A Turkish association develops a program to document the genealogy of cats (report)

Tekirdağ, Ankara / Ozkun Teran, Harun Kotpe / Anatolia

* Erdal Saknemaz, Secretary General of the World Association of Cat Breeds:
Cats were first domesticated in Egypt about 4000 years ago
So far I have registered more than 5000 cats in this program.
Data include the breed, color and sex of the cat, from which country it was brought or in which house it was born.
Persian cats are an aesthetically pleasing breed because they are distinguished by their long hair

A Turkish cat protection association in Turkey managed to develop a special program to register and preserve the cat family tree and to study its breeds and personal characteristics.

Around the world, millions of cats face a variety of dangers, most notably violence, death and collisions under the wheels of vehicles, on the road, while millions more enjoy living with humans in warm, healthy conditions, enjoying love and tenderness. .

Although there are many theories, the prevailing belief says that cats were first domesticated in Egypt about 4000 years ago, and accordingly they were known as pets, but they are distinguished for their “independent” behavior.

Erdal Emrehan Sakanmaz, Secretary General of the International Association of Cat Breeds, said that cats are considered pets of different breeds and are distinguished for their independent and sensitive behavior.

Sakanmaz told Anadolu Agency that their association is a member of the World Federation of Cats based in Germany and that the association seeks to establish a central system for registering the genealogical tree of all cats living in Turkey, monitoring their behavior and launching of programs to get. care for them.

He added that the association had developed a special program for the registration and preservation of the cat genealogical tree and that so far it has been able to register more than 5,000 cats in this program.

He stressed that the aforementioned program provides important services in the field of studying and documenting the breeds and origins of registered cats, as well as keeping records and data for those cats.

He stressed that the association is unique in Turkey in the field of study and documentation of cat genealogy, noting that the data include information such as breed, color, sex of the cat and from which country he was brought or in which house he was born. .

Saknemaz explained that the data collected in the program documented cat lines recorded up to the fifth generation and that studies are continuing to reach the tenth generation data, based on similar data collected many years ago in Europe.

He stressed that the association has managed since 2012 to raise 25,400 cats and register about 80 cat breeds registered by the World Cat Federation in Turkey.

And he added: Among the registered cat breeds, Ankara and Van state cats have a special importance as they are two distinct breeds, as Ankara and Van cats are the ancestors of all cat breeds and thus have a long history.

– Ankara and Wan cats .. very wild cats

Saknmaz considered that the cat breed he described as “just like children” had different characteristics, and that factors such as breeding and location play an important role in shaping cat behavior.

And he went on: Some types of cats behave like naughty and quarrelsome children. The most alive of these species in the world are the cats Ankara and Wan. These cats are very active, play for hours and follow their owners like a shadow.

And I elaborate: The breed that I can say is calmer and more reasonable is the Persian cat. Her condition is calm and serene. Persian cats are an aesthetically pleasing breed because they have long hair, which makes people sit down and admire their beauty.

There are no ungrateful animals

Saknemaz explained that the belief that “cats are ungrateful” is never true and that this type of animal is considered one of the most responsive to love and that feels emotions.

And he added: No animal is ungrateful. Those who have grown up in homes where they incubate this type of pet know that they are not ungrateful and do not bite or scratch their owners. They are very loyal animals, like dogs.

Cats have positive effects on cardiovascular health

On the other hand, a faculty member of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ankara University, Celalettin Atkin Shafak, said that cats have positive physiological and psychological effects on human health.

Shafak told the Anadolu Agency that many people spent pleasant time with cats during long periods of quarantine imposed by governments in various parts of the world as part of measures to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

He stressed that feeding cats at home, according to some studies, has positive effects on cardiovascular health in humans.

I think growing up with a cat up to the age of six reduces the risk of developing allergies later in life, as well as its benefits to mental health.
At the same time, studies have shown that children caring for cats have a greater sense of responsibility, help for others, and self-reliance.

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