Bride equipment .. Know the types of towels and their uses “from the bath to the sea”

Has a day passed that you did not wet your hands, or you needed to wipe the sweat, dry the clothes or even wipe the tables? All are daily chores that your day does not pass, the most necessary tool is the towel to dry the dishes or to serve food, especially if you are a bride preparing the bridal nest and need to know many details like raw materials. types, sizes and end uses to use them in a practical, efficient and smart way, so the seventh day examines the types of towels, their shapes and uses according to the site ” tekstileapex“As follows:

First: towel materials


The most important and most used towel is made of cotton, as everyone prefers it because it is a natural product. It is chemical free when it is organic cotton, unlike any synthetic fiber, it is more absorbent, it is also a breathable material because the fibers allow air to circulate. Cotton is also comfortable because it does not irritate the skin. Cotton is mostly used as a bath towel for excellent water absorption.

Cotton and polyester blend:

The cotton and polyester blend is mostly used to make cotton towels, these are excellent because of the good color fastness properties, you do not have to worry about color fading or decay, it also has good absorption and breathability , feels good and is more durable than any other towel due to its blended composition, cotton and polyester blends are mainly used for hand towels and bath towels.


Linen was originally the raw material used in the production of towels and has been widely used so far, it naturally contains some integrated properties such as anti-microbial and antistatic properties “electric charge that can affect the nerves of the body”, as is durable and long lasting and dries quickly. Like cotton, it is the ultimate environmentally friendly towel. It takes up little space in your bathroom and absorbs moisture faster than other towels, used in bathroom, bath and kitchen towels.

Synthetic microfiber:

Synthetic microfibers are made of polyester, polyamide or mixtures thereof, they are compact and lightweight and also have good absorbency. These also have fast drying properties Synthetic microfiber towels are ideal for backpacks, gymnasts or for beach use.

Second: Different types of towels and their uses

face towels:

They are small towels used to wash your skin. Its dimensions are 12 x 12 inches or 13 x 13 inches. Because we care for the skin and it stays in contact with the skin, it needs to be soft and have the ability to break down impurities, toxins and old skin cells, so when you buy a face mask, it should be of 100% cotton or cotton-polyester blend.

hand towels:

A hand towel is also a small size towel used to dry hands after washing, you need to choose the right towel, taking into account that the raw materials should be cotton, cotton, polyester or linen mixture, as they are the options best. for a hand towel.

bath towels:

It is a typical towel that is placed on towel racks, often in double or triple folds in the shower room, although the sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, you can easily dry the body with it after the shower, but can not wrap the whole body , bath. Towels can be selected from different types From raw materials like cotton, cotton blend, polyester and linen.

Rolled towels or bathrobes:

Bath paper is a larger towel than bath towels, you will have enough space to wrap around your body, it is larger and also has good absorbency. When a bath towel is not enough to cover you, women like to wrap their body when doing hair or makeup. Men wrap their waist even when shaving, so the best choice may be bath sheets or “bathobat”. You may prefer cotton bath sheets.

kitchen towels:

By definition, a kitchen towel is a towel used in the kitchen like other kitchen utensils. Sometimes we call it a dish towel or a kitchen towel. Its durability is better than any other towel. They are designed for some quite heavy uses and are often very elegant and also come in a variety of colors and textures for different purposes. You can also use it to decorate your kitchen. Cotton or linen would be ideal for a kitchen towel.

spa towels:

The towel used during the spa is called the spa towel. They are very gentle and very absorbent, giving you a light spa feel. Since a towel is used constantly while washing, it must be resistant to bleach or otherwise it will not be as durable.

Fitness towels:

A fitness towel is a towel used in the gym or during exercise to wipe off sweat. This is why it is sometimes called a sweat towel or exercise towel. Help you cleanse your body. Cotton is the most commonly used, but linen and microfiber gym towels are also available.

beach towels:

Beach towels are specially made for use during the day. It is thin and used in sand or concrete near the pool to relax. They are often colorful in appearance and dry quickly in the sun. It is an indispensable accessory for sunbathing on the beach, sometimes even used as a body wrapper. Cotton, synthetic microfiber or linen would be the best choice as beach towels.

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Types of towels
Types of towels

the bride's wedding arrangement
the bride’s wedding arrangement

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