition to coordinating volunteer programs and events for university students.

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A brief overview of Diriyah

With the establishment of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority in 2017, the features of a new phase began to take shape. Diriyah, located northwest of the center of the capital, Riyadh, became the most prominent historical, cultural and modern destination in Within its geographical extent, which covers an area of ​​ten square kilometers, the project will contribute to the transformation of Diriyah in one of the most attractive and distinctive historical tourist destinations in the world with a variety of lifestyles, within the framework of the ambitious. goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030. Diriyah is a source of pride, inspiration and home to generations of leaders who have led the kingdom since the founding of the first Saudi state in 1727. As the country’s renovated cultural and historical capital, Diriyah will be built and designed based on Saudi heritage and traditions. The traditional urban community will be created respecting the principles of architecture inherent in Najdi architecture, the same design style for which Saudi villages were famous in past centuries. In the cultural heart of Diriyah is the historic neighborhood of Al-Turaif, which was built in 1766 AD, as one of the first places in the world built of clay bricks. In 2010 AD, it was included in the UNESCO list. s of world heritage sites. , and today is preparing to become one of the most important historical destinations in the Kingdom. In addition to its focus on cultural and modern experiences, Diriyah will offer outstanding services in the fields of entertainment, education, shopping, catering, hospitality, accommodation and workspaces. Upon completion, the project is expected to house some 100,000 residents, workers, students and visitors and celebrate the rich cultural history of the Kingdom. The project will house a range of world-class facilities in culture, entertainment, retail and hospitality, as well as space for education, work and housing, including 38 hotels, a variety of museums, retail stores and more than 100 restaurants. Al Bujairi Al Qaim will become a major destination for dining experiences, where visitors will be able to enjoy stunning views of Al Turaif district. The project also includes the 141-room Samhan Heritage Hotel, with access to the Wadi Hanifa, which covers an area of ​​two square kilometers. It also includes recreational spaces and quiet and active hotels, which are ideal places to relax with family and friends in the charming valley environment.

About Diriyah Gate Development Authority

The Diriyah Gate Development Authority was established in July 2017 to preserve the history of Diriyah, to celebrate its community and to develop the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, to became one of the largest collection sites in the world. and a center for Saudi culture and heritage. The authority focuses its efforts on preserving and preserving the history of the Kingdom, including the stories of our ancestors and our material heritage. In line with design, development and conservation standards, the Diriyah Gate Development Authority will create an environment that enhances the historical, national and international importance of Diriyah, including the preservation of the Al-Turaif area. The Authority seeks to increase the presence of Diriyah as one of the most prominent destinations in the region, which offers historical, cultural and knowledge events and activities, in addition to hosting international events. The Authority aspires to transform Diriyah into one of the largest gathering places in the world by developing rich experiences that tell the stories of our history, instill in the sons and daughters of the Kingdom a sense of pride in their country and create world-famous destinations and destinations. referral there. . The authority is working to ensure the integration of cultural attractions in Diriyah with a group of leading major brands of hotels, excellent restaurants and high-end retail offerings. Authority is keen to enable the people of Diriyah to achieve their goals. It celebrates the local community, aims and highlights their social, cultural and historical achievements and connects the Saudi state’s roots with its present and future. The Diriyah Gate Development Authority works together with the enforcement agencies in Diriyah, as the main regulator for the supervisory area (190 square meters) and will implement best practices in land management, issuance and supervision of building permits and licenses.

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