Engineers Shakti Gupta and Yana Polanovskaya: Design is on the way to sustainability

Shakti Gupta and Yana Polunovskaya are two young stylists who came to Dubai as children, and have since lived in the UAE and say this has influenced them, in terms of shaping their personality, especially with the mixing of this great culture. nationalities. , and close acquaintance of the city.
In the following dialogue, the two engineers talk to Madam about their partnership in the design world through a “studio” they founded during the intensification of the global health epidemic and about their sources of inspiration and love for interior design. . , in addition to the reason whiteness dominates their projects.
What does Dubai mean to you?

Dubai is the home of both; Having lived in the city for over 20 years, we are delighted to have witnessed up close the growth and development of the Emirate, which is a major influence in shaping each of us, on an individual level. We can not think of a better place to live than Dubai; After moving to the UAE, in our childhood, we had the opportunity to grow up here and get to know many nationalities and cultures.

Close relationship with “Trands”

How do you see the future of design in Dubai, where the market is experiencing intense competition between design firms?

The design landscape in Dubai and the world is moving confidently towards sustainability (the term refers to reducing operating and maintenance costs and contributing to a safe and comfortable built environment); Customers seem to be more aware of the environmentally conscious design decisions we make with them. If not, then we as designers take the responsibility to educate and guide them in this context. In terms of being successful in Dubai’s crowded interior design market, it is important to stay up to date with the “trends” and know what makes us unique among them all.

White color in design

Whiteness dominates Studio Saya’s design work

White and neutral colors characterize “studio” designs in general; What do the colors mean to you?

We like the design of interior spaces that are light, airy and bright. Contrary to popular belief, white interior spaces are not boring, but are a good backdrop for any style of decoration, regardless of whether the latter belongs to the style of “maximalism”, modern or bohemian (boho style). The use of neutral colors as a base, gives the stylist the freedom to experiment with different textures and patterns, as well as decorate with accessories in brighter colors. In addition, most people understand the importance of white color to make any space, no matter how small, look wider, and in the reflection of sunlight.

Using neutral colors as a base, gives the stylist the freedom to experiment with different textures and patterns, according to the two engineers.

How do the interior spaces express the perceptions and desires of their inhabitants?

The nature of the use of architectural space influences the way it is designed

The design work starts from the acquaintance with the client’s perceptions of the space and the nature of the latter: is it the place to sleep, work or rest? Is it formal or informal? Ask questions who will use the space? How should she feel when he comes to her? How many people will use this space at the same time? It leads us to our goal of creating a design that stimulates a sense of place.

Pinterest page

Where do you find your inspiration?

We find inspiration from the strangest places; Inspiration can come from a movie, art, Pinterest, nature or travel.

Why focus on housing projects? What do the houses represent for you?

Two architects like to design interior spaces, especially houses

Simply put, we love residential projects, or rather, we are interested in getting to know a stranger who trusts us and our projects and holds us responsible for designing his “dream home” where he will create memories of his and will create his family. The most satisfying part of our job is to see the customer’s reaction, while handing over the key. Honestly, this feeling is the best feeling for both of us!


How can he feel good in his space?

The house is one’s sanctuary; There are several things that anyone can do to feel comfortable in their space, including: removing clutter, in addition to “revitalizing” the place with plants or flowers, perfume and lighting candles, focusing on night lighting to feel a good mood, as well as floor and table lamps, keep the space well ventilated and bright.

The house is someone’s shelter

What are your projects for the rest of 2022?
On the eve of delivering a project based in Downtown Dubai, it will look great! We are also working on the design of a penthouse (apartment on the top floor of the palace, with large area) on Bluewaters Island and we are very excited about this project.

in rows …

From right, Yana Bulanovskaya and Shakti Gupta

Saya Studio is an interior design startup; In 2020, in the midst of the global health epidemic, it was founded by two young girls who have strong friendships: Shakti Gupta and Yana Polunovskaya. The two women had the courage to quit their job in order to set up the “studio” together, in search of a fuller life, viz. to work for themselves, to do what they wanted, and to create spaces that intertwine the philosophy of beauty. and practical.
Shakti, a descendant of India, studied interior design at the Metropolitan University of London in Britain, while Yana, who is of Turkmen descent, studied the same specialty at the American University in Dubai.

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