The most delicious pans in the world. Learn about ten of them

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – It is difficult to resist the craving for fried foods, the discovery of which dates back thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows that people have enjoyed fried dough and other flavors since the ancient Mesopotamians began to fry.

There are many fried foods in the world that the eye will taste in front of the stomach. But CNN has chosen for you 10 of them as a starting point that will make you salivate during your next trips, namely:

Tempura (Japan)

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Vegetable tempura is famous for its blending and softness. In its preparation soft flour, eggs and very cold or carbonated water are used.

Although shrimp temp is also known, vegetable temp contains a variety of ingredients, including mushrooms, water lily root, burdock, seaweed, leafy greens like shiso, green beans, squash and other hardy squash, okra and peppers. shichito.

It was brought to Japan in the 16th century by Portuguese missionaries as an alternative to meat during fasting days.

Coros (Spain, Portugal and Latin America)

10 of the best pans in the world
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Originally popular in Spain and Portugal, this light pastry is considered a favorite dessert for breakfast, or as a snack even in Latin American countries.

The mixture is placed in a star-shaped tube and dipped in hot oil to give the churros its special shape. Often dipped in cinnamon sugar and dipped in coffee, hot chocolate or dolce de leche.

zucchini flowers (Italy)

10 of the best pans in the world
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Fried pumpkin flowers are a botanical bonus for gardeners, as pumpkin plants bloom in the spring, but only female flowers will grow on the zucchini in late summer.

Expert gardeners select the male flowers of this plant and turn them into delicacy, dipping them in a light mixture and frying them until they swell and take on a golden color. The flowers can also be filled with ingredients such as cheese, bacon, rice and herbs.

Cronut (USA)

10 of the best pans in the world
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A modern version of the traditional cake, this dessert is among America’s favorite sweets.

Dessert chef Dominique Ansel introduced this croissant-croissant hybrid to his New York bakery in 2013 and many imitators have caught it. The puff pastry is filled with flavored cream, then garnished with a layer of fine sugar.

Chips (Belgium and France)

10 of the best pans in the world
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The origin of the chips is undecided, but the way to make pommes de terre frites has gone from the top kitchen to a beloved fast food icon worldwide.

As is well known, the name refers to the technology of cutting potatoes into thin slices so that all the pieces are cooked evenly. Serve with a steak or burger, add ketchup or mayonnaise, or garnish with cheese and gravy and serve with chips with almost everything.

North (India)

10 of the best pans in the world
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Pakora is an umbrella term for a variety of Indian vegetable noodles, which can be made with anything from potatoes and eggplant to cabbage and spinach as basic ingredients.

Traditionally mixed with besani flour, these pancakes can vary in shape and size depending on the type of vegetables used. Pakora bread consists of slices of bread dipped in dough and fried.

Arancini (Italy)

10 of the best pans in the world
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Sicilian orangutan has been a delight for Italians since the 10th century. It is a combination of rice and delicious fillings. Although fried rice balls are used as traditional food during the Santa Lucia holidays in December, orange is eaten all year round.

They can be stuffed with different mixes like bacon, mozzarella, eggplant, mushrooms, and even pistachios. Arancini, also known as arancini, may be round or conical in shape, according to the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna.

Fried squid (Italy and Greece)

10 of the best pans in the world
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Fried or toasted bread, served with lemon slices, marinara sauce or mayonnaise sauce. The origin of this world-famous dish can be traced to the Greek and Italian coasts and served in luxury American restaurants as a main appetizer.

The New York Times reported in 1975 that these simple squid rings may not be as fashionable as they were in the ’90s, but the feel of seafood is still present in many menus.

Fried chicken (Korean and American)

10 of the best pans in the world
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There are many ways to cook chicken, but the two most popular are American and Korean fried chicken.

American fried chicken is known for its thick, fluffy and crunchy skin, as a result of dipping chicken pieces marinated in milk into seasoned flour to create the outer layer. Korean fried chicken has a thin, crunchy layer of dough that is fried twice to fry more, and then topped with gochujang-honey sauce.

Chico Rolls (Australia):

10 of the best pans in the world
Credit: Stock Photo CB_food / Alamy

A food maker inspired by Chinese egg rolls. Chico blinds were invented by an Australian food supplier in the 1950s who wanted to provide a great snack for his outdoor events that could be eaten “in one hand and a cold beer in the other,” according to the official version.

Fill rolls with beef and vegetables and fry. Chiko Rolls has gone beyond sporting event food into a popular food food across Australia.

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