Jack Ma’s inspirational journey … How did an English teacher open Ali Baba’s cave to become a billionaire?

Jack Ma, one of the most inspiring Chinese billionaires in the world, from English teacher to founder of the largest e-commerce company Alibaba, has had an exciting climb.

In the next report we will learn about his unpaved journey, to achieve this prestigious position among the entrepreneurs and the rich of the world.

difficult childhood

In a country of over one billion people, when that child was born in 1964, there was no difference between him and any other child in China.

The same conditions, the same features, the same very poor communist environment, the same conditions without differences.

His name is Jack Ma, and it’s definitely a name we all know now. But no one knew him at the time, simply because he had no advantage.

Since his childhood, Jack-Ma has been keen to learn languages, especially English.

As a small child, until adolescence, he went every day to tourist places in a hotel near his hometown. China at that time was a communist country and foreigners were always present in places predestined for them, so he himself went to these places to identify tourists coming to China and try to integrate with them.

Over time, his constant presence made him receive services from them, as they depended on him to do some work and he guides them to favorite places to visit, in exchange for learn a little English.

He remained so throughout his childhood and adolescence until he mastered English 8 years later. These friendships he made made him travel to Australia as a young man and it was his first trip outside China, to see the world for the first time outside his communist socialist country and to learn about trade and business in the free world . He then returned to China.

“Jack Ma” and many failures

After returning to China, Jack Ma applied to university, where admission to the university required him to pass several exams. Sent for the first time, failed. Then he progressed again, and failed again.

In the end, Jack Ma applied to the worst university in his city and was miraculously accepted. He continued to study and graduated to work as an English teacher, the only field he loved since childhood and made him decide to continue in any way.

Jack Ma started working as an English teacher for only $ 15. He then started looking for a job opportunity in the tourism and hospitality industry, to no avail.

Jack Ma applied to work in more than one hotel, which were all turned down. He then applied to work in fast food restaurants, which were also turned down.

He decided to start a small business and I started working, but a few months later it turned out to be a failure. There are no fixed, unpaid and successful private jobs. It was a complete period of failure in Jack Ma’s life.

Jack Ma and the Internet Recognition Journey

When Jack Ma is in his thirties, he finally has the opportunity to travel to America as a translator for a Chinese company. Jack Ma has been here for a few months, he does nothing but translate between senior executives and employees of Chinese and American companies, simply passing their words and meanings among people, no one pays any attention to him.

Later, as Jack-Ma adjusts to life in America, he makes contact with some of his old friends and travels to them in Seattle. There, you get to know Jack-Ma more on the internet, who had not yet arrived in China, before it was blocked.

Jack was – what surprised him when he first got involved with the internet, and started dealing with Yahoo, which was very popular – at the time – and practicing internet search.

There, Jack Ma set up a small Chinese-English translation company and began trying to create his own website – having learned some simple design basics – to promote his small business. The design was very poor, but upon its completion, he was surprised after a short time to receive 5 emails requesting his services.

Only then did the Chinese, who had failed in everything, realize that he had signed a gold mine that he had to use in the best possible way, and not a small translation company that would bring him a few dollars!

Ideas are revived in Jack Ma’s head

After returning to China, Jack Ma resigned as an English teacher and decided to start this world. Jack borrowed a lot of money to get started, then decided to design a site similar to the Yahoo archive he used in America and opened the China Pages site, which provides a database of Chinese companies online.

I gained some experience, although the site was not so successful. Later, he moved to Beijing to work in a job related to the digital sector and the idea of ​​his age came to his mind: why not create a website for an emerging digital commerce? At the time, the Amazon site, and several e-commerce websites, appeared in America, and it clearly seemed to represent a huge demand in the world.

In 1998, Jack Ma completed the design of his e-commerce site and named it “Alibaba”!

This strange name, he heard by chance while sitting with a friend in one of the cafes of San Francisco, so fascinated him and decided to call his online store, with what the word means – in global culture – an idea. : Open sesame, ask for what you want and we will bring it to you, with the symbolism of a cave, Ali Baba is famous.

And Ali Baba got up and Jack Ma was thirty-five years old!

Jack Ma opens Ali Baba cave

In the early years, the first 3 years to be exact, the platform was going through tough days. Jack Ma says the platform brought no profit and it seemed to him and everyone else it was another failed project in which Jack Ma was involved for almost his entire life.

Users did not buy or institutions, companies or shops refused to buy or deal with it, for many reasons, the first of which is the difficulty in payment and the distrust of users.

Only then did Jack Ma and his team decide to take the final step that could save his new project, which is to provide a unique and easy payment system called “Ali Pay”, which facilitates payment decisions. of users.

Following this procedure, the platform began to attract the attention of users, with the opening of transactions through it in all currencies, so stores began to line up to join Alibaba and customers from all over the world, not just from China, began to flock to buy. through the Chinese platform, which turned into one of the largest e-commerce platforms in a fast time.

billionaire teacher

Today, Jack Ma’s fortune is estimated – according to the latest statistics – at around $ 48 billion, and he is the richest man in China ever. Alibaba’s market value is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars.

Jack Ma started his life as an English teacher, who was turned down for everything from fast food restaurants that refused to hire him, to mediocre hotels that found him unpretentious and unworthy of employment. Thankfully he was turned down in all of these jobs, otherwise Jack Ma would now be just a modest employee in a small company, not a billionaire with a fortune valued at billions of dollars!

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