½ year since the start of the World Cup

Just half a year from now, on the pitch of Al Bayt Stadium, will sound the first match of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, which is held by the State of Qatar as the first Arab and Middle Eastern country that has the honor to host this. The football gathering that millions of fans around the world look forward to attending its events that will grab attention for an uninterrupted month.of football fun and suspension.

By accelerating the countdown to the World Cup, the state of Qatar has completed its preparations to offer an extraordinary experience, allowing football fans from around the world to enjoy the magic of the Middle East and learn about the culture of Qatar is ready to host the 2022 World Cup after announcing the readiness of its eight World Cup stadiums, which are Al Stadium. Bayt, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium, Stadium 974 and Al Janoub Stadium, which hosted the 2021 Arab Cup, in addition to Khalifa International Stadium and Lusail Stadium, which will be a theater for the Final Cup final. World on December 18th.

Sports fans now have no choice but to wait just half a year, to live an experience that FIFA president Gianni Infantino described on more than one occasion as “extraordinary”, especially as Qatar is ready to host the most prominent. global football events. Long before the official launch.
The Supreme Committee for Surrender and Heritage announced in March the launch of the “Haya Card” program, which is the exclusive gateway to attend Qatar 2022 World Cup matches and the gateway to book accommodation during the next tournament.

Fans holding tickets for World Cup matches must submit their applications for a mandatory Haya card to attend matches, which offers fans from inside and outside Qatar a range of benefits in addition to entry to World Cup stadiums that expect tournament matches, and free use of public transport on match days For the public outside Qatar to obtain a country entry permit, in addition to participating in a range of events and activities that accompany the tournament.
Fans from outside Qatar can also book their accommodation through the official host country platform, which offers various options that will be launched throughout the current year, including residential units, villas, floating hotels and more.

Qatar was able to work on the creation of a number of new hotels so that fans could stay in them during the 2022 World Cup, in addition to launching the “Be the Host” project, which aims to introduce fans with authentic Arabs. the hospitality for which it is famous.The State of Qatar and its ancient customs.
Round witch fans will be in time to enjoy their stay in Qatar, as accommodation options for fans vary into 4 main options, namely two to five star hotel rooms, floating hotels, residential apartments and villas and fan villages.

The Supreme Handover and Heritage Committee has made 130,000 rooms available to fans from all over the world, through the official accommodation booking platform, and includes about 80% of the accommodation options available during the World Cup, as these options will fulfill the wishes . from all the fans, all tastes and budgets, so that they can live the experience of the tournament as if they were in their own homes and in their own places.

The World Cup in Qatar will be the most closely related tournament in the modern era, as the longest distance between one stadium and another does not exceed 75 km, while the shortest is 5 km, which offers many advantages for players, including increasing rest periods. training, restriction of movement, avoidance of the hassle of domestic flight travel and accommodation and training in one place for the duration of the tournament, as well as the opportunity to watch more than one match per day in the group stage in the light of the tournament. schedule, which is full 4 games a day.
The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be an unparalleled version of history, as its premises and events will be interconnected in a way that guarantees the preservation of the environment and the experience of each fan during it will be drawn according to what he wants.

The Supreme Committee for Surrender and Heritage, the body responsible for preparing for the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar, has completed all the preparations for the infrastructure of the eight stadiums, which are now 100% ready to host the next football event.

And while hosting the Arab Cup matches a few months ago, 6 World Cup stadiums benefited from the deployment of operational experiments at maximum capacity, which are the stadiums of Al Thumama, Al Bayt, 974, Al Janoub, Education City and Ahmed. Bin Ali, in addition to the Khalifa Stadium, which was tested on more than one occasion, where it hosted the FIFA Club World Cup. In addition to the 2019 World Athletics Championships, the Lusail Stadium is now the stage for the World Cup final match, almost in the best costume, many months before the expected World Cup and its opening will be announced during the pre-launch period.

The 29 teams have officially qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where most of the continental qualifiers for the World Cup have been closed, leaving only 3 qualified for the European and international supplement to be decided yet, while the matches will take place during the month . of June.
Twelve teams from the European continent managed to reserve their places for the 2022 World Cup, which are Croatia, Belgium, Switzerland, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain, France, Serbia, Portugal and Poland.

As Argentina and Brazil qualified for the World Cup in South America, as the first teams from this continent, then they were joined by Uruguay and Ecuador.
While the North American continent witnessed the qualification of the teams of Canada, the United States of America and Mexico.
In Asia, in addition to the host country Qatar, Iran, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia qualified, while from Africa qualified Senegal, Tunisia, Morocco, Cameroon and Ghana.

After a 6-day tour, during which she visited 15 different sites of monuments and the most prominent places in Qatar, with the participation of tens of thousands of fans who flocked to all countries, the original version of the World Cup began on her world tour a few days ago, and will return before the start of the tournament on November 21 at the stadium. The house is located in the city of Al Khor.
Over the next six months, the prestigious cup will visit 54 countries around the world, including countries participating in the World Cup, before returning to Qatar again.
The cup will be present in the coming days in several African countries, as it will visit Ethiopia on May 24 and 25, Kenya on May 27 and South Africa on May 29. Return to Qatar for another promotional tour.

The eight stadiums designated for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will host 64 matches, where in the group stage will be 48 matches and in the play-off will be 16 matches, until the final match that will be organized by the Lusail stadium, on the largest of eight. The World Cup stadiums, which can accommodate 80,000 spectators.
Al Annabi will play the opening match of the FIFA World Cup on November 21 against Ecuador in Group A, starting at seven o’clock in the evening, provided that the first day has two matches ahead of it on the same day, where the two teams others in the same group will meet, respectively the Netherlands and Senegal, starting at 13:00 local time.

After that, the second group matches will open with the match between the English team and its Iranian counterpart at four o’clock in the afternoon, before the Qatari team will play Ecuador at seven o’clock in the official opening match, which will be preceded by a short opening ceremony. of the tournament.
The group stage continues until December 2, with the seventh and eighth group matches, which are Cameroon against Brazil, Serbia with Switzerland, South Korea with Portugal and Ghana with Uruguay.

The International Football Association “FIFA” is looking to reap record amounts from the 2022 World Cup, as reports indicate that FIFA targets about $ 7 billion in revenue from the World Cup in Qatar, a record number that exceeds what has been achieved in the past. . edition in Russia in 2018, with a margin of 600 million. .
FIFA has allocated $ 440 million as a prize for the participating teams, where the World Cup winning team will receive $ 42 million, the runner-up will receive $ 30 million, the third-place team will receive $ 27 million and the fourth will receive received $ 25 million. . Teams finishing the tournament between fifth and eighth place will receive $ 17 million, and from 9th to 16th place will receive a sum of $ 13 million.
Seven months before the start of the tournament, FIFA supported all the teams participating in the World Cup by giving each team $ 1.5 million to prepare for the tournament expected later this year.

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