Car sales in the UAE exceed pre-pandemic rates

Dubai: Mamdouh Sawan
Victor Dalmau, CEO of Volkswagen Middle East, confirmed that the car market in the UAE is witnessing a demand for new and used cars and high sales rates that are better than they were before the pandemic broke out, expecting sales to continue to improve until the end of 2022.

Dalmau told Al-Khaleej: The world automotive industry sector was affected as a result of several factors that led to a significant decline in vehicle production, especially the global shortage of semiconductors, the lack of some components as a result of the Russian conflict -Ukraine and the policy of closure in some countries, in addition to the existence of a fate A large number of accumulated liabilities and delays in receiving deliveries.Dalmau added: “There are many pressure factors affecting the automotive sector, and This is not the only problem Volkswagen, as all car companies face the same challenges and while the world faces all these difficulties, the UAE state will overcome these difficulties and move forward on its path to achieving economic growth. All measures taken by the government to improve the economy and business environment reinforce my belief in the continuous improvement of the performance of the automotive sector in the UAE compared to other regions.

Viktor Dalmau

Dalmau noted that Volkswagen, through its head office in Germany, is working to improve the supply of components (such as semiconductors) to its factories, as well as to increase the efficiency of component delivery at the production stages to the maximum extent possible. will lead to a better supply for its agents in The current shortage of the vehicle sector has remained.

He explained that “Volkswagen” achieved its best sales rate during 2021 in a period of 5 years, noting that customers are now more eager than ever to buy cars with the best equipment, probably due to declining number of cars in stores. and demand The demand for used cars continues to increase significantly, due to the large shortage of new cars. It is expected that the demand for new and used cars will continue to grow as the supply situation improves in the coming months.

Two new cars

Volkswagen Middle East CEO said the company will increase its sales in the coming period by launching two new cars in the market in the third quarter of the year: the all-new Golf “R” and the improved all-round design. -Roc.

unofficial importers

Speaking about the presence of some defects in the ID.4 electric car in the UAE market, Dalmau said: “Currently, Volkswagen electrical products (ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and ID.6) are sold by importers. Unofficial in the UAE, these are Chinese versions, designed and manufactured for the Chinese market, not for the UAE.

Thus, customers who buy these vehicles from dealers face some problems, where the most prominent is the non-fulfillment of these vehicles of all legal requirements set by the competent government bodies in the country, as well as failure to perform tests on these vehicles, as they were not authorized by Volkswagen in the United Arab Emirates. As a result, the Volkswagen brand does not guarantee the proper functioning of the car functions, except for the fact that these products do not receive any warranty from the manufacturer and maintenance services can not be provided by official Volkswagen dealers.

Dalmau added: “There are a number of reasons why the ID.4 electric car is not suitable for the UAE market, the most important of which are: Volkswagen electric cars are operated by software that includes all the functions of the car such as information, entertainment and Battery power management, and similar to what we do on our cell phones, Volkswagen also constantly updates its software over the Internet. Since the software for these cars was created for the Chinese market, Volkswagen will not be able to complete the modernization process in the UAE.

Second: The UAE climate is characterized by high temperatures and high humidity, and because these vehicles have not been tested or designed for the UAE, Volkswagen can not guarantee the operation of functions such as charging capacity of batteries, warranty provision for kilometers or electricity. to use air conditioners and other examples.

Third: UAE law requires, among other things, that all new models have a security feature called “electronic calling”, which enables the car to notify police and emergency services automatically in the event of an accident, and inability to make the call. and no unofficially imported car can make electronic calls because it is not compatible with the Emirates network.

Fourth: Considering that our official agents will not be able to provide service for these cars, we can not guarantee that the service will be provided to our customers by technicians who have received adequate training from Volkswagen, and consequently, the brand does not guarantee quality using the original. parts and tools of repair to which we are committed We are committed to it. ”

Dalmau explained that Volkswagen is constantly striving to ensure that its customers have the best product and service experience, and this is what it can not guarantee with unofficially imported electric vehicles, stressing that it is very important that customers be aware of these consequences before making a purchase decision. , so that they can make the right decision.

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