Hezbollah is a master of threats and misinformation

Over the past period, the heat of the elections has dominated the general atmosphere, as most Lebanese, at home and abroad, were preoccupied with preparing for the promised day.

The taste of the elections changed this time from those of the previous ones due to the unprecedented deterioration of the situation of the Lebanese people. The result of the policies of the tyrants in the country did not free any Lebanese house from its catastrophic effects.

However, the electoral propaganda of “stabilization” starts as if they were angels of mercy who came to their aid, which provokes the citizens to use misinformation, propaganda and manipulation of minds, in a way that has passed the tyrannical countries where the facts are. obscured, because lying is the master of judgments.

Manipulation is an act, or something that affects others, to control their behavior in favor of the manipulator without attracting attention, and often unfairly and dishonestly. The manipulator performs a maneuver to get the recipient to do something he does not necessarily want, because he intends to modify the behavior of others without noticing them.

But in the Lebanese case, the jokes are exposed, as how can the same regime that has caused the complete destruction and collapse over the poverty and misery that the Lebanese have achieved, and promises them salvation and responsibility for the “officials”? Any official re-naming the same faces that the October 17 Revolution condemned and blamed for the collapse !!

Some of them were subject to international sanctions or condemned by the revolution squares, including ministers and those responsible for the waste described in the Ministry of Energy, for example, which exhausted half of the public debt to spread the darkness.

At first the slogan “all of them means all” prevailed, which lost the compass because the responsibility for our coming to hell varies according to the person, the period of his rule, the extent of his practices, and their direct impact on situations.

Therefore, we find that the spread of new discourse regarding the assignment of responsibility for what we have achieved over the last five years, especially after the crime of the explosion of the Port of Beirut, to the defender of the first system with his weapon on the table, namely Hezbollah , has started to anger Sayyid Nasrallah, so he explodes and derails him, to share a large part of his speech addressed to some who “took the title from the weapon of resistance for the electoral battle and did not pay attention to the concerns of people”. This is because it was discovered through “commissions that conducted a poll in 15 constituencies, where most people were concerned about addressing the living situation in relation to high prices, electricity and fuel, wage improvements, fighting corruption and unemployment. , the recovery of depositors’ money and others, not to fight with the weapon of resistance !! “

We are very happy that he has finally addressed the problems and needs of the people and will provide a solution for them, such as proposing a solution or a program to help them or selecting new candidates who are not accused of corruption . But his response was insulting and threatening: “They started to disarm the resistance”, given the case of the elections, a confrontation that is defined by the July war itself !!

Instead of wondering why his image with his party collapsed, as it is enough for the candidate to declare his rejection of weapons outside of Iranian legitimacy and hegemony to find attentive ears, we find him declaring war on the Lebanese seeking their rights. and restoring their condition. Hezbollah’s weapon, which neither protected people’s deposits, nor their livelihood, nor their health, nor hindered their emigration, suggests it as a solution to problems, while continuing to use repression and threats from its troubled environment to opponents. From here we know why he prevented the establishment of a megacenter, which facilitates free voting, under the pretext of lack of time and money he had in immigrant countries.

The claim that sectarian and sectarian weapons, illegally owned by Iran, provide elements of protection from the enemy (while maintaining its borders under Resolution 1701 concluded by the Lebanese state) is simply misleading and goes ahead because the protection the citizen now seeks. is to protect it from disease, poverty, hunger, illiteracy and humiliation. For, it is not Israel that prevented the inevitable authority to provide electricity, water, medicine, hospital, bread and education, nor is it the one who severed Lebanon’s relations with the world and sent it to fight the Arab brothers and turned it into a drug factory.

What war hinders his weapon? A war in the south, which seems to be the area that enjoys the most security and prosperity and the movement of constructions that does not stop at the borders on the border with Israel?

Let us accept for the sake of argument that what has to do with the defense and security of the Lebanese, then why should he defend the weapons of the camps? And why would he host Hamas leaders threatening a regional war beyond Jerusalem? Where will they start this regional war? From Syria or Jordan? Or from Lebanon, which helps them settle into it and use it as an Iranian platform when needed?

Muhannad al-Hajj Ali noted in his article in the “Carnegie” about the “resurrection of Arafat in Beirut.” The Hamas movement, with the support of Hezbollah, seeks to strengthen its military presence in Lebanon, which could lead to a serious situation. the consequences, and for this reason, the visit of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh to the Palestinian camps in Lebanon in the summer of 2020, restored the concerns of the Lebanese people and reminded them of the time of the civil war and its disasters.

Restricting dignity in the liberation of land and prisoners with “dignity and honor” is another deception. Lebanese who lost their dignity are now experiencing the most humiliating and humiliating moments in their history.

What does his willingness to issue a comprehensive military alert to Israeli military maneuvers offer to this citizen? And what is the use of the party’s will to prevent Israel from drilling for oil, if it prevents Lebanon from drilling in its waters !! Is it Israel that hinders the search for oil or the confusion of the Lebanese !? Did he raise the ceiling in the border demarcation file and considering the American mediator dishonest will he achieve results for Lebanon !! Which mediator does he want? Is it within reach? Or is it the bidding and obstruction of demarcation that will ensure the “exploitation of the vast wealth of oil and gas valued at tens of billions of dollars” that aspires to it !!

It is clever misinformation, at a time when it degrades, threatens and threatens Lebanese, prevents the nomination of opponents from its environment and distributes insults, claims at the same time that there are no “dominant projects, so do not be afraid of this duality”!

So he knows very well that the Lebanese are afraid of them and think he has been defeated, otherwise, how can he prevail if it is not what his party spokesmen tell us that the election results and the presence of a majority that opposes them will they not change anything as they did not before? Of course, for their bullying with the deceptive slogan of consensus and veto imposed on the Lebanese.

I do not know what will result from these elections and whether new blood will enter the parliamentary symposium that will contribute to laying the foundations of salvation from what we are with the war and the long spirit.

But I know that reading its results should be in a multifaceted way that involves negative counting, that is, not only calculating the percentage of votes cast for the successful opposition by the opposition, but also all the votes cast for the fragmented forces of change. of all kinds. Because whoever voted for him voted against dualism and his allies. In this way, it is possible to assess the extent of the opposition to those who control the neck of the Lebanese or not.

The battle for the liberation of Lebanon and the restoration of its sovereignty is long and this is just a round.

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