With the Russian-Ukrainian war .. How Egypt promotes tourism in the summer season

The summer tourism season began in Egypt in light of the difficult economic conditions the world is going through, whether due to the Russo-Ukrainian war or the spread of the Corona virus, and despite the progress the tourism sector witnessed after months. closure due to the spread of the virus and the suspension of air traffic between the countries and Egypt, things turned to the worst with the war. Especially because Egypt relies heavily on Russian and Ukrainian tourists, so that the Ministry of Tourism can start drafting a plan for tourism recovery to ensure a successful tourism season and maintain national revenue from the tourism sector, which contributes in foreign exchange insurance, and we examine this in the following lines

The Ministry of Tourism has drawn up a plan to be open to all global markets and not a specific market, welcomes all guests and makes great efforts to attract tourists from different regions of the world, through the use of promotional campaigns for areas important tourism in Egypt, and benefits from Egypt’s reception at the 27th session of the 2022 Climate Conference, “which is an important factor in highlighting the country’s tourism”.

The Ministry of Tourism is currently conducting advertising campaigns and ongoing coordination operations between it and the exporting authorities of tourists, in order to diversify visitors and not rely solely on tourism from specific markets. The year and a calendar of festivals and events, make the country a tourist destination that attracts the attention of tourists of all nationalities and attracts them to visit Egypt.

Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Tourism Promotion Authority, revealed that the suspension of movement from the Ukrainian market and the slowdown in the Russian market will affect the movement of tourism, not only in Egypt but all over the world. Nevertheless, the Egyptian destination is still characterized by diversity, and meets all tastes. Over the coming period, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities will focus on Western European markets, especially Germany, England, France, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal.

He announced the launch of an online campaign targeting Western European markets, which includes ads aimed at those interested in travel and tourism, stressing that “digital” mechanisms will be supported during promotion and advertising, and that promotional videos will transmitted on social networks. media sites, revealing preparations for a major promotional campaign that will launch next July

He explained, “We have already started with the German and English markets and the representatives of the British tourism sector stressed the importance of the Egyptian tourist destination and their desire to organize more tourism programs for it, especially in light of the growing demand for tourists.” British ”.
Representatives of the sector also suggested the addition of flights from various airports in England to airports of Egyptian destinations, to meet this growing demand, in addition to the implementation of joint promotional campaigns in Britain, for which we will work over the next period.

He expressed readiness to launch a promotional campaign in the Arab markets after the month of Ramadan, which is a convenient time for the Arab brothers to travel, in addition to renewing the partnership with Expedia, the largest travel booking platform, which has many tourists. foreign. rely on, in order to promote Egyptian tourism.

He noted the partnership with another platform, Wego, to book hotels and travel, which relies on Arab tourists, adding: “There are a number of other platforms that will be contracted in the coming period.

He will also host a number of influential figures from around the world to promote Egyptian tourism and its beaches, and will work to integrate beach tourism with cultural tourism by arranging visits to Red Sea and Sinai beach destinations. South and other cultural destinations represented in Cairo. , Luxor and Aswan, has a trip from Sharm El Sheikh to Luxor, and we are currently working with the Ministry of Civil Aviation to implement a flight from Hurghada to Aswan, overnight flights between Hurghada and Luxor are currently being implemented.

Dr. Khaled El-Shafei, head of the Capital Center for Economic Studies, said the Egyptian tourism market is able to find alternative and atypical markets that have the ability to compensate for the lack of incoming tourism numbers, such as the middle one. East market and Southeast Asia market, and relying on some tourism models that are unique to the tourist destination.Al-Masry as a religious and cultural tourism model, but they stressed the need for an urgent and clear strategy to move to markets alternative.

Al-Shafei added, in an exclusive statement for “Voice of the Ummah”: “Tourism has been greatly affected in all countries of the world by the Russo-Ukrainian war and Egypt depends on Ukrainian-Russian tourism by 25% and that. the percentage is very much affected, so it is necessary to turn to alternatives by preparing attractive tourism programs. ” For all kinds of tourists from all over the world.

Al-Shafei added that it is necessary to communicate with embassies and tourism companies to prepare various offers, to connect the various tourist destinations and developments that Egypt is experiencing, and to prepare to receive British, Chinese and Italians, and must work on remaining part of the tourists, representing 75%, and attract them to Egypt as an alternative to Russian-Ukrainian tourism until the end of the war.its weights.

He added that domestic tourism has always been a strong support for the tourism sector, so it is expected that domestic tourism will return next June with good offers at the Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada hotels, while the Ministry of Tourism represented by the Revitalization Authority is . working in parallel to bring to other markets that have been temporarily halted due to the Omicron mutator and may now return to Marsa Alam International Airport, arriving 102 international flights a week, mostly European, coming from 10 European countries, where . Precautions were followed and applied to the newcomers as soon as they arrived on the runway land.

Flight schedules show that, as of Sunday, the airport is scheduled to receive 102 flights, including 99 European flights from 10 countries, including 3 flights from Belgian airports, 5 flights from the Netherlands, 17 flights from Italy and 16 flights from Germany. 31 flights from Czech airports, 21 flights from Poland, 3 flights from Switzerland, one flight from France, one flight from Luxembourg and one flight from Romania and 3 domestic flights from Egyptian airports.

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