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Riyadh 09 Shawwal 1443 AH corresponding to 10 May 2022 AD
The General Authority of Civil Aviation announced the results of the program “Comprehensive Assessment of the Quality of Airport Services” for 2021 AD, which is one of the initiatives and programs of the authority in order to assess the quality of services provided to passengers at airports. Kingdom, improving the services provided and improving the travel experience.
This came at the conclusion of the activities of the Aviation Future Conference, which was organized by the authority over three days, at the King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in Riyadh, in the presence of His Excellency, Minister of Transport and Logistics, Engineer Saleh. bin Nasser Al-Jasser, President of the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Mr. Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Duailej, and CEOs For airport companies and general managers of Saudi airports.
During the honoring ceremony, the results of the comprehensive evaluation program for the quality of airport services were reviewed, in addition to honoring the winning airports in evaluating their efforts over the past year and increasing competition between Kingdom airports.
The Vice President for Passenger Quality and Experience, Engineer Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al-Dahmish, explained that during 2021 AD, the program collected more than 600,000 data samples on operational performance standards at Kingdom airports, and more than 40 thousand data were collected from the elements of quality assessment of airport facilities and services, as well as questionnaires.
He announced that during 2021 AD, Kingdom airports recorded an average waiting time of about (4.6) minutes during the departure phase and (18.6) minutes in the arrival phase. Furthermore, the authority received passenger complaints at a rate of (24) complaints per million passengers at Kingdom airports.
He pointed out that in the airport facilities and services quality evaluation program, which is one of the components of the comprehensive service quality evaluation program, airports have received a result of 51% as an average evaluation during the same year.
The Authority divided the airports into five categories based on the type and volume of air traffic in 2019 AD to set different targets for each category. He also applied some precise criteria to improve and enhance the passenger experience at Kingdom airports, building and tracking performance indicators related to the quality of airport services and measuring passenger satisfaction, in addition to involving stakeholders. and beneficiaries in improving the services provided.
The comprehensive airport service quality assessment program contains four main elements: (operational performance standards, quality assessment of airport facilities and services, passenger satisfaction questionnaire and passenger complaints), and the element of operational performance standards consists of from 14 basic standards. For the quality of service; The stages of the basic travel procedures, the waiting times for the first and last baggage, as well as some other criteria are built according to the best international practices in the field of civil aviation and are monitored on a monthly basis. The Authority has also started issuing monthly reports on operational performance standards that are published on social media channels.
The quality assessment component of airport facilities and services comprises more than 1,500 quality assessment points performed by observers trained by the authority to assess the quality of facilities and services at airports, while the passenger satisfaction survey component is an indicator of passenger satisfaction with the services provided by the airport to be completed by the passenger Directly and finally the passenger complaints submitted to the General Civil Aviation Authority, which are measured between the four criteria for ensuring the quality of service provided by the passenger and monthly reports. Complaints are issued to passengers, which are published monthly on social media channels.
The evaluation phase of the comprehensive evaluation program for airport services includes two categories, the most prominent of which is the evaluation of “major airports”, which in turn contains an evaluation of airports based on all elements of the program. comprehensive assessment (operational performance standards, assessment of the quality of airport facilities and services, passenger satisfaction questionnaire and passenger complaints), in addition to the “sub-assessment” through which airports are assessed based on all program elements in the areas of the passenger’s flight or the procedures to which the passenger is subjected within the airport, e.g. travel control, passport area, security inspection, customs inspection area, luggage collection area and services for people with disabilities. general elements of the program.
It is worth noting that the General Authority of Civil Aviation is keen to improve the travel experience at Saudi airports and is one of its priorities to provide the best passenger services according to the best international standards, based on supervision and oversight. The role of the aviation sector and airports in particular. applied the highest international standards in the field of quality of passenger services.
And improving the quality of these services provided, which is in line with the objectives of the Kingdom Vision 2030 to achieve the highest standards in service quality.
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