Theater, content industry and culinary culture .. Sharjah’s most prominent reading activities for children

The Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival features many innovative activities for young people and it is an event that is a celebration and a great cultural event.During its 13th session, which will run until May 22nd , at the Sharjah Expo Center, we see many activities and events, some of which we review in the following report:

Content industry

Creating content and entering the world of journalism and media is no longer in the hands of adults.At a time when innovative social media occupy most of our time, young people have learned the basics and concepts of the content industry in its various fields. using the latest tools and techniques that shape the future of the press, media and content revolution in general. This is what the press and media platforms do during the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival and children of all ages can become professional influencers on social media platforms, in addition to enhancing their moral and professional skills, which are the most basic important of successful and influential content.

Content creation workshops at Sharjah Festival

The press and media platform is aimed at young people with creative designs related to various media, whether read, audio or visual, and directs them towards the preparation of creative content capable of making partial or total, temporary changes. or stable, accompanied by specialists, influencers and professionals. , who present the butter of their experiences and review the path of their travels, and the summary of their knowledge.For the visitors of the 13th edition of the festival, especially those interested in journalism and the content industry.

child safety

The Child Safety Department of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah is keen to raise awareness of the dangers of bullying, its causes and ways to overcome it. perspectives, focusing on motivating children to overcome this behavior through positive thinking and understanding the causes of bullying and its rejection in children, at the level of school children and groups of friends.

school theater

One of the platforms that receives a large visit from the morning school delegations and the students’s evening visits to the “Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival” is the “School Theater” platform under the Ministry of Education, which offers many activities and events. where the colorful chairs are distributed in front of a giant stage on the side, the organizers seek to present a package of theatrical sketches and links that combine entertainment, instruction and learning, in coordination with a group of schools across the country, whose students present plays in front of festival, young and old.

Theatrical workshop at Sharjah Festival
Theatrical workshop at Sharjah Festival

Supervisors of this pavilion noted the importance of school theater as a knowledge mediator that provides educational, entertaining and educational activities through artistic means that create spectacular world in the minds of students, motivate them to be creative, develop the queens of art. taste, support for team spirit and teamwork, within an integrated team working to deliver a Cultural, multimedia product and the requirements of text, design, directing, actors, performance and other theatrical means.

The curtain of this pavilion opens in two periods according to regular performances that testify to a large participation of visitors of “Sharjah Children Reading”, where theatrical viewing and performance of participating students leads them to the worlds of theatrical creativity, and travels with different stories. and various fantasies in which children have a lot of fun, reinforced by the exoticism of the costumes, makeup and designs of the actors The variety that each of these shows presents.

culinary culture

International cuisine, with all its richness and diversity, is presented to the visitors of the festival in the “Cooking Corner”, which offers international flavors from many cultures, attracting mothers and children, and is known for recipes and healthy foods for students, and bouquet with tables of people presented by experienced experts in the world of cooking and authors specializing in this field, who learn simple recipes for the love of mothers and children.

Cooking corner at Sharjah Festival
Cooking corner at Sharjah Festival

This corner accompanies festival visitors every day to seminars that teach cooking lovers the culinary arts, through a group of famous chefs, as “Malaysian recipes” were presented by Malaysian chef Anis Nabila. The festival also hosted Egyptian, Jordanian and Syrian recipes presented by chefs. skilled in oriental dishes and their special tastes.

In addition to the cultures and traditions of the peoples, healthy eating is brought to life in many of these workshops. Cookbook author Ciara Atwell, as well as Healthy Cooking Program presenter Sally B, share their experiences in the field of healthy eating. and recipes with the festival. -Goers and Dario Stephen offered his expertise to help children, to express themselves in the culinary field.

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