Thoughts in the time of (the puppy bird)! .. Written by: Adnan Zaher – Sudaniel

My friend said (This year’s work is soldering iron)! ….. And the other said (Truly the hawk is being thrown out of the air)! As for the third he mentioned … (Our elders said that this heat is similar to the heat of the day of the Omdurman block)! Thus describes their Free Fathers that day, on which the colonizer’s bullets on September 2, 1898, and within five hours killed ten thousand Sudanese warriors, and wounded one hundred and sixty thousand… This was in the Karary incident. ………… My three friends were right.
Last March, when the plane landed at Khartoum Airport in the middle of the day, the sun was wiping the skin and bloody skin. I have never seen and lived in my whole life such heat, everything seemed dull, pale and miserable, as if the heat of the sun would decide to end this hellish cycle.In the tragic political scene with the coup of Al-Burhan, who made life more cruel and unbearable and gave that gray image a surreal dimension, the repeated cries of “puppies” that dominated Khartoum’s space this summer!
Bulbul Doha
The neighborhood in which I live is located near the river, and that river is adjacent to a lush forest, and the “Ficus” trees once shaded the Nile road to Abu Ruf Navy. .
Thanks to that place, my relationship with nature became close, I got to know trees, birds and fish, the area was full of different and different birds … Plummers of different species, nightingales, Nile playful birds, hawks with their prestige and dominance, migratory birds also visited it in winter and summer. their insurance.
Among these diverse birds, we especially liked the “bulbul”, which is a beautiful bird with a sweet voice. Hundreds of species are said to live on the continents of Africa and Asia. The Sudanese whistle is distinguished by its gradual gray color from dark to light with amazing harmony and physical harmony. It feeds on the fruits of trees (guava, tamarind and berries) in addition to small insects. .Our people in the West call B “Umm Bulbul”.
When he hears this bird in the morning as it sings, it opens to the listener a window of hope and boundless horizons of beauty, so it is no coincidence that Sudanese poets admire it. , but it’s enough for Sudan’s most famous women’s song groups to be named “Al-Balabil”!
When I returned to Sudan, I could hardly hear his voice early in the morning … how he was and how he lived. I sighed when I woke up early that morning and found a large number of him eating from the trash thrown in a corner of the yard, even struggling to gain anything from that poor trash.
I was in a state of frustration and pain, and that was an indication of a series of frustrating scenes and a reason to write this article.
Air Hawks!
That morning I sat in the yard to eat breakfast, it consisted of beans and a tilapia fish, I had to celebrate. I needed something from the kitchen so I went to get it. When I came back I found my older sister saving breakfast. I was surprised and asked her why she was doing this … She replied (for fear that the hawk would “disappear” in the morning )!
I looked up. Indeed, some hawks were stubbornly sitting on the house in attacking position like fighter jets, so my surprise went down to the yard until it engulfed it. “Breakfast! … this was the second disappointment.
Little black ants and sugar ants!
I noticed the proliferation of all kinds of ants in the house and in the yard, but what caught my attention are the large sugar ants that appear only in autumn, as well as the small ants in large numbers. I survive food left uncovered by the attack of carcinogenic ants.I asked family members and they reminded me They noticed its abundance in recent months and that it collects food by all means until it is attacked by small insects.
I knew that ants gather their supplies in a certain season in anticipation of winter, but that they go out to search and attack everything in search of food … this was the third disappointment.
Street and alley dogs!
I knew that many citizens raise dogs to protect them from night visitors, but this time I noticed that many dogs wander aimlessly through the streets in search of food and eat everything that comes to mind, even vegetables!
I asked about this phenomenon and why people abandoned dog breeding when they needed it most during the official and popular time “Nine Long”!… .. reminded me that people can not feed their children, so how can feed the dogs !!!
While wandering on the Nile road in front of the “Al-Maljah” fish market I found a gang of stray dogs attacking all those who approached the country harshly ….. This was the fourth disappointment.
The famine of the “Sixth Sunnah” and other famines of Sudanese bread!
There are many famines that have occurred in the history of Sudan in the past, but some of them have occurred in the modern era, the most famous of which is the famine that occurred in the early eighties of last century, specifically in 83 in West Sudan during the time of dictator Nimeiri as a result of neglect of development margins, indifference and failed economic policies. , which led to the death of hundreds of people and the displacement of thousands on the outskirts of major cities for fear of starvation !!!
But the most famous famine in the history of Sudan is the famine of the “Sixth Year” and it is widely narrated about it, and it was named because it occurred in 1306 AH which corresponds to 1888-1889 AD.
In that year, the lack of rain and the reduction of the waters of the Nile with an intense attack of locusts, and the displacement of the western tribes of “Al-Baqa’a” by force to defend the Caliph’s regime from the rebellious nobles, who exacerbated the famine. of bread.There are sad and tragic stories about that famine that made people eat carcasses and sometimes starve to death inside their homes, so that they would not have to humiliate begging, to be ashamed of it.
There is one note worth paying attention to, which is that all these famines occurred under dictatorial regimes that worked to impose their narrow one-sided vision and confiscate other opinion in a country with races, cultures and different religions.
Today, in the light of the Al-Burhan-led coup, Sudan is facing many of those similar conditions that caused and led to famine in the past….
A failure in all economic policies… ..corruption is stifling… security and lawlessness…. Astronomical and scandalous prices. insecurity… .a number of armies. ” hovering “in the capital, heavily armed, without purpose ……… ..a complete collapse of the value of the Sudanese pound against foreign currencies… etc.
Scientists say in the latest published studies regarding the ability of animals to predict the occurrence of earthquakes weeks before they occur!
A question that comes to mind: will a famine similar to “Sixth Year” be repeated as we look at its commitments and premonitions? !!

We continue in thoughts

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