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In one of the most famous universal love letters, the melancholy tortured Kafka writes to his girlfriend Melina:

I did not have a second of peace, I have nothing … I can not hold the world on my shoulder, I can barely hold my winter coat on them.

And in his letters to her, he tells how Kafka suffers from depression, life and love of course, we also learn about Melina’s sufferings in a love story doomed to failure on all sides. He also shows in his letters a brief glimpse of a form of love in the late nineteenth century. If you want to list influential love stories throughout the story, you will need volumes and it will not be possible to count them with that. Therefore, Modern Love presents us with a quick capsule of very modern love stories, directly affected by all the advantages and disadvantages of the modern era, an era that is always associated with speed and constant development.

The series, directed and written by John Carney and others, is based on true love stories published in New York Times Magazine. Many prominent stars like Anna Hathaway, Catherine Keener, Andrew Scott, Kit Harington and Sophie Okonedo starred in the protagonists of each episode. In each episode, the series presents us with a new story of over sixteen episodes divided into two parts, seemingly completely separate stories of people whose paths will never cross, but in fact there are many connections between those stories, many common themes that make modern love. stories of what they are but the many aspects of very few ideas and nodes.

It is simply a misunderstanding

Did you know that most of the materials stored in your memory differ greatly from the actual inputs that the brain has encoded during their display, the brain modifies and distorts memories, and sometimes adding to them based on many factors, the most important of which is psychological. pain, as a reaction to reduce this pain. Therefore – when viewed from the road – Ben and Ruby’s memories differ from their relationship that lasted no more than three romantic encounters, ending in a tragic ending. I’m guilty.

It really is a “how do you remember me” game! Although they have different memories of their relationship, they have one thing in common and there seems to be a misunderstanding and appreciation on the part of each other about the other’s personality. Between being overly protective and afraid of attention, sociability and tact on the one hand and social shyness and introversion on the other, Ben and Ruby did not understand each other’s personality.

In the same way, Sarah and Denise’s relationship in the episode “Trying to Keep Things Alive” was about to break down due to misunderstanding and lack of communication between them, especially by Sarah, which caused her a lot of anger because of its marginalization. her and her fixation on the background of his life in which he lives in constant fun. Dennis is a famous actor who lived his whole life under the spotlight in a life full of all manifestations of happiness and liberation, unlike Sarah, who plunged him into a tough fight of responsibilities for home and children, turned that anger. over time in a rage that drives him to constantly criticize and ridicule. But Sara and Denis were luckier than Ben and Ruby because discovering their feelings after the psychotherapy sessions helped them reach a new point where they could rebuild their relationship.

I need someone to see me, especially dad

Just as the desire to see others in any way controls Denise and Sarah, the same desire is always the impetus for all of Jasmine’s actions from “Breaking Clarity in the Hospital.” Social networking sites share the simplest details of her life with her. followers, and in return she is always waiting for their feedback, whether through interaction or comments.

On the other hand, because of all these features, Rob, who recently started dating him, feels that she is “beyond his abilities” or out of his league. In a sincerity interlude in the hospital, the two confess the darkest points of their personality and Yasmine finally reveals her biggest secret that always haunts her thoughts about herself, which is that she is always happy to ” appears “. Everything he does. is a constant effort to be the center of attention being a person.Well, is the practical application of Joy’s famous phrase by Friends: There is no one-size-fits-all action.

It’s also the same desire that controls Maddie from “He ‘s like Dad, and he’re just dinner, right?” who has problems with the father due to the death of her father at a young age; Depriving her of many paternal feelings, she gets worse after attending her friend’s birthday, which was praised by her father and poured so much love on him in front of poor Medit who is deprived of this kindness. Therefore, with the first husband – Peter – who resembles the fathers he meets at her workplace, she honestly puts him in the category of father and begins to compensate for all the feelings he missed with her.

The truth is that the idea itself as compensation for the father through a relationship with an elderly person is expected and repeated in many Arab and foreign works, but the difference is that it does not require a full emotional / sexual relationship – as in most cases of the same kind – she asked only because «Seen through her, only!

A mentor is an important component of any hero’s journey

In his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell mentions an important figure in the journey of each hero, whom he meets in the second phase of his journey, the “mentor”. His mission is to help the hero based on his experiences in his journey, regardless of the goal he aspires to. And if we consider Peter as Maddie’s mentor who helped her in one way or another to get rid of her color towards her father, then of course the modern love series is not without repetition of the same theme. The ex with serious traits and a sharp temperament that carries all the love and sympathy for Maggie, the uncomfortable girl who struggles to have a lasting relationship and with her life turned upside down due to pregnancy by her ex-boyfriend her, Maggie discovers that her only unconditional supporter is Guzmán. , who gives thanks With his support you can create a happy family.

In another form of mentoring, we find in the episode “When Cupid is an Intrusive Journalist” a mutually beneficial relationship between journalist Julie and businessman Joshua, and each plays the role of the other’s mentor with no intention of doing so. Due to the press conference between them, each of them solves his emotional problem, so Joshua decides, based on a personal experience that Jolie shared with him that happened to her in her youth, to give the former another chance to his girlfriend. Jolie, on the other hand, uses Joshua’s modern method to start her love life from where she left off to start dating through his app. Finally, the mentor appears in a special way in the episode “Accept me as I am, whoever I am” in the form of friend and colleague Sylvia, who with a very simple act – leaving time for Lex – has helped a lot psychologically.

I hope they accept me as I am!

In one of his letters to his brother Theo, Vincent Van Gogh writes this touching sentence after being persecuted for his disagreement, only wanting to be accepted as he is without any criticism. Acceptance seems to be the ubiquitous desire of people with bipolar disorder, the turmoil from which Lexi suffers, constantly collapsing in her romantic relationships. The constant oscillations between the peaks of happiness and the abyss of depression make it very difficult to understand her and the motives behind her actions – and consequently her acceptance – and with Anna’s impressive performance in this oscillation, she can at least as a recipient understand. a part of it. suffering. The same principle can be applied to Carla’s life from the episode “Her world was a person’s world.” In the end, after getting involved in many difficult life situations together, Tobin accepts her and in return decides that they are the gay couple to raise her daughter.

At the top of the pyramid of unconditional acceptance is Zoe from Night Girl Finds Morning Boy. Zoe suffers from Delayed Sleep Syndrome, which causes her day to start and end at moments that are not considered normal for the general public, thus affecting her romantic relationship. After meeting Jordan, who is initially fascinated by her personality and life. Things turn upside down as he experiences that life and decides to part with it. The truth is that what Zoe suffers in particular is something that can not be changed even with love and acceptance.Her medical condition is out of her control; So it can only be accepted as it is without any attempt to change or blame it. Which eventually happens, as Jordan decides there is definitely a way to have a balanced relationship.

Finally, if we try to find a single idea that combines all the tales in a decade that we can call the basic idea that drives modern love, it will certainly be that “love guarantees a new opportunity.” In almost every episode of both seasons, it is emphasized that the element of love is the most important thing in all the stories and actions that follow, like attention, acceptance and consideration, are all things that help the individual overcome many obstacles and help the relationship . be better for both parties.

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